Qatar accused of World Cup bidding sabotage

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Qatar accused of World Cup bidding sabotage
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I bought some ugly Revelations today concerning the beautiful game Britain Sunday times has published explosive allegations about the next FIFA World Cup in 2022 and claimed the tiny Middle East country of Qatar may have won the right to host it due to a secret campaign to sabotage rival did we get details now from Dominic the lightest and London Dominic secret Black Ops campaign designed to sabotage its main Rivals bids for the 2022 soccer World Cup United States and Australia allegedly being the main targets of it now cording to the paper emails from a whistleblower what’s on Captain’s between show that it paid a high-profile payoff of and former CIA agents to carry out the smear campaign as take a closer look at some of the allegations that have been leveled against according to the paper it allegedly paid a well-known academics thousands of dollars damning report on the huge economic cost of hosting a u.s. World Cup it’s alleged the journalist stories about their own countries World Cup bids but the Sunday Times also claims it has evidence that American PE teachers with tossed with loading their members of Congress to oppose the US soccer World Cup on the grounds the money best spent on high school sports meanwhile in Australia it’s alleged protest opposing the country’s bid organized rugby matches whistleblower what’s the make it appear that there was no domestic support for cancers Rivals during the bidding process not important because one of the key criteria laid down by FIFA soccer international governing body is a big should have strong backing true then cancel would have broken FIFA’s bidding rules as strongly tonight each and every single allegation made in today’s Sunday Times article it maintains that it has strictly adhered to all the FIFA regulations for the 2018-2022 World Cup bidding process London
Qatar may have won the right to host the 2022 World Cup due to a secret campaign to sabotage rival bids, according to a report in Britain’s The Sunday Times.

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