Quebec tourist sentenced to 4 years in Cuban prison after fatal boating accident

Quebec tourist sentenced to 4 years in Cuban prison after fatal boating accident
A Canadian man is facing years in a Cuban prison for killing a fellow Canadian forest in a boating accident. It is the second time to feed Ben hanisch has been convicted over the incident. Brian Hicks is here with more on this. What are we learning today pieces for years in prison after this latest conviction, and he thought his ordeal was over in July? That’S when the Cuban Supreme Court overturned his original conviction for criminal negligence causing death. The Cuban government, though, decided to take him to trial a second time over the same incident, and this decision came down on Christmas Eve or a lower court found him guilty. Once again. Now we just got a statement from Global Affairs, Canada on this case and Global Affairs. A Canada spokesperson so than the class says. Canadian Consular officials are in contact with local authorities to gather additional information and continue to provide Consular services to mr. Ben hem and his family, and this all stems from a July 2017 incident in Cayo Coco mr.ben Hamish was driving a speedboat with his wife and his Two young daughters at beard, out-of-control killing and Ontario mother-of-three Ben hanisch says he was not drinking. He says a staff member told him the boat with easy to operate on a Facebook post. He wrote the guide, explain to us how to start and stop the boat assuring us. It was easy and at the boat wouldn’t flip over, he said please believe me. This boat cannot flip-over. You only need to follow my instructions also. He says he was not told about his legal and safety obligations, all these twists and turns. I have cause confusion and anxiety for Ben hanisch and his family. They want the Canadian government to put more pressure on Cuban officials in November badtameez. His family and supporters went to Ottowa to protest outside of the Cuban Embassy. Let’S hear from Ben emissions lawyer in Montreal, the result is that it is essential that the Canadian government, having watched this joke Court local Court, intervene with Cuba and say enough.. If I think we have the influence, all the Canadian government has to do is say that there will be a warning about travel to Cuba, and Cuba will immediately I’m certain take into account our position. Chinese remains outside of prison while he awaits his second appeal.
A Quebec man has been sentenced to four years in a Cuban prison for a boating accident that killed a fellow tourist from Ontario last year. Toufik Benhamiche had his original conviction overturned by Cuba’s top court in July, but in a retrial by a lower court this month, found him guilty once again.

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