Question Period: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank funding — May 1, 2019

Question Period: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank funding — May 1, 2019
Question Period: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank funding — May 1, 2019
Oral questions cast John’s Ohio. Terry budget went up 5 % last year to 250 billion dollars, yet for some reason the liberal leader continues to fund to China through the Asian infrastructure Bank using Canadian taxpayer it’s money. We know that China uses the Asian infrastructure Bank to extend its influence in the region. When will the liberal leaders stop using Canadians taxpayer dollars to fund this strategy right? Honorable prime minister, Canada use of the bank to promote economic growth globally alongside many countries like Great Britain, Germany and Australia. They conservatives are misleading Canadians by suggesting that if we were to withdraw funds for fighting landslides in Sri Lanka, for example, flooding in the Philippines and modernization of immigration systems in immigrants in Indonesia, they would be beneficial, for we will continue to be present in the world To help people across the world, that is what Canadians expect. Have any Canadian government buy China to extend its influence in the region, 5 % last year to 250 billion dollars, 8.4 billion dollars. Your projects aren’t getting built in Canada. The leader of the liberal party has sent 256 million dollars in the Asian infrastructure Bank, a bank that helps exert influence from China in the region. Why is the prime minister funding infrastructure projects? Are there countries, prime minister, Italy, inclusive global economic growth? The bank supports clean and green infrastructure investment throughout Asia, and the conservatives wanted to close our eyes and our doors on investments around the world, like Landslide mitigation in Sri Lanka, blood in the Philippines Irrigation modernization in Indonesia. That is not what Canadians expect. The Honorable leader of the opposition leader best prime minister, has done absolutely nothing to stand up for Canada. Now he could show the consequences for pushing Canada around by pulling the funding from the Chinese run infrastructure bank. Will he do so? Yes or no right, honourable prime minister, continue to consistently stand up for Canadians at home and all around the world. We are standing up for canola Farmers this morning at the maximum loan limit increase with a million dollars for a farmer farmer’s an interest-free loan increased to $ 500,000. We Stand everyday for the Canadian tour, unjustly an arbitrarily detained in China around the world order. The Honorable opposition to China, the only respond to this prime minister is capable of SAS 4 days ago, the government of China that there are consequences for detaining Canadian national. You should also able to hear the questions for today, prime minister, to stand up for the interests of China, and why would we expect the government seriously after showing such weakness on the world stage after backing down to Donald Trump time and time again after Clowning Around? In India and during our trade Partners, why won’t is prime minister of China holding strong even asking for days for us to do something later working on it going to continue order, got moved to Decap in those in those caucus meetings non-pharmaceutical? When will the Prime Minister? Finally, do something right, honorable prime minister order failure to get anything done to get for the Economy Inn sat around. We created 900,000 new jobs across the country with the lowest unemployment in 40 years. How long must be Wednesday, hello order? Mister speaker, three months ago, 40 % of our fellow citizens were $ 200 away from declaring bankruptcy. The figure hit 48 % last week, while half of people are having trouble ends meet. The liberal government continues to subsidize oil companies and to give millions and gifts to Loblaws. The prime minister is completely out of touch. We need a government, that’s on our side, not on the side of the richest in this world. When will the government? Finally, it down to work and truly help people removing them from these precarious situations. The right honorable, prime minister, when we were elected, we cut taxes for the middle class and increase them for the wealthiest Canadians. We have also put in place a Child Benefits at that is helping nine families out of 10 8 Has Lifted 300,000, a children out of poverty, but the NDP voted against those two measures. We have lifted 800 Canadians out of poverty over the first two years and we are continuing to deliver by investing in the infrastructure by investing in our communities by helping families seniors students, and we will continue to do so. Mister speaker number for Timmons James Bay order of leaking information about the Supreme Court. Today’S prime minister is now wedding potential judges to a liberal donor based recluse information right down at the sign. Their lawn sign wow. Is that how small his vision is to what they’ve done for the liberal party, rather than what they’re going to do for Canada? Honorable prime minister, judicial appointments now follow our new, independent, transparent and merit-based processed, replace the old system under the previous government political activity, judicial appointments, open list, it’s more like the Grotti old rum bottle Politics on the Rideau, for which the Liberals are Infamous for a broken Promises promises 1 to 1 and 1/2 grassy Narrows he broke that promise and it took hundreds of children coming from the evacuation centres yesterday for this prime minister to even acknowledge the disastrous kashechewan flood. So it’s on the table. What Financial commitment will he make today be moved to The High Ground, prime minister, unacceptable, 26in, 26, 2016 right now under way to build a new road to secure the land to design the new community and every moment in Partnership percent is unfair.. Mr Speaker, once again the people of katricia, once I’ve had to be evacuated because of flooding that could have been avoided. The Liberals had promised to read a coat them to Higher Ground, but two years later it’s still not been done. Yesterday, children and leaders from the community we’re here to remind the Liberals of that and to ask them to honor their commitments. So when will the Prime Minister finally keep promise disturb? Mr. speaker, since 2016, we have committed to working in partnership with kitchawan on other relocation request for the community. The minister met with yesterday that the community has identified it the community. They think it would be best to relocate to work, is underway to build a new road transfer, the land and design the new community. All of this in Bishop with cajeta want it’s unacceptable that, for the past 17 years, they’ve had to be evacuated because of flooding. We will continue to work with them to resolve that. On August 2016 we asked a liberal party and the Prime Minister for information on the $ 110,000 in illegal donations they received. What did the liberals do? As usual, 50 liter says that his government’s transparent. Can he tell us, then, can this liberal leader tell us if there was any communication between his office employees and two people at election Canada on the subject? Is it illegal to Nations yes or no disturb the inappropriate don’t or donations were paid to? Two parties tend to parties 10 years ago. Under my leadership, we are transparent, who were the first two party to proactively disclose members have budgets, we opened up for the board of internal economy, we are fully respecting donations and the other parties must do the same Scandal. It’S in their genes, it’s in their culture, but this liberal leader wasn’t found in violation once not twice, not three times but four times a violation of section of the ethics and there still an investigation under wave. What is this Liberal Party leader in Prime Minister doing what does he have to hide from Canadians, prime minister Mister speaker on this side of the house? We respect the officers of Parliament and the work that they do at all stages to ensure that Beyond partisanship and attacks by one party of another, the rules are comply with and the truth is shared with Canadians. We will always work and respect to the officers of parliament or doing important to work on this side of the house. We will always work alongside them. The words of the leader of the liberal party at face value because simply put it’s already been shown and had very little respect for the Office of the Attorney General and now we’re talkin about the elections. Canada, commissioner, for the liberal leader Dallas, who was on the list with August 5th 2016, and one was most recently when the media asked him to provide the list and they refused to do so. What is the leader of the liberal opposite of the liberal party? The right honourable prime minister on openness and transparency, expensive party leader for candidates for leadership, be publicly available. Continue to do our fundraisers public position doesn’t Secret order. The Honorable member from Milton is the Liberal Party received a compliance agreement from his scheme in which states legally donated $ 110,000 to the Liberal Party of Canada. Why, on May 2016, 10 years ago, before we made changes to the rules, madikeri bring in a new level of openness and transparency for political fundraising, we have embraced that the leader of the opposition, patient positions, continues four years Arab, for they are Mister, speaker, hey, ask And you get custom design contract girlfriend the team to be commonplace, although difficult to find, if you’re, not in the gang, the press and the Globe and Mail have in their position at the key to this mystery. Privileged communication between a law firm and a deputy Minister. That match play turned into a lucrative $ 711 an hour contract. Mr. speaker, can the liberal leader confirm here in this house the existence of this communication dated August 14-20, 15? Yes or no? The decision was made that by public servants, it’s Rich of the conservatives at 2 attack of this situation when they continue to organize fundraisers with their leader secret ones. Behind closed doors, we invited the media to our events, that we don’t don’t I’m in private millionaires residences, but in public places we will continue to be open and transparent, as we expect the leader of the opposition to be number for Chilliwack contract lawyers, pocketing tax dollars On the $ 75,000 contract previously employed the right honorable prime minister contract followed all appropriate rules and policies of the department. We will continue to ensure that the decision process Rich facts. Thousands of people have mobilized today to Mark International workers day as an elected official. It’S our duty to improve their future, but the government has failed to think about the Phoenix Fiasco about women continue to earn less than men or about Back To Work legislation for Canada, Post the uncertainty and steel aluminum and the forestry sector from Sears pensioners. The NDP stands to alongside workers: When will the Minister take the rights of the workers so seriously and do the same minister of always stood to defend workers put forth a historic legislation on employment Equity that will it close the gap between salaries for men and women Proactively and openly, we continue to defend workers in the forestry sector. We are therefore workers in the steel and aluminum sector. We have signed agreements, trade agreements internationally to help our workers that will create Prosperity. We will continue to create jobs in Canada, as we’ve seen 900000 created over the past year for generous donations from lobbyists. The reality is a billionaire class rise. Workers in Canada are paying the price the middle class is shrinking. Where is this liberal government’s defense? Transforming government eliminates the answer: 525 + 377. We strengthened occupational health and safety standards, 65 federally regulated employees from workplace harassment number for making him take to heart. What About signing up for canola have producers after two more than two months have been, and it took three request for emergency debates, request for emergency in the house and action by producers, Premiere Asset and the leader of the opposition. He heard the call for assistance additional assistant producer throat for an ambassador or complaint at the WTO instead of sending sending one to to Japan going to do something to help the producers. Prime minister, the conservatives have been asked talking about this for a few days. We have been working on it for weeks. We stand alongside producers, we are resolving the issue. We have announced changes to the Advance. program, with increase to the interest-free amounted to for loans to $ 500,000 and a maximum loan amount. We are seeking markets. We’Ve announced the trade mission to Japan and South Korea and DeWitt trade agreements. Companies will have privileged access to 1.5 billion new client. We will continue call support for Farmers second largest trading partner. This little leader created the problem. Where is the solution? We are happy to deliver a $ 500,000 interest-free loan for canola Farmers asking for Chester New Market EPP. Having asked the question, I would invite them not to be speaking after he no longer has the floor. Would you like to her money has before, but then it’s someone else’s turn back now, it’s your number for Niagara! West. This morning the Liberals announced their plan to resolve the deepening crisis and dispute with China get this by sending a trade mission to Japan. Honorable prime minister by Chinese flimsy phytosanitary International situation, the honourable member for Durham advertised Canadian citizen action confidence when will prime minister for the state money from Asian infront infrastructure Bank either doing good work across across the across the continent with China international support. On the other hand, focused on standing up for Canadian International different Cowichan malahat Langford trillions of dollars on a leaky pipeline, I will increase our traffic in our sensitive marine environment. Listen to that ABC salmon restoration and Innovation fund contributing a hundred million dollars. We understand the concerns of fishing and tourism Industries, but these closures will be crucial in helping recovery. These talks set a reminder for 12 to Jason Kenny that getting a pipeline built with the government’s number one priority on Monday he reassured flood victims, and I quote, the cost of an action is huge and the science is clear. We need to act now, mr. speaker, how ironic does the Prime Minister realize that the only way to actually make the economy and the environment Go hand-in-hand in to invest in Green Technology, not subsidizing, big oil? I congratulate them for having settled at least once, but clearly they don’t understand that the way that we both protect the environment and create jobs for communities and families is by being responsible. We will ensure that our exports are done safely and two countries other than the us, but we will also put a price on pollution. We will also invest in green energy. We will also do we need to do number for Calgary Spencer, our country, as they start spring seating full access to China and create new opportunities for them to grow their business. Albert Advanced payment program, free portion to $ 500,000 from $ 100,000. Stanton, was proposed. The private sector has built 35000 km oil pipelines in the United States right, honourable prime minister, 10 years. They couldn’t get it done for a very simple reason. They refuse to listen to environment turn some communities they refused to partner with indigenous people’s energy project across this country to protect our environment at the same time as we move forward with energy project in the conservative party were in support of foreign investment, but only want To make sense of the liberal government decided that for the next five years, they’re going to invest $ 256 of taxpayer money to a Chinese infrastructure Investment Bank. Do we need to remind China has decided to boycott Canadian canola and absolute contempt for the rights of Canadians detained over there? Now the liberal leader seems to admire a certain. Does he realize that he’s sending money down? It doesn’t make sense there. Mister mister speaker once again what if we withdrew the funds for minimizing landslides in Sri Lanka or earthquakes in the Philippines or the modernization of irrigation systems in Indonesia that wouldn’t be good for Canada. I wouldn’t be good for her role in the world, so we will continue to invest in the right way in infrastructure, both here in Canada and around the world. We will do those Investments because it helps people and it helps promote peace, security and safety around the world. Dismiss this prime minister, as quote little potato. He thought they meant it as a compliment. I want to remind my chicken certain salt in a little rules. Border shall we continue or not a quarter of a billion dollars to the China, controlled Asian infrastructure, Bank of roads and bridges in China. The same country that is punishing farmers imprisoning are citizens that wasteful expenditure of our tax dollars is simply not true. The Asian infrastructure bank is actually design clean and green infrastructure investment, including the country including mitigation in Sri Lanka. Flood Management in the Philippines Irrigation modernization in Indonesia continue to do that, and the conservatives continues to mislead Canadian is really unfortunate to the China control Asian infrastructure Bank resume construction on dozens of previously shell coalfire plants. According to satellite images, they are going to increase the production. Coal Fired electricity by 50,000 megawatts, since he announced his quarter billion dollar gift, but instead to helpthe and a well-connected in China. Will he do the right thing and cancel this quarter? Billing. Right, honourable prime minister? Radiance are part of countries like Australia, Germany, Italy and promoting inclusive building, a better future for everyone around the world couldn’t be in more Market contrast. The Honorable member for Saskatoon West Acacia recently said, and I quote, Intercity bus services are important for the people of British Columbia and for Canadians across the country, particularly for those in indigenous Rural and remote communities or other Transportation options. Do not exist. Description sounds awfully lot like Saskatchewan. If the minister truly believes this, then why is he only provided money for inner city, public transportation, for British Columbia and not for Saskatchewan federal government is willing to step up and support communities affected by the Greyhound bus, closed down federal government to better support and serve Indigenous communities and remote communities right across the country, including in Saskatchewan call the City of Grand Forks, was inundated by floodwaters. The minister of Public Safety has stood in this house and assured that the federal government would – and I quote always be there, but on April 18th mitigation program protection. Why is this government refusing to hell neighbors and Friends? People say we’re doing everything we can to support the response efforts throughout the affected areas of Canada, Canadian provincial Municipal Carter’s who are working diligently and serviceable citizens in need of two billion dollars for in The Disaster Assistance Program.. We look forward to working with all communities on helping them out to speak when it’s his turn to speak a lot of other times. I pray, even if you suggest he was trying to help. Of course, there are other ways to do that. Other ways to do that for it Michelle Mister speaker, the Liberals sold a ticket for a liberal fundraiser to the president of the u.s. Cannabis company, and then they had to refund the money because that’s illegal apparently it April Mister speaker. We have reformed the rules being a good mood and celebrating something, but we need to hear the answer needs to hear each other here. So let’s try to stay calm for the rest of question., Though I don’t have. A prime minister has the floor when the party was made aware of this issue. We refunded the money immediately but more importantly, mistress finger and they asked a question why? I would ask the question why the leader of the opposition to hold secret fundraiser? We love our fundraisers in public. We invite the media to participate in our fundraising event, but they continue to do this and secrecy in private mansions and in huge private houses number for Thornhill speaker. It was illegal and a liberal or lobbyist selling those two tickets. For this latest cash for grab jaw-dropper, but, Mr Speaker, isn’t the law supposed to prevent the Liberals habitually bad practices? Mister speaker, what are the honorable member for leads? You’Ll, never believe. Grendel Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes trial legal donation from an American marijuana Tycoon mini putter Scandal. Prime minister, when are FL election yesterday tracking electric Canada election from Ontario Quebec highest on record, our government responded quickly to prevent request for Help by deployment on forces and other resources. Many Canadians are aware of the devastating consequences of climate change. So can the Prime Minister tell us how our government plans to protect our seasonal long-term? Thank you for Dunlow prime minister, remember to Grand Lake for his question and for his hard work with his constituents. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the flooding we want to. Thank the First Responders member, the armed forces and most of all, the volunteers who are working tirelessly to save their neighbors houses with climate change. We will see an increasing number of extreme climate events and we are helping communities Fonzie’s event, budget 2019 in 2 billion dollars to help communities better, manage the risks associated with natural disasters like floating number for Calgary nose Hill. The RCMP have contacted him any of this ministers or staff with regard to the snc-lavalin Scandal. But today, when we ask the question he skirted the answer he did not answer has a liberal leader any of his ministers to senior staff for party party leadership with regard to the snc-lavalin Scandal order for Chilliwack Basque. That was six months ago and since then, we’ve heard nothing. Canada silence is deafening here, just as it was Germany, Finland and Denmark all froze the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia and suspend the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia. Minister, mr. speaker, we will always stand up to defend human rights around the world and we did condemned the executions and Saudi Arabia. I myself, when I have the opportunity to see Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Argentina. I told him how unacceptable this was and how concerned we, as Canadians are by the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia. We will continue to work on this file, because that is what Canadians expect, and that is what people around the world expects from Canada: environment in Canadian money. That is rightfully theirs. Mister speaker, rather than spending their time with Canadians about climate change. The actions of our government, climate change, a cleaner environment and more money in their pocket that was confirmed by the Parliamentary budget officer. We are working for a better future for our kids and grandkids honorable position. It’S been 31 days since the Prime Minister friend to sue me for telling the truth about his interference in a criminal prosecution. Now I repeated all my allegations outside the house finally testified under oath. So tell me when I can expect the court proceedings to commence. What are continue to focus on me, the wealthiest 1 %, what’s the number for Eastman, so I’ve encouraged all the floor before they speak. Prime minister, I think they could talk to their with a boat out of their house into perhaps with the Prime Minister. Has the floor collect Canadian in 2015, the number for Nunavut the government of Nunavut has been cut off, cut out of the strategic planning and cut off from the funding. The government is responsible for delivery of programs. Government distinctions based approach to reconciliation, indigenous communities, indigenous station as full Partners, indigenous the work we’re doing directly with the it cake by the territorial governments.
Today the government faced calls to pull its funding from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in light of the trade dispute between Canada and China. The NDP also questioned the government’s commitment to relocate residents of Kashechewan First Nation who have been impacted by annual spring flooding.

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