Pyongyang test-fires two missiles off its eastern coast

Pyongyang test-fires two missiles off its eastern coast
Pyongyang test-fires two missiles off its eastern coast
Since July 25th, North Korea has launched repeated rounds of missiles into the Sea of Japan, the latest N64 to be to short-range ballistic missiles like these coming just hours after a scathing attack from North Korea media on the south leader president Moon jae-in. While the statement didn’t mention him by name against the dprk, does he have any face to talk about dialogue atmosphere? We have nothing to talk anymore with a South Korean authorities know have any idea to sit with them again. Those exercises drills held annually computer simulated, the failed attempt. I want to watch a nuclear-free peninsula and Joint declarations that you’re not help to develop inter-korean relations at all. The north routinely ignores International fans on its missile test, using them to build blood Ridge in teacher negotiations. It’S repeatedly sought sanctions relief, login place over its ballistic missile and Wealthy on gang is now refusing to talk to the South. It’S still open to discussions with Washington keeping alive the possibility of restarting negotiations with Donald Trump
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North Korea has dismissed possible talks with South Korea’s government. State media in Pyongyang called President Moon Jae-In’s olive branch foolish and said the communications break-down was completely the fault of Soul. They have also fired two short-ranged missiles in the early hours of the morning. Luke Shrago has the details.

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