Question Period: Conservatives call for apology to Mark Norman — May 15, 2019

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Question Period: Conservatives call for apology to Mark Norman — May 15, 2019
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Question Period: Conservatives call for apology to Mark Norman — May 15, 2019
Question Period: Conservatives call for apology to Mark Norman — May 15, 2019
Bedford has stood in the way of us helping Ontarian. Since 2018, we have 11 billion dollars converted to interio. However, construction seasons is starting and the sword Convergys busy spending taxpayer dollars on critical, add expansion of entertainment, including kantonian zencu, but it’s right to approve in place. It is a case of missing school teacher from William that is cool created with her student, a quilt of 6ft by 6ft, representing reality, Canada in Canada. Here today, with his 56 wonderful students and parents to see her exposed piece of artwork in the Wellington building and takes place in this country, I invited house to check out this Lubbock will and would like to dedicating a career leaders of tomorrow. Thank you, mr. Pita. Lakeland, can you shut down to committee investigations into evidence in a criminal prosecution, any blocking the release of information defense 45 million-dollar asking for more than we are able to give the prime minister dollars to try not to build pipelines in Asia Center. Mister speaker are the arbor flower Mill North America’s oldest continuously operating water-powered commercial Mill located steps outside of this iconic Mill was established in 1819. The small business that has been owned and operated by the Scott family in 2016 and storage Mill was faced with a stop-work order, no efforts to make their Machinery complaint. If you’re done. I work with a mill owner Mike Matthews to find a possible solution with the guidance of Andy Street local engineer in London, minister of employment Minister staff and many others. We found a solution that saw the importance of safety and history merge together. I’D also like to thank my colleagues from across the aisle, the member for lamps and Camp Middlesex, who also worked hard to get a very positive outcome. Congratulations to everyone at the arbor Flour Mill 200 years has never looked so good. The UN climate change Summit, ipcc report, issued a Clarion call set the time to act on climate change is now what I learned was talking about: the impact of rising water levels on Pacific Island, habitat destruction on indigenous peoples. What I remember is the UN leadership pleading with the nations of the world to take action. That is why it is so puzzling when elected leaders in this country challenge people to do the federal government to do exactly National problem. It’S an international 150 bility and the responsibility to act of our time. Speaker in the fight against climate change is simply too high and the children, Canada deserve no less. What’S the slogan on the mini, toolbar license plate and being there last week I can tell you it’s just us advertised the warmth of French Canadians in st. bana Boniface is contagious. What is raising taxes broken promises of the literal leader, who is simply not just as advertised responsible conservative government weather for Winnipeg North on May 15th, 1990 Nepali been made at 11 a.m. today is 100th anniversary of a 1919 Winnipeg strike. I want to acknowledge the importance of a labor movement in Canada unions matter, unions represent people, communities and our economy today, and beanie Central and inclusion in our economy, unions, fight for the middle class and driving force behind exception. We have a women, lgbtq workers, indigenous workers and Canada’s middle class, the honourable member for Vancouver East change orders. They have came to the pressure in this information campaign by the conservatives on the side of speakers attempting to score cheap political point, expense of humanity. The liberal agenda B+ analysis of these changes that disproportionate impact they would have on women and girls fleeing violence is breathtaking women’s organizations in venti, such as Women’s Resource Society, shelter, side and open letter with 40 other women’s organization from across Canada. Changes in its fake feminism withdrawal fees changes. Mr. speaker, four years ago, the Liberal Party offered Canadians a platform chock-full of nice promises which they haven’t kept. They promised three tiny deficits. Instead, we got 3 Whoppers amounting to almost 70 billion sale. They promised zero deficit in 2019. Instead, they table to budget with a deficit of 19.5 billion dollars fail. They promised election reform after criss-crossing Canada for nothing Consulting people. They reneged felt they promised the world Canada’s back, so they said fail. They have relationship soured with our main Partners, so us, China and Japan and Canadians were asked their prime minister in India fails. Yes, mr. speaker, Canadians and quebecers will have the opportunity soon to tell the Liberals. They failed, and yesterday first circular saw speaker, be able to turn their ideas into reality. Cast Jaws Ohio oral questions for fishing. Tell us when I say that this morning I was shocked and horrified by a recently released recording broadcast by aptn news of an RCMP officer questioning a young female indigenous sexual assault victim. Obviously, this line of questioning was sensitive to the young woman, who is coming forward with her story of Public Safety. If you can update the house as to whatever reviews might that he might be conflict contemplating to ensure that this type of thing that does not happen in the future Pearl ball. Snakes that were on display in 2012 are profoundly RCMP and all police forces must work continuously to conduct themselves appropriately. Know Survivor of sex should ever fear that their case will not be taken seriously or that they will be re-victimized in the process. Your honorable leader of the opposition to tell is the fact that they had to receive a court order to do that. Mark Norman’s lawyer said about the documents quote: none of that came willingly. We have been day in and day out trying to get that material. It should have been handed over shooting hand it over to RCMP. It should have been handed over to the prosecution if it was not explain why not 2 block documents for the evidence that finally, exonerated Mark Normand to be produced? Will the Minister of Justice conduct an inquiry to determine why these steps were taken to interfere and Abstract, in this case, to respond to request from the defense honorable member for mr. speaker, the facts speak for themselves. The Prime Minister did everything he could to cover up the truth. He prevented Norman’s defense team from documents needed for his defense. Furthermore, he knows full well. The code words were used for 2 for the name of Norman to get around access to information request. Despite all the evidence before him in before the Canadian public still refuses to apologize, Tried, Merle, Norman and his family, why your border security execution entirely independent potential yesterday, when we ask for an apology to Admiral Norman, the Prime Minister refused possibly doesn’t want to apologize, because He doesn’t think he needs to, or perhaps he’s disappointed that his plan to destroy him didn’t work one way or another. The Prime Minister needs to be accountable. Why not show some good faith and apologized to Admiral Mark Dorman? Now security support the independence of the RCMP and not to engage in any interference and independent investigation government responsibility. Mr. speaker, the liberal government gave 12 million dollars to Loblaws, saying that it would help tackle climate change. Then they Exempted new oil fans text from an environmental review, and then this week they brought forward motion on the climate emergency that does not even include measures that need to be taken. When will this government understand that nice words are not in to tackle the biggest crisis we have ever been? Faced with mister speaker, it is clear that we have a climate emergency. We have seen it the flooding, forcing people to move from their homes. We have a plan, but I’d like to ask the NDP is because it’s not very clear: we have a plan for the economy in the environment. They’Ve already flipped Lots on the NDP side. They said they supported the LNG. Now they don’t. That represents 10000 jobs. We’Re tackling climate change, but we are also creating jobs. We’Ve created 1 million jobs and we’re very proud of what we’ve been doing: The Honorable member little kids, 12 million dollars, reviews of future increasingly precarious work, climate and no Community behind honorable minister project on climate change, climate emergency number for Burnaby South find a contract to Help those value that, just under six million dollars, it’s balloon to almost four hundred million dollars: 20 % delivery for Canadians, the Liberals give priority to reach companies. Meanwhile, individuals working for this government are being paid because of the Phoenix pay system, but the Liberals paid 385 million dollars more to IBM for a system that doesn’t work rather than make big companies their priority swim with a liberal start, making people their priority. We are working extremely hard to stabilize the Phoenix pay system. We have reduced the queue by 40 % over the past year. We are transitioning to a new system. We are working with Union’s to deliver. We can assure you that this is a priority, for this government to people deserve to be paid, and thanks vice admiral Mark Normand for his years of service to this country and as well apologize for the treatment over the past three and a half years Master wasn’t Present in the house, without apology – and I want to apologize – remember – is an experienced member and we’ll know that man was not permitted to draw attention to the presence or absence of a member in the house. Novel parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Justice remember Chargers number for Milton vice admiral that we started to get to look at the documents that clearly showed that there was political interference in this matter. But we only got to see it after six months of fighting in court, the court had to order the release of these documents, because the government apologize, learning and training agreement that you respect, makes a decision and Independence the honourable member for Lois & Order. Please, let’s talk about the legal system twice, the Prime Minister said that vice-admiral Norman would end up before the course beef charges. It even been laid first mistake. Second, the pmo kept all the information they could until the court had to order them, and that is political interference. Will the liberal government his prime minister prime minister, do what everyone everyone expects and that is formally apologize to vice-admiral normal parliamentary secretary first thing? The Des make it to do an investigation is taken by the independent RCMP decision to lay charges and have a trial is done by the DPP and third, the decision to withdraw or say those charges is also May by the public prosecution. They are independent and you can even rest assured buy these work. Logitech speaker all kinds of statements. One of them was that he didn’t need a political Lieutenant because he’s a general. Well, let’s talk about a true military member, vice admiral Norman. Now he is a real person out of respect and standing now. Will the Prime Minister act like a leader? Apologies. Mr. speaker, we have an enormous amount of respect and all those men and women who’ve AB Canada on for Canada, including police services, including the RCMP. Second, there was no political interference in this matter. It was impossible actually because the director of public prosecutions worked behalf of the Ontario general attorney. So if you have any questions, ask Miss mulrooney, disgraceful way. Vice-Admiral Mark Norman and his family have been treated. We know the Prime Minister alerted the RCMP to investigate, refused to provide documents and tampered with Witnesses. He even had his lawyer, honourable parliamentary secretary, remind me to watch a hundred and forty-four thousand identified any other matter, Richmond Hill, all citizens being innocent until proven guilty. Not sorry apologize. honourable parliamentary secretary to Ministry of Justice Stop in the Name of the Attorney General of Ontario order order. I would ask they Uncle from accessory not to question the ability of members to understand order for Timmins James Bay. It’S about saving the planet. Are workers a living wage, young people and the planet that have joined the Liberals in the creatures at the hip for decades? When is he going to miss her class? Isn’T the solution to the problem? Cuz, it’s actually a problem. We are actually building better project. Make sure the project, James Bay credibility crisis? So let’s go back to talking about their friends in the billionaire class. In the lessons the Prime Minister learn from the exit, speed debacle, oops. I got to be careful what I say that name bench in the guy whose fingerprints are all over this Scandal like a bad enforcer. So why is he promoting the backroom boys involved in the Scandal when he kicked out? The two women stood up for the rule of law and stood up to this private. The Honorable honorable government house meter tribes of the work of the government, good job order speaker. This liberal government refuses to refused provinces and its decision. It is paternalistic centralizing since 2015. There have been countless conflicts with the province’s pipeline expansion and this week, the federal preventer in Frisco pronouncements that we’re done in Quebec, Cobble together and without Quebec in attendance. Why does the government refused to work in partnership with our main Partners? The provinces, Mister infrastructure? Next year, I’m sorry to interrupt the minister, but apparently the interpretation is not coming through. Is that working yes order? Please investing in D ingesting the northern suburbs of Montreal citizens of this era been waiting for decades for that project. We’Re proud for having invested 345 million dollars in mobility in Montreal, we’re having trouble for having invested extension of Highway 19 for having invested in the Tina fridge and we’re proud for having invested in a reserve Lane for bus rapid transit. How long for Richmond arthabaska order? Mr. speaker, this government has succeeded in alienating the governments of Ontario Alberta, Saskatchewan Manitoba, British Columbia and the Quebec, especially yesterday this morning, the premier of Quebec confirm that he had submitted several projects to the Federal, and yet there had been no collaboration on the part of A liberal government: why does this government refuse to work in partnership with the province of Quebec in all provinces of Canada, minister of infrastructure, it’s more than just asking questions in the house. It’S a proving projects that Quebec submitted in time for the construction season. That’S what the unions expect. That’S what the is expect mr. speaker, and we’re going to continue to invest, to improve the quality of life of it. People throughout the country were going to continue working with Quebec, we’re going to continue working with all provinces, so the construction workers can work this summer. Honorable member for Carlton aleera record for North America, exactly the Prime Minister has a break instead of engaging in high-carbon hypocrisy, gas is going up. Information is a climate action incentive. A carbon tax trick will cost a family $ 600 from Toronto to Vancouver Florida fireman. What is the honorable, the honourable member for Courtenay Alberni BC, history on Vancouver Island in January, storm in recorded history, directions to Liberals, are offering more platitudes transmission for workers order number for mr. speaker, quebecers water government, that has a real strategy to fight climate change. We’Re asking for a climate emergency to be declared and the NDP is calling on the on the Transmountain pipeline expansion to eliminate mr. speaker, given the climate emergency. Will the Prime Minister tell his members to support motion NDT wants to eliminate at least 24 First Nations in Ontario alone in the dark literally, they quite literally want to drop the lights, heat and power to the Community Schools, leaving some 60,000 people in the dark climate Change policy: the honourable member for stop profection to the Cook. Mr. speaker, I was so happy to hear say what you said at Simon Fraser University and I’d like to minister to explain to the house what the government is going to do to respond to needs official language, The Honorable Minister for official languages. We believe in, and also we are, where is a French teacher shortage in this country order? The Honorable member Canada disappointed her director of policy to destroy our energy sector. The Honorable minister of Natural Resources, building Enbridge line 3 Darby Gable. Probate is almost complete in the Canadian side they wouldn’t have voted down phone number for the real opinion on Master speaker. We’Ve seen what happened to chew for more liberal ministers in the context of the snc corruption Scandal when they insisted on the principle of the rule of law being respected, to intervene, and this can you believe that he was promoted. He try to direct the former Attorney General members of her step-sister speak with the Prime Minister. Explain why all you have to do to get promoted. Gianna Belasco, Theater institutions are institutions are independent of government. We will continue to work for Canadians. We know that the conservatives are continuing to debate, policies and programs that are helping Canadians Advance, making things more affordable for Canadians. This was not the case years of conservative rule. We have applied for the economy and the environment which they did not snc-lavalin. She testified that he directly threatened her stuff. Think about this. The Prime Minister fire the attorney general and kicked her out of caucus for defending our rule of law, but he’s promoted bench into the prime minister’s office after he worked undermined. Prime minister tell us how much of a bonus does bench in get for doing the prime minister’s Dirty Work. Delivery for Canadians, Pinot Gris, lot more work to do this past weekend and child benefit that we introduce two years. Ago. reputation of two accomplished punished for standing up for our rule of law. And against the actions of this prime minister and his operatives. We found out today that one of those operatives bench in who attempted to interfere in the criminal prosecution of snc-lavalin in what world. What world is it right to reward those who attempt to undermine our rule of law and punish those who stand up later rule on our court system? Nothing has changed in the party of Stephen Harper. 340 are public service workers are paid good money after bad to ensure the stabilization. The Phoenix IBN is raking in money, while workers are still the audible Minister day after fix this problem, working with unions on a system that white replace Phoenix, but the message to public service Christmas, clear we’re on the job we’re working on this, The Honorable member for Since yesterday I got it mr. speaker, the death of a teenager ask the album Ember to be judicious in Her speech. I would encourage her to try to avoid Elementary language go forward. Mr. speaker, experts, PCS trinx contact parliamentary Secretary, of course, more in the death of any young person who who came in contact with the the drinks – and I do take exception. No to the honourable member saying that Were Somehow influenced by the. Because we’re not – and I think the food is a very good example of where we, The Honorable member for the reaction of opportunism, waking up after three-and-a-half years of a very simple question that Canadians should know that they will not mr. speaker different things. It’S true that we have to fight climate change. We have a plan I’d like to know from the honourable member what their plan is to fight climate change, boosting our economy. We have a plan for climate change, so why don’t they? It work with us a question from The Greens in last week’s election in BC, climate change, information from the Liberals desperately trying to distract from their own climate failures and meeting is Paris. Targets shows that when will the minister finally admit that our government will not meet its emissions to honorable minister of environment, pictures of all party Circa 21, including a member opposite one year we negotiate with provinces and territories. Indigenous peoples, Queen Isabella behind the meeting, is Paris Target million dollars a year to operate their carbon tax scheme, 75 million bucks trade Minister, this cash grab. The reality is that is not as advertised honourable minister of environment order. What’S the time in Brian Mulroney took serious action on environmental challenges? That’S what he did.. I remember growing up number for Scarborough North interdisciplinary research is an investment that our government recognizes its importance. Science and research are vital to ensuring continued Innovative programs. Can the minister of Science and sport please tell this house about the New Frontiers in research fund which will help support young researchers enter, take high-risk, high-reward research request, Merle collie for the excellent question. After a decade of neglect by the Harper conservatives renew we had to invested and modernize Canada’s research distance. That’S why this week I now suffer winners of the New Frontiers in research fun. This fun will infested International interdisciplinary and high-reward research. It will be the largest pool of funds for researchers and Canadian. I, like the previous government, we are taking action and investing in our researchers and student middlesex-london he’s right. Will the Liberals to not give Chris Hiller a dime the lost that they have endured Correctional Service, Canada reviewed its transfer policies in this case, after careful consideration, some of those policies were improved. You can be assured that the government of Canada will very strongly New Westminster bernabe inquiry. Leadership Federal liberals have been on the side light. Will the Prime Minister leadership administer border security? Mister speaker, my fellow citizens in Pontiac know how important it is to protect fauna and oceans and Coast Guard Mister speaker, and just thank you to my calling the number for Pontiac for asking about these important issues. Senate amendments to bills t68 to include Provisions to ban the Captivity of whales and dolphins and prohibits shark Finning in Canada. Our government is firmly committed to the protection of biodiversity and the Humane treatment of marine mammals and sharks. The honourable member for Selkirk Interlake Eastman refusing to allow Thursdays emergency meeting on vice admiral Norman to be televised rather hide in the dark to hear. Will he do the right thing and have her committee meeting televised live by the House of Commons Independence of the sea? The process – conservative, The Honorable number for Big Old Crow liquor, is so good. Mr. speaker, the Canada Quebec agreement on infrastructure is very clear candidates only role in which aspect of these projects it’s Financial contribution. That’S it: is there a 200 billion dollars, locking rather than announcing they will not build? One centimeter of infrastructure wanted to ask questions in the house, and the other is to support concrete projects for the construction season. We got the request from the government of Quebec in 2018 and in October, did you sell mr. speaker. I would like to draw to the attention of honorable members the presents in the gallery of the finalists for the 2018 Shaughnessy Cohen prize for political writing. Abu bakar al-rabia Whitney Young Sarah Rachel
In Question Period Conservative MPs called for the government to apologize to Vice Admiral Mark Norman following the staying of court proceedings against him. The NDP also continued to question the government’s commitment to fighting climate change.

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