Putin: the presence of US troops in Syria is illegitimate – BBC News

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Putin: the presence of US troops in Syria is illegitimate – BBC News
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Putin: the presence of US troops in Syria is illegitimate – BBC News
S4 defeating Isis. I do generally agree with the president of the United States. We’Ve achieved some major advances when it comes to defeating the terrorists, and we’ve have struck major blows on terrorists. In Syria. There is a danger that to those terrorist groups might now infiltrated the neighboring regions, for example, of extended other countries and also to other countries, for example their countries of origin, and this poses a great risk for all of us, including Russia and the US and Europe. For Asian country and the Central Asian countries are at that – and we know about that – yes, Donald Trump is right about that. As for the withdrawal of American forces, I’m not sure what date is. The American forces have been present in Afghanistan for what some 17 years and every year they talk about withdrawing that forces from Afghanistan, but they still present that that’s my and finding my foot point. We do not see any signs of the American withdrawal from Syria, but we see that it is possible and we are now on the track of political settlement and we want to format a constitutional Committee in Syria and when we had a meeting in Istanbul, Russia, turkey, France, inter we make a decision that we will do everything in our power in order to create this constitutional committee and Russia, when it’s pot has done everything so that each would actually happen. It might seem strange, but we have indeed negotiated the list of candidates with President acid. He presented a list of his candidate, speak to people. What’S took Pata in the formation of the list from the Civil Society 50 more people and regardless of the fact that she doesn’t like the list altogether. He still agree to that and the representative deposition agreed to this list and Iran agree students list, and then we presented the list to the United Nations and it turned out – and Minister lavrov told me yesterday, that at the initiative of our partners of Germany, France and The United now them is actually trying to drag out the time, I’m not sure what is going on there, but I believe that we are at the final stage. I hope that we’re at the final stage of this process, if not by the end of this year than early next year, the list would be negotiated and then we’ll move on to the next stage of political settlement. Where do we need the presence of the American Military? I guess we do not need that presents the presence of your troops illegitimate. It has not been confirmed by the United Nations security Council decision, because only the security Council can make the decision or you can be. The only vacation of the Syrian government have either of those decisions. So if you’ve made this decision, it is the right decision, but there is one more important element: it’s the fact that, despite all the disputes and differences beduino experts in our military in our security services and foreign Ministries, we have a constructive Dialogue on resolving the most-acute Issues of combating terrorism in Syria, Sprite with our joint efforts,
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s said that the american troops presence in Syria is illegitimate and not need.
Putin Added that Russia sees no signs of the American withdrawal.

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