Q&A | Hurricane Dorian leaves behind destruction in Atlantic Canada

Q&A | Hurricane Dorian leaves behind destruction in Atlantic Canada
Q&A | Hurricane Dorian leaves behind destruction in Atlantic Canada
But that’s not happening because people just want to be out and about they’ve been cooped up inside and so throughout the day of this roadway, which is closed because, as you can see, there is lots of trees down and power lines down all different people on their Porches people visiting with neighbors there’s been tons of dogs walking past with their owners and just seems like a very much more relaxed. Almost relieved feel because, although the storm did cause significant damage, although the storm is still has two left people with Widow power, people are relieved now as a storm. At least in this part of the East Coast has now passed, and so there’s been lots of around a fairly relaxed mood. Now that’s a relaxed mood and also important to know. Did she say in this part of the times because of the greater Atlantic region? We now know that the post-tropical storm during is now passing through the part of Newfoundland and Houston. Come back, so we are tracking that we know what let’s get back to Nova Scotia ferry. You say people are out and about because they’ve been cooped up for the last couple of days. What type of challenge does that create, though, for officials, because they’re still trying to get power up and running, play the streets right now yeah? So this is something I was brought up. This isn’t the main message: a news conference that was scheduled an hour or so ago with all of the emergency measures officer, Terry emergency measures, officers fire as well. They said stay off the roads, because the cruise, like the big truck to see behind me, as well as more of the observational and kind of information gathering, are going around to see which areas need the most have the most knee Dental at that news conference. They specifically said there have been traffic jams around Tim Horton’s locations that are open, that are open and there were dozens of cars, if not hundreds of cars. I tweeted a video of it not to cross platforms, Facebook and Twitter. But if you take a look at my Twitter feed, there is just a gridlock around Tim Hortons. They specifically said we don’t want to see that Blox emergency measures officer it from doing their jobs still, even if you want your coffee stay off the roads stay home. Unless it is an emergency, that is, that was the main message from emergency first question here because, as we say, we are reaching out to our viewers and to CBC followers on different social media platforms, to ask their question and I’m going to be a question that We’Re getting from Barb – and I don’t know if I can answer this one – asking about the amount of rain that has fallen in Viet in the areas affected by the storm, just how much rain has fallen. The forecasted amount was 200 m m forecasted to come along 20 millimeters in total. I think it was less than that. I don’t know the exact amount, unfortunately, but it was less than 200. It was still a significant amount of water that one of the main issues wasn’t necessarily all.. It was more self the rain mixed with the storm surge, so the water level at the Oceanside Rose significantly. So we saw one coastal areas, both that came up because of the war recent limitation, the water to the level of the wharf, and so the boats are moving around quite significantly bashing against one another. So that was one of the main concerns or areas of concern was that storm surge and as for rainfall accumulations. I haven’t seen very much here in Nova Scotia so far, and so it’s rainfall is less of an issue in this part of the East Coast. As the wind was already behind me, the win was significant in causing damage here. Another question here this one from a different platform where we’re being watching this is from YouTube page and disha Newton and excuse me if I have not pronounce that correctly, but Endicia is asking. Will schools be open tomorrow, great question, so as that was asked at the news conference a short time ago, there is the anticipation that universities will likely be open that isn’t has anime, but the local staff, the local city, Crews, weren’t able to answer that at that News conference, so is why we answer questions. I might look it up in fact to see if there’s any update, but there hasn’t been any notification as to whether or not the Halifax Regional Center for Education will be open schools, whether other boards might be opening or closing for my Pema school-by-school basis, because we’ve Seen at least meals throughout the city, this is completely untouched, so we’ve seen roofs off in some areas, so it might be a decision on a school-by-school basis that could be made tonight or even tomorrow morning, as well. So no clear answer yet as to whether there is a blank decision about schools be open or close to Anna may be worthwhile for people to I check in with their individual school boards and if it’s a post, secondary education institution to actually reach out to them. Hamilton on YouTube, I have some numbers here which I think we might be able to answer this one because to Hamilton on YouTube. Asking how many are without power. Bread correct me if you have different numbers with the latest numbers that we have from Nova. Scotia Power says about 335000 customers still without power on Pi, some 54,000 + in New Brunswick, some 51,000 and some reports the powers also being affected in Western Newfoundland, though, of course, those numbers keep fluctuating. So tell us a bit more about the our situation and how that has been progressing throughout the day. So I would say this is the biggest story of the day with power and will likely get more questions about. If you have more questions about a you, can post it on the platform that you’re watching this the latest number as of right now, 320025 customers are currently without power, so 3000, that was down for on 400,000 earlier today, that’s in Nova, Scotia alone. So there’s that been significant back on the grid now the issue is that sometimes, depending on what the circumstances are, they have to remove some people off 2 then make the repairs and then put them back on the grid. Is that way, there is also the fact that cruise need to go to the location to determine what the damage is, what repairs need to be made and then make those go to Power, and they said that they are looking to First resolve the areas or them That the problem with the largest customer base, so if they can make a small repair thousands of people back on the grid, they’re going to prioritize those issues. First, they are unfortunately not going to be going to the areas that have one or two customers to resolve. Immediately lower priorities compared to the fixes that could see thousands of people put back on the grid is kind of a utilitarian solution to this Mass outage. The sellers at being called the worst in Nova Scotia history for Nova Scotia Power. But it is the solution that they are determining power about, that that number three thousand customers. two or three or four people, possibly, and so the actual number of people affected people without power – is significantly greater than 320,000. The numbers I read was from earlier this hour. So you have some 40 minutes later and already we’re seeing Improvement. So that’s I guess, if the good news here, although still a big challenge, another question here, we’re getting from Maggie Archibald on Facebook and Maggie end up sending me some videos that you have taken up through my Twitter account. So thank you to you, but Maggie Archibald on Facebook is asking this question. Brett. Are there any reports of cell towers down because cell service has been slow or not working? When do we hear about that, because of course we are hearing that the cell service is a challenge right now through the affected part, the Atlantic region? Okay, so this is definitely an issue. This is something that has been talked about a lot on social media and that we’ve been experiencing here in the operation of when you’re broadcasting. Everyone watching at home on the news, because there have been problems with cell phone service, but have a data voice, has been confirmed by emergency measures. Listen to Kate, at least for Nova Scotia for at least we’re not sure, broadly Nova Scotia. If it’s as much of an issue, but the emergency measures officers at the news conference said yes we’re aware of this, it isn’t. It is meeting that there are pockets of the region of Halifax where you simply can’t get data, or that is significantly slower. There should be, they were not able to confirm whether or not any transmission towers. Those cell phone towers are those long, rectangular, gray boxes were damaged, but they did say, Hey, listen, those boxes need power and if there’s no power to the boxes and the battery system with a backup generator system isn’t working, then they won’t be trans. That critical data that many people meet, and so yes, it’s a problem. Cbc News has not been able to get answers from companies like Valor, Rogers or Eastlink. Ortalis. We’Ve asked emergency measures off. There is to reach out to them as well. They said yeah we’ll try to get in touch with him too, so no real answers there, except the acknowledgement that yes, there certainly is a problem with certain pockets of this region in terms of getting data on your phone. Okay, one more question here – and this is a from a from a user who goes by the handle, Will Smith. Although I’m going to venture to say it’s, not the French Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that we’re talking about here Will Smith Facebook where and how bad was the worst damage incurred is how he writes it. That’S a good question. It depends on what you think of as worst damage, because first answer could be situations like this. So this is the power out and you could have a significant amount of food that you lose in your refrigerator and there could be significant costs involved with. That could be one damn it there’s another part of the problem of the city where there is their trees going through people’s home fries that are going into the windows and just some of the rooms being collapsible of it. That’S a particularly bad there’s also areas along the coast as well, so there are boats that are damaged. There’S certain War sand Decks that are damaged there. So it really depends on how you measure the damage quotient. Basically, where are the most damage occurred? But if you take a look generally at the location where the damage was it kind of followed the anticipated path of the hurricane, so the hurricane hit Halifax proper and it moved its way across the province in there so places like Yarmouth, Emily’s like Eastern Cape, Breton, A little bit further from that main Centerline, perhaps got less damage and most of the damage is centered in mean path that the hurricane passed along. So it definitely was a direct hit for the Halifax region, which is why you see much of the damage here: YouTube user by the name of veritas. I got this feeling YouTube. Did it hit Pi at all and let you know without a doubt P. I sustained damage in the storm, although not from the eye in terms of still experienced Wind and Rain on Prince Edward Island for sure, but the I would have skirted along the Eastern side of Prince Edward Island as it went across. So it depends on what you define as hit. Yes, they absolutely suck African wind, significant rainfall as well, but if it technically went over Prince Edward Island went across the island as it went across the province of Nova Scotia. No, but that’s not saying they didn’t receive hurricanes, Franklin and hurricane strength fall either. One question back Michael before we just moving ahead before Will Smith question about the Halifax School Board. They said no decision yet to the website, as well as the quarter food to see. If public schools are open tomorrow, first and foremost, what was it like for you? You know you’ve been reporting from officials, but talk to us about your first-hand account of what happened last night as the storm passed well. I was working in the mornings and this morning, so I was not standing out in it as people on Twitter hope. That would be oddly, I was at home and we lost power. My wife and I lost power around 3 p.m. and didn’t have power until around 7 a.m. this morning, and so it was a little bit scary because the apartment you could see is that there is significant wind, significant drain. You could hear the howling of the wind and the rain kind of pelting the window, and so we knew that there was damage that could occur because from our window you could actually see one of the apartment buildings in which the roof had peeled off. Taken flight flown across the street flipped over landed on two cars, so we could see flashing lights in the distance there, as that situation was being. I was looking on social media saying that’s what’s happening over there. That’S what could happen. Those were some of the risks associated with this storm, but four in our particular case, no damage and no issues other than the power outage and lucky that we live in kind of downtown that we had our power restored this morning, where some people, like the ones You see behind me still don’t have power at. We only have that 20 seconds left before our window closes. Conversation does continue on to social media platforms that people can reach out to you, on. Correct. That’S right, Facebook YouTube as well. You can perfect I’m going to pull you out of my ear and doing the Facebook live right now right, I’m going to Ginuwine! Okay! If you’re tuning on Facebook live still, I’m chatting with the control room as we wrap up that portion of the live hit with Michael thanks to the folks who cousin who posted comments on the YouTube page, as well as the Facebook page and said. Thank you for tuning in just now to the Facebook live post. So I’m going to hang up that and let’s talk, I talked about a couple of the different things that word we discuss on the the hurricane update that happened a couple of hours ago and so the if we take a look looking at a couple of things. We talked about the 360 or so. since this morning, so crews are here from all over the East Coast. We heard from those good power that they are here from Maine state of Maine down South of the Border as well as Imperial as well as New Brunswick. I think as well the interesting thing that many of the cruise that are coming here to try to help us to Nova Scotia Power Cruise or already working or actually coming from the Southern United States because they were deployed there when hurricane Dorian live making landfall. Is there across Florida across the South carolina-georgia those States along there, and so they are going from working to restore power in the Southern United States up to working to restore power here in Nova Scotia, and so, if we have to commend them. Because again, this crew is here from that you see behind me, is here from Ontario working and well. It is sunny and nice right now it can get cold and dark very quickly and they’ll be working around the clock to go to restore electricity to Residents all across the province. So let’s take a look at that we have for posting to Facebook. How is the water damage on the coastline? How much was significant in some areas depends on where you’re looking so, for example, we saw images on social media of the Dartmouth Waterfront being completely submerged so, for example, not completely submerged, but the King’s Wharf, all right on the waterfront. With the Dartmouth lettering there, the water had risen all the way up to only show the lettering, instead of just that spit of land so Rose significantly. Pictures of the door of the Halifax Boardwalk with boards burst out from the area, for example along the the area where the there’s the pilot ships, the pilot post, where they line up there are. There are boards that are we’re still because the water, as it came up, the turbulent water in the waves, were hitting up and up and asked if the storm surge Rose. The average water level the wave pop those board up and sew that some damage that the boardwalk two reasons kind of in this damn bro area, where we saw the Direct Hit there and still Herring Cove, also saw Samaria areas of damage mostly to Worf’s The Wharf And Docks & Decks because less so much with houses on the waterfront, but we saw mostly just some issues there with a lot of damage. Let’S see who else has some questions here? We have how about Cape Breton from its direct hit on Halifax across the province and then making its way. It’S kind of skirting between Prince Edward Island and Western Cape Breton. The western side of Cape Breton is the area that saw the most damaging most impact, basically because of the direction of the wind and the direct. The area is to the east of the eye of the storm, which would be Cape Breton. This case Western Cape, Breton Sun, mostly win and then on the Eastern on the inside USC, mostly rain. So is it mostly wind event for Western Cape Breton and it was that Westerly side of the island that saw the most impact, and so that’s what we’re seeing their flight for that question. Sheryl Simpson on YouTube. Thank you very much for commenting asking a question. Where is Dorian now? Well, it’s been really interesting to see. If so, if you take a look and watch our coverage on CBC News Network on TV or a CBC Jam, you can see that we are now interviewing people who are in Newfoundland and who are dealing with the effects of this storm. And so it is right. Now, in are the Western Newfoundland area it possible to Magdalen Islands earlier this morning. It is in the western Newfoundland area now causing loss of winds, lots of rain as well so very similar conditions to what we saw here, perhaps slightly less strong, because it did go over land lose a bit of power, a bit of steam as it headed across There and then across the straight to that part to that other comments to the Newfoundland and still yes, they are killing me right now in Newfoundland, the western side of Newfoundland and then the storm is going to continue on head out to sea and it’s going to Dissipate from there as it heads North loses steam loses some of that fuel that it was using the the warmer Waters that we saw. It accumulate that that power down south when it was a member of a category 5 hurricane, and so it’s going to pass Western Newfoundland now and head out to sea and likely dissipate from who is our Facebook live event. Thank you very much that are covered ends. Obviously, CBC News Network all night long all day long either on television you can stream it online or go to CBC watch it on your Apple, TV or other devices like that also be a full coverage on CBC News. CA, CBC Nova Scotia. You can go to your various provincial pages to get full coverage full local Regional covered, and then you can also watch a saint Facebook and Twitter said. Thank you very much for tune again and have a great day for a live.
The Maritimes are recovering from Category 1 Hurricane Dorian. CBC’s Brett Ruskin is answering your questions on the recovery and restoration following Dorian.

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