Question Period — September 24, 2018

Billy were less likely to hold management position and you’re less than those without a disability especially among men among Canadians with the disability 12% reported having a job in the previous five years as a result of the air condition percentage was 33% I’m on 25 to 34 year olds with the severe or very severe disability I’m sure members and all sides of the house would agree that the measures we are proposing today and Bill c81 will help address this in it they are long overdue this is how Bill c81 will work Madam speaker compliance tools the accessibility non-compliance within the act of inspections of regulated entities would be a large part of ensuring that the onus of barrier removal is not placed an individual Canadiens accessibility commissioner would be empowered to conduct an inspection any place that he or she considers necessary to verify the compliance and Edition the commissioner would have the authority to conduct paper-based inspections to production orders this following an inspection the accessibility commissioner found in an organization had contravene its obligation under the ACT there are variety of different tools that commissioner could use to ensure Appliance one of these tools is compliance orders compliance be removed immediately inspector can order this to be done within a time frame that the commissioner considers appropriate for instance if an organization has placed garbage cans blocking an accessible entrance and inspector could order that those garbage cans move without delay accessibility commission would also have the authority to issue notices a violation these notices could be given with a warning or with the monetary penalty under Bill c81 the maximum penalty for violation will be too $50,000 the penalty issued for a given violation would depend on the nature in the severity of the issue the criteria for which will be set out in regulations where buy a violation that continues more than one day would constitute a separate violation for each day and could result in separate $250,000 penalties each day that the penalty that the violation continues initially if a possibility of administrative monetary penalty is not enough to encourage your organization comply with their obligations bill c81 would also provide authority to publish the name of the organization or person who committed the violation along with amount of the penalty in terms of jurisdiction compliance and enforcement under Bill c81 would build on existing expertise within the government of Canada and fill gaps were needed Bill c81 expanding existing sector base mandates authorities expertise experience in relation to accessibility within the Federal Transportation Network and broadcasting and Telecommunications services Bill c81 proposal to enhance these mandate and to expand the powers and responsibilities of the Canadian Transportation agency as well as the crtc Commission in relation to accessibility the Canadian transportation need to be responsible for accessibility for passengers in the Federal Transportation network with an enhanced mandate responsibilities and Powers the Canadian radio-television and Telecommunications commission will continue to be responsible for accessibility in relation to Broadcasting communication services with new responsibilities for overseeing accessibility plans feedback processes and progress reports the Canadian transportation Appliance tools to ensure that those in the Federal Transportation Network are meeting their accessibility obligations these compliance pools are very similar to those of the accessibility including the ability to issue notices for violation with fines again up $250,000 to ensuring the removal of barriers and federal jurisdiction the bill requires the various authorities put in place mechanisms for collaboration and coordination across organizations regarding their policies and practice in relation to accessibility in terms of Remedies all the focus of Bill c81 is on proactive and systemic change the bill also provides for complaints mechanisms for individuals who have been harmed by organizations non find Twitter accessibility obligation 81 provides to individuals to file complaint with the accessibility commissioner if they have been harmed or suffered property damage or economic losses results for an otherwise the contravention of an entity of regulations made under the proposed accessibility act after investigating the accessibility remedies including that the entity that committed the confirmation take appropriate corrective measures make opportunities sorry make available to the complaint the right opportunities and privileges that they’ve been denied pay compensation to the complain wages that they were deprived of and for the expense incurred by them as result of the contravention pay compensation to the complaint in for the additional cost pronunciation for a pain and suffering that the complaint experience and pay the complaint in the amount if the accessibility commissioner determines that the contravention is as a result of willful for reckless practice the maximum amount that could be awarded for pain and suffering and willful and Reckless practice will be initially set at 20,000 but Bill c81 includes a provision that would increase the amount overtime to account for inflation if individuals and organizations think that the accessibility commissioner an error in dismissing a complaint or an ordering a remedy they would have the ability to make an appeal for most complaints he’s appeals would go to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal for complaints about the Parliamentary and Judy’s appeals will go to the federal public sector laborer an appointment for accessibility commissioner wouldn’t be responsible for dealing with all complaints and recognition and to leverage the existing expertise of the Canadian Transportation agency in the crtc commission organizations will be responsible for dealing with complaints in the federal passenger Transportation Network and then respect of the broadcasting and Telecommunications Act perspective 81 the cleaning Transportation agency will continue to deal with the planes in relation to undo barriers to the mobility of persons with disabilities in the Federal Transportation that work with enhanced remedies such as compensation for pain and suffering that are better align remedies available under the Canadian Human Rights at the Canadian Transportation agency would also complained of regulations made under the Canadian transportation accessibility commissioner proposed under the accessible Canada Act with similar remedies for individuals speaker and for complaints about Broadcasting RTC commission which witch would use its existing authorities under the broadcasting act and Telecommunications Act to address complaints and grievances many public service and parliamentary employees have existing grievance right and build CA these Rights amendments to the federal public sector Labor Relations Act in the public service Employment Act and the Parliamentary employment and staff Relations Act these employees will be referred to the complaints for judication and I guess I’ll have opportunity continue after the break no let me just conclude by saying this to speaker that I hope all members of the house so I can go to be reviewed and sent back to the house for approval thing statement by members Declaration of the Deputy speaker this weekend we were all shaken ivy images of Devastation following the tornadoes passage in Gatineau and on behalf of the bucket because I wish to express my full solidarity with the victims our hearts are with you as you struggle through this Blaster which will call on huge amounts of resilience I would like to thank responders and volunteers who have given Priceless support yesterday the government of Quebec announced immediate financial go to the Red Cross while it awaits a full accounting of the damage I expect the Canadian government to do the same we also call on the generosity of citizens for people living in the air donations of non-perishable goods and genic products are being received at the former Seas location of the gallery of hell and for all quebecers you can always make donation to the Red Cross congrats much courage to everyone and to the citizens of guess he know these are holding elections without any interference in the chaos by the four government at Queen’s Park the decision disrupt the election while already in progress was and is wrong unexpected fully executed move to cut the size atrocities counselors Craig uncertain and confusion Lotus don’t know which war there in democracy matters Carrollton treated this way it’s not right and it’s not fair the premier is Bragg’s of some parts of Toronto be over-represented While others will be deliberately discriminated against making life better for Canadians mr. speaker Airdrie speaker a ride today to recognize the long-standing legacy of spray Lake Sawmills in Cochrane Alberta 75th Anniversary this family-owned business was founded in 1943 by Chester in the Town of Cochrane in 1969 but it was also an opportunity to have a positive impact on the growth of a community Through countless philanthropic gestures including the construction of the world Recreation Center giving back has always been essential to their model of business at the ripe old age of 99 Chester now leave the management of The Sawmill talked to his son very the importance of the community is still parent and everything that they do to get back they’re probably not many projects in Cochran they have not been touched by the Melt this family and to spray Lake Sawmills in the milk this family I would like to thank you for all that you’ve done to contribute to the growth and the prosperity of Cochran area congratulations on achieving this Milestone and here’s to another 75 years old Field North Burlington this week is cannabis first gender equality week this week and address the challenges faced by with women and gender diversity individuals advancing gender equality is not only right it’s also smart if we move forward with meaningful changes we could add 150 billion dollars to our GDP in less than a decade in my riding I run a program called young women and Leadership where we pair young women with businesses and organizations for a top shuttle it gives young women a chance to experience a career they may not have otherwise considered and is inspired some to change their mind about what Pastor pursue gender equality means a larger Workforce with more diverse ideas and better decisions let’s about Canada’s first gender equality week to inspire us because it’s if we get this right we all benefit mr. speaker and please to talk today about a baseball team in my riding the voice another good season I just like to mention the highlights of the team coach October 2015 and thanks to his hard work and that of the players BYU won their first division title since they join Quebec’s Junior Elite baseball league in 1995 the ultimate defeat on December 15th I want to recognize all the hard work done by the way as a coach who thrilled and excited the sports scene in our area after his team was eliminated in The Last Game the coach said the best place to play Junior Elite baseball is insignia to that I say thank you thank you for having taken the team so far you’ve turned our region into a great place to play sports congratulations to the Thanks for the Memories number for Don Valley North speaker Champion the benefits of a vibrant Multicultural Canada diversity is our strength it is also chance to celebrate the many contributions by the Bajan Canadian and Heritage you erase the lives of all Canadians celebrate Richmond Centre in celebration of the mid-autumn festival when families and friends will come together in harmony under the summer for good food and fellowship originally tradition Focus around Moon worship the Moon Festival celebrates giving thanks unity and Freya special Festival I also offer my thoughts and prayers for those who have been affected by the tornadoes that struck the national capital region past weekend will shine again happy balloon festival language diversity it’s time to reevaluate how we Define in practice Communication in our communities yesterday was our country’s very first International Day of sign languages and I’m honored to walk them to the hill today my constituency Jessica sergeant who is a great advocate for the deaf Community sign languages are equal to spoken languages and us should be widely and Brace and accessible for deaf people Early Access to sign language is vital to their growth and development we must treat people as disabled and we need to embrace our differences and encourage the growth and acceptance of sign languages as a norm there for mr. speaker encourage you and all my colleagues from all sides of the house to not only celebrate this first International Day of sign languages but to also reflect on how we can better represent all languages throughout our diverse country thank you disrespect call the number for Steveston Richmond East in celebrating mid-autumn Festival I would like to thank Linda Lee Thomas you Phyllis Michael Chu another great volunteers that are CCS for organizing this great annual event on family and friends gather to Mark the Harvest and the successes of the leafyishere I’m honored mr. speaker to rise in the house today to extend my best wishes to all those in Steveston Richmond East and across Canada as they celebrate the mid-autumn festival mr. speaker let me wishing everyone a safe and happy time and a year prosperity and good fortune the honourable member mr. speaker this endless liberal summer failure seems to go on and on as an amateur Hunter and member of the conservative caucus on hunting and fishing I arise today this is a very important time of year for hunters are recently repeated in the activities of a shooting club in my writing and I was giving us Thoreau demonstration of the application of security measures and laws for all those who practice the sport and I did the same thing at Hilo glue and my writing is well and it region like hunting is not only to pass time but it’s a lifestyle it’s hard to deny it since momeny is the white Goose capital of Canada the impact of hunting is tangible for us on a daily my constituents are very bad c71 because it will not bring down gun violence and will only increase red tape I’m committed to defending the interests of hunters in my region by saying no to the costly useless and inefficient Reddit the number for Elmer last Friday the national capital region including call Elmer was hit by a tornado thanks to the rapid National alarm system we were able to find shelter but hundreds of people no cannot sleep at home anymore and I went to the affected areas minutes after the tornado hit and the damage was incredible but would like to share with you is a story is of resilience I saw just how much solidarity there is in Gatineau it’s not the curve balls life throws at us which matters it’s how we deal with them Nexium Fitness Road why the Red Cross will get back civil Security Forces get no city employees First Responders sto drivers business people and many volunteers all pull together and pitched in Pineville all Canadians to donate to the Red Cross to help those who lost everything to the victim’s know that the community and all levels of government stand with you to the residence of Elmer I say to you thank you you are making all the difference in the honourable member for long-range Mountain Canada’s oldest and most historically significant Industries the fur trade champagne the First Nations and the Hudson’s Bay Company the fur trade was and continues to be crucial to our economy through over 60,000 Canadian so working various sectors of the fur trade including Menken Fox Farms Trappers designers auction houses manufacturers retailers and many more the fur trade provides income for when were land remote reason including many indigenous communities in my riding of the Long Range mountains sustainably produce renewable natural resource with strict Animal Welfare standards and it’s these standards world-renowned firstborn and sought after by many Canadians leaving in cinder block honourable member for Carlton and tore apart the lies people right across the Great greater capital region are First Responders our volunteers are Charities and our friends and neighbors all rally together to take care of one of one another in this extraordinary time of me even though the lights were out at many intersections spontaneous order broke out as people use courtesy and common sense in order to make it through all of the confusion that we stand with you that we admire your courage and we present you with our total solidarity as you rebuild your lies they all remember for tomorrow dance for me and a big bunch of Comedians and you know what else they are here today on the more serious note because they are here in this place to be advocating on behalf of stand-up comedians across our country as a country we take pride in our comedian but men probably don’t realize the comedy is not a recognized artistic activity or a disciplined by the Canada Council for the Arts and in fact it isn’t recognized as an art form by any Province or territory across our country thank you Sandra battelini and all of the comedians who form part of the Canadian Association of stand-up comedian for your advocacy and your hard work on this issue sometimes you make us laugh so hard we cry we stayed with you and we take so much pride in your art form thank you service Monique rocks that are planning to make during question. Hamilton Mountain NDP goal of universal thermacare I would like to thank the Hamilton Pub the round table members Linda Gill of the Federation of University of woman and many others who participated we heard about Jodie’s grandmother who received shaving treatment but then couldn’t afford the $700 per month drug costs to keep her alive and the person who relies on the generosity of the drug companies that cover hydraulic cost they can afford what happens when we heard about Resident sending up an emergency but an asthma attack taking up precious emergency room resources because they could not afford their asthma medication after hearing the stories of singers and Working Families between paying rent and paying for food like patient life-saving medication I am more convinced than ever that this time to implement a universal Furniture program we can’t afford not to the honourable member for Moosejaw Lake Center Atlantic it was really apparent to me at that time but this member had two great lump CFL football and politics by the fact he hasn’t missed a Grey Cup game in over 30 years and it’s been an elected Member of Parliament for over 14 years we were both elected in the 2004 federal election and after a couple of years in opposition reform government in 2006 and I have the pleasure of being named parliamentary secretary for this member Charlie mr. speaker today Mark the last time this member will see them this chamber does he has decided to retire and over those 14 years but the speaker this member has been a great friend and a mentor to me and so on behalf of all of my Parliament simply say thank you. All for your great service to our country to our institution in Parliament will be diminished by your absence on occasions on occasions like this week sometime phone number for Kanata Carlton thank you mr. speaker on Friday or amazing community of dunrobin and was devastated destroying homes and businesses causing injury and unimaginable destruction over the weekend I witnessed an amazing emergency response mayor Watson City councilor Elementary they let an effort to come to the aid dunrobin police firefighter paramedic support workers the team at West Carleton Secondary School Road building hydro and gas proof giving it their all they sent hundreds of people possibly hard to help those in need are an example of amazing Community strength and compassion you were in your thoughts as you hit as your face this tragedy face on and we will be there with you guess John’s Ohio oral questions smallest Augusta mr. speakers the people have got no and although I have been affected by a force tree tornado my thoughts are with the people affected by this tragic event and I would like to say to all Canadians done to solidarity with these people it’s up to date on the situation and tell us how it intends to help those affected is thinking of the people who have suffered such loss over the course of this last weekend was in constant communication with the provincial and municipal authorities during the course of the weekend to make sure that if any access to federal assistance were to be required that that would be made available immediately and we have cooperated completely with the local officials including today in providing geomatic mapping service to both the provinces of Ontario and to ensure that they have the very best possible information and coping with the circumstances an organized crime that says that the majority of immigrants who arrived illegally last year have left eye territory this assertion is totally false according to Canada Border Services only 398 f30 2173 immigrants who came in illegally have been expelled the speaker how can we trust this Minister when he doesn’t know the true fact of old file security my intention was to explain how people be removed immediately apologize speakers and transparency information related to new concrete plan Canadiens score to MPS no plan to resolve the Border crisis which lasted almost 2 years it seems that the minister doesn’t even have the right thing when he answers or when opposition and pieces can questions now we’re asking the minister to show leadership and present a plan because if he doesn’t have one we do mr. speaker the government rebates unshakable in its commitment to protect Canadian Security and to keep our borders safe the minister apologized any possible confusion he created that’s the conservatives they like to create fear and we have seen it over the past year and increase in 50% and tensor to stay here but the overwhelming majority of illegal border crossers had left the country yet today the Globe and Mail reports it only six illegal border crossers and actually been remotely by his government so very precise question if the government has moved six illegal border crossers how many illegal border crossers remain in Canada because of her past experience on the immigration file and seek the protection of Canada according to law they are entitled International Convention and Canadian law to due process and humanitarian support very clearly how many illegal border crossings are made in Canada and he couldn’t answer I’m going to ask what every Canadians want to know after that disastrous interview how many illegal border crossers remain in Canada we expect to believe that she knows where they are where are they Asylum are are entitled to due process when all of those processes have been exhausted and they are deemed ineligible they are subject to removal by cvsa are still engaged in that process and windows processes are complete the law will take effect to have a discussion to have to be to size testimony of members of indigenous communities with respect to the TMX shows with the discussion discussion discussing means sitting down and Sharon this is the government understand that it has a constitutional obligation to hold consultations meaningful consultation with indigenous peoples speaker government understand that there’s no relationship more important to our government relationship before the decision of continue to do so we believe that we will engage with them in a meaningful two-way dialogue and listen to their concerns very very carefully in order to move forward on this project take me to from words to action this weekend in minister of Fisheries the problem is it without the intervention of the federal court the government would never have respected the world nor the voices of indigenous communities this is the force the expansion of Transmountain I’d like to clear answer any price sending all the resource Market be on the US market I guess because that is the course we will follow as we move forward to making sure that we moving forward on Transmountain pipeline expansion in the right way natural resources that the Liberals quote should have engaged in meaningful dialogue with indigenous peoples and he’s right he should have and they didn’t the indigenous communities confirmed that there was not a meaningful to a discussion and agree now this weekend we here there is no guarantee all concerns raised by digitus people will be addressed and how is that meaningful consultation why are the liberal satisfied with the bare minimum when it comes to their most import lationship faith in engagement with the indigenous peoples and we will talk to you we have a hysterectomy I need you to take steps to initiate the inclusion in the interview that they will enter take over the next 22 weeks and we will be in Austin Tabernacle steps shortly it was only note-takers not decision-makers and when it comes to actual having consultation it is imperative that finally we see it to a discussion which it meaningful consultation if you’re going to have me for constipation it’s not only misleading it’s absolutely insulting consultation how can the liberal states that reach the use of you in that in that question perhaps mean one or it could mean you were the terms of people across the way so I asked number to be cautious and number to Direct your comments to the floor strip natural resources this government and religious people and that’s exactly what we have been strong framework in place which court if there was a song on the implementation of the framework and we have committed to do better and we will do better number for Bradford Branch mr. speaker when I can’t access benefits meant for them the minister told veterans and I quote when you prepay at the pump you put in 80 bucks you don’t fill it up you get that credit back but there’s one guy out there who has no trouble accessing funds meant for veterans Christopher Garnier you never served the day in his life and went straight to the front of the line when will the minister revoke veterans benefits to this killer speaker as I said before I show the outrage of the honourable member in Saginaw on the specifics of this case because it also involves a veteran hear this case involves a veteran whose privacy I must protect I have asked officials to go back to find out what happened and to come back to me thank you alright alright I’ll ask little members to listen to the answers wouldn’t they like them or not and wait for their turns its come eventually I’m sure to speak you have a number for Bradford branch sister speaker he killed officer Catherine Campbell he put her in a compost bin and he dumped her under a bridge he’s never worn the uniform yes she War II uniforms one as a police officer and one is a volunteer firefighter by his lawyers own admission Christopher gagne developed his PS PTSD by strangling her to death when will the minister take charge of his unrevoked veterans veterans benefits when my officials have come back and told me exactly how this is. LOL longer have to the people of Gatineau and Ottawa I’ve been affected by the events of the last Friday going to the studio need to come out of funds reserved for our brave veterans since mr. mr. speaker he is a criminal mr. speaker or heart goes out to the family of constable Campbell but we cannot comment on the details of this case but I have asked the department to try to better understand how this decision was taken the audible membership what you need if your mr. speaker the minister says he’s age for the situation Canadians are outraged as well the family of the victim is living with incomprehension and pain but no action has been taken by the minister the prime minister decisions he could put an end to this what is he waiting for the unibolt veteran affairs minister mr. speaker for reasons of confidentiality we cannot comment on the deed photos of this case but we have asked for information in order to better understand how the decision was taken Olsen was receiving OAS payments no conservatives saw how outrageous that was a we immediately took steps to to stop it forward to today we’ve learned that convicted murderer Chris Garnier who is not adventurous honorable minister of Veterans Affair on opposite that you’re sharing of personal medical information of Veterans for political gain is double the reason that we must protect veterans personal information thank you The Honorable opposition to stop payment from looking for information we are asking for Action liberals always have the ability to defend the so-called rights of the Chris Carney of this world excuse after excuse after excuse for doing nothing for Veterans for doing nothing to defend their ability to get support when will the Liberals take action not information is a veteran and I will not back down from protecting the rights of a veteran and a veterans family and right to privacy in this case I have asked my officials to go back and find out how the decision was made and get back to me thank you for Port Moody Coquitlam search you’re at the University of Guelph found it even short exposure to diluted bitumen can be deadly to young salmon a critical species species economy tourism and fishing industry Canadiens know when it comes to oil spills the question is not but when they also know the decision to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline could be devastating since the Liberals have no plan in place to clean up a diluted talk to me toxic bitumen oil spill on our Coast when will the government for are wild salmon and abandon its disastrous plan to expand the Trans Mountain pipeline list of all the decisions we made in the context of of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion we’ve made significant investments in the Phil prevention through the oceans protection plan Bill response we done any normous amount with respect to addressing all of the various concerns that associated with the pipeline from environmental perspective at the end of the day we understand that the environment and the economy must go together and it just doing so in this case liberal Tory same old Story the people of Quebec no longer Believe In The Box consultations are in the evaluation process which has no credibility the Liberals can try to defend themselves but the federal court of the bill was clear consultations with First Nations ineffective communities not their strong point no the conservatives are trying to bring back energy East and the response of liberals is nebulous two quebecers expect a nasty surprise with energy East condition with 99% sold what are focused on in the right way prime minister mocks the idea of legislation ticket Transmountain built he said it wouldn’t create a quote predictable Clearpath for investors around the world or in Canada but newsflash in April he himself old Canadiens dirt and reinforced Federal jurisdiction to create certainty and believes him where is the plan for the Trans Mountain expansion let’s talk about flash for 2015 99% of the United States respecting the same time engaging with indigenous peoples in a minute for Amber for Lakeland singular and all Canadians would like take him to show some urgency and actually take action because every single day of the labor jobs and billions of dollars to do business 5000 families now don’t have jobs they were counting on opportunities for 43 indigenous communities are at risk and on Fridays what was really just kick the can down the road for another six months and they still don’t have a plan these Liberals are over 3 on getting pipeline and they just keep failing so I should Canadians do anything for 10 years we will ensure that we are moving forward on expanding of the global market building I deceived and Consulting and engaging with indigenous peoples in a meaningful to where we were the Lakes Brock pipelines in the queue and the Liberals now have 0 as the Prime Minister flounders Ontario manufacturers are playing Canada with no real plan in place Friday was just one more failure in a summer of failures speaker Ontario 7 manufacturing jobs in Ontario when will Ontario finally see a plan to save our manufacturing jobs not plan on investing in Canadian then because that we seen unprecedented economic growth last year the economy grew by 3% the fastest growth rate among the G7 countries 15 / 540,000 good quality jobs are being created more Canadians are working mr. speaker that’s a plan that we put forward that plan is working it will continue to remain focused on Canadiens mr. speaker First Nations communities were depending on Transmountain to provide jobs and Economic Opportunity 43 First Nations have economic benefit agreement they are now having to look at it important programs and coming back in terms of many of the things that they had hoped to do next year and this is because of the prime minister’s failure others are indigenous businesses now have contracts on hold so how long is a minister willing to deprive these 43 first nation of the jobs and the economic opportunities what is the plan that’s why you working very very hard we have more confidence in our energy set because we believe and focus on Santa sent to either pay exorbitant cost for just a home here in Ottawa women are paying $65 a day for daycare spot at that price it’s not a service it’s an obstacle Quebec understood the situation it’s affordable child care system 2018 what are the Liberals waiting for to put in place by Universal child care system well thank you very much mr. C crib and grateful to my colleague office at 224 the question that we take these bases seriously it’s important it said to support families and so to ensure gender equality in 2018 mr. speaker we put in place and ambitious plan for some five billion dollars over the next five years the first playing in the history of Canada we will have an opportunity to work with provinces and municipalities that support us and we count on that very broad support of governments and Canadians to take it even farther in fact the Canadian Centre for policy Alternatives study says it’s Saskatoon has only one license space for every four for every four children comprable to rural areas in Nunavut in 2015 the liberal promise don’t care framework that meets the needs of Canadian family wherever they live Bible Ministry of Social Development weekly large investment plan to build more quality affordable and accessible child care services across Canada for all Canadian including mr. speaker indigenous Canadian distinctions based investment with our indigenous people that will support hundred thousand the families across Canada mr. speaker Canada is a little founding nation and one of the alliance’s largest contributors Canadian to know that our commitment to the alliance is strong do the Hartford conservatives the previous government cut it support to the Canadian Forces by 10 billion dollars and withdrew from the world seem contrary to them we are increasing annual defense expenditures to 32.7 billion dollars in other words I’m more than 70% increase I like to eat dessert and it’s a speaker I’m like the conservative withdrew from NATO and the world our government is taking leadership roles within the allowed in July Avenida Prima can arrive from this will help build a more effective National Security structure building is excessive we have achieved in the region where we continue to have an impact in the region with the speaker thank you order y’all remember for Durham mr. speaker for recreation both Brandon and his wife Marty I work at the small business house do both of Martinez parents like most businesses in this sector they buy their inventory in the winter for sale in the summer they have to pay the GST upfront and now they have to pay the Canadian tariffs up front This Means War by fewer boats and they’ll lose money this year why is the government failing to listen to these small businesses will they exempt these boats from the Canadian terrorist Ministry of Finance really real challenges in dealing with The Terraces and put in place as retaliatory measures against United States we are certainly listening to businesses to make sure that we get it right and then we deal with any problems in the implementation of those terrorists that processes not going how do I process one in which we are taking very seriously in order to make sure the business is not disadvantaged the honourable member for Durham posing on them they’re collecting 300 million dollars already in tariffs but studies show most will go to large businesses small businesses lawyers they need to access tariffs support now will the government streamline the application process and make support available to small businesses across Canada in the next month honorable parametric temperature for fatty us relations order and that’s why this covered is made up to 2 billion available to defend and protect the interests of Canadian workers and businesses these include measures such as extending work sharing agreements increase funding for skills training funding to bolster companion send the teams are working through the night mr. speaker to get these resources out to those were most affected we’re going to continue to Monitor and supervise the situation and respond to protect our Canadian workers thank you mr. speaker I’ll order number for Rancho order 260 million and this money is supposed to help Canadian companies know but today 8 they’ve given some $11,000 at a bit more that’s not very much and that money expected to go to large corporations and not too small to medium-sized businesses that need help why is the government once again but favoring large corporations over at Sammy’s we understand Citi hardship caused by these measures for Canadian workers that is why as we mentioned we have made available some two billion dollars or teams are working very hard to to direct those funds to those who need them the measures include as I said an extension of the word sharing programs and increased in funding for training and funds to improve competitiveness for manufacturers and mr. speaker we are on the mark with these measures for the liberal government is large players the big companies not the SMS the government is protecting the big players and setting aside the little ones we saw that with the attacks they were formed by the Minister of Finance we saw it in the Summer with the liberal carbon text large corporations have so why is the liberal government continuing to protect the big players and setting aside too small and medium-sized businesses in this country that is why I prefer that to billion-dollar support package includes financing to visit development Canada BTC specifically targeting small businesses with financing with the support that they need for small business in the past continue to do so going forward as well the honourable member for Courtney Alberni Train sound in my riding the liberal say they’re prioritizing ocean Plastics but their recent announcement locks the urgency and funding Coastal communities were counting on today’s expected more and the environment can’t wait for my motion M151 and commit to binding targets that properly addresses single using industrial Plastics in our oceans choking are oceans or lakes in our Rivers damaging the place to the Canadians love most that’s why the Prime Minister launch the oceans plastic Charter the G7 and June and why reducing Global plastic pollution is a top priority for Canada’s G7 presidency we were pleased supporters of the Nazi government’s commitment to diverting 75% of plastic weights from its operation to 2030 and committing 100 million dollars to a mean little Marine litter mitigation fun we all need to be part of the solution mr. speaker I look forward to continue to work with our partners in our economy and out of our ocean Heritage sites UNESCO has declared at-risk indigenous rights of Denis free and Meaty are impacted who have long called for a buffer to protect threatens on bison the caribou and the Watershed flowing into piece Athabasca Delta these are measures of government has the power and duty to deliver on will this government today announced these measures search committee and request atanas as part of the ongoing commitment to protecting caretenders Heritage places now and for future generation to budget 2018 historic Investments are going to protect Canada’s nature parks and Wild Spaces thanks this commitment to Canada’s natural over 27 and a half million dollars are going to be invested over 5 years and the development of enter the early and implementation of the action plan for the Wood Buffalo National Park world heritage site mr. speaker this is an issue we take very seriously and I’m pleased with the member shares the same commitment than our side jobs the honourable member for York Simco thank you all for 10 years and made a difference allowing community-based environmental groups to undertake protect immediately as hell and worked the science of selling native species first time in decades water quality is a Metro is measurably improved but still more needs to be done despite the past successes the Liberals cancelled the fund it makes no sense cancellation of the lake simple peanut plant this is committed to environmental sustainability we’ve allocated significant funding to address water quality issues across this country both freshwater and saltwater we intend to ensure that I’m on a go-forward basis that we are supposed addressing all of the various environmental concerns that have been raised in all regions of this country the honourable member for Sherwood Park Fort Saskatchewan in favor of a conservative motion to do exactly that mean while on September 8th the irgc launch to attack on curse in a rock the Liberals also failed to condemn this clear attacked by a run on its neighbors when they voted for our motion the word took notice and yet the Prime Minister has fails to act how can world leaders take him seriously when he doesn’t follow through on his clear commitment when will they list the irgc as a terrorist entity as called for by the motion Public Safety listing regime is a very important tool to fight against terrorism the listing of the financing of terrorism and helps law enforcement across the terrorist and their supporters the Islamic revolutionary guard quadsport is already listed as a terrorist entity the assessment process of other possible listings is ongoing it is a serious and substantive process approve listings are published in the Canada Gazette phone number for Sherwood Park Fort Saskatchewan restaurant irgc as a terrorist activity immediately that was in the motion in this house and voted for credibility in the council’s of the world is not achieved through sparkly logos that is achieved by doing what you say you again when can we expect this prime minister this minister to do what they voted to do in this house on June 12th that is to immediately lift the irgc because of terrorist entity there is a very specific process by law which the government of Canada is obliged to follow and if you don’t follow the protest you update Mister speaker we are taking the steps that are appropriate in the circumstances and the results would be published in due course in the Canada Gazette and on the public safety Canada website John’s East mr. speaker this weekend to celebrate the first-ever United Nations International Day of sign languages I participated in a rally organized by the Canadian Association for the deaf about increasing recognition awareness form sign language long they sing quebecois and Indigenous sign language is everyday 310,000 death Canadians and their families contribute greatly to our society and yet significant barrier still imitate their full participation in art can a minister please inform this house how our government is insuring a more accessible Canada can I see forms of sign language for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities here in Canada as a means of communication but also a cultural significance our government is very committed to ensuring greater accessibility and opportunities for all that’s why I t81 which will help ensure that all people regardless of ability or disability can fully participate in society encourage all members of the house to support this bill and invite them to join me this evening for reception with members of the deaf community in celebrating International Day of Silence Selkirk bitterlake Eastman Urban faces potential layoffs due to his liberal mismanagement he refused even though he committed to continuing on with our national shipbuilding strategy and he refused to even though our Navy needs new warships now Minister do the right thing for count of ship workers and our Navy finally finally make a decision I commit to a hard start dates to build our new worship man of the rotating Navy have the equipment they need to do their work we committed to purchase and 15 Canadian surface combatant investment that is fully funded in our defense policy was Lucifer where they only left money for 9 ships we are available in beds in order to ensure we selected worship that is best for the Navy while growing the economy and creating good middle-class jobs for Canadians thank you mr. speaker mr. speaker Supply management is so important to People Back Home to Farmers and are regions that I received more than 400 emails on the topic over the past month following the concessions made on Supply management Under Siege farmers in my right ear telling me they’re nervous center having trouble believing what the Liberals are saying I understand them and I support them will Deliver Us defense Supply management because what they’re saying now is not enough and everyone is worried understanding Supply management for the world its supplies quality products at a reasonable price to the consumer and stability for the farmer thank you mr. speaker figure yesterday marked the beginning of the inaugural gender equality we can act that was put forward to provide an annual opportunity to amplify awareness to continue conversations around gender equality and equity and Inspire future generations of Canadians how our government will Mark the inaugural gender equality week and how our government will ensure that the challenges Canadian women and gender diversity Canadians continue to face our address in our and our daily work thank you advancing gender equality is an important part of our government’s plan to grow the middle class because when we do so we will add a hundred and fifty billion dollars to China’s economy over the next 8 years when women entrepreneurs succeed they create job super Sons and Daughters when we support those entering stem fields we dress existing labor shortages when we ensure that our workplaces and homes are free of violence Canada is stronger I’d like to thank my audible calling from Mississauga Lakeshore for his leadership and wish you and all Canadians a happy gender equality week for bills by using a very porous stone that absorbs water will jeopardize have the Citadel of Quebec and that is what the whole Barrel to do said he’s an expert on Stone and not tip members of parliament what is the cover waiting for to consult experts to respect science and to take steps to ensure that the Integrity of the Citadel passes and goes before government Herman and values the rich Heritage of the Quebec City Citadel that is why we are taking steps to protect it and open and transparent process awarded it Quebec fitter of the contract replace damaged Stone This Bitter is required to a deer to federal guidelines still retains its UNESCO status offense of doing your due diligence to ensure that the winning stone veneer to be here disqualification because we understand the importance of this to Quebec City thank you mr. mr. speaker newspaper last week reported that Canada was prepared to be making a trip to make a significant concessions on Supply management October 1st of facing the because he’s abandoning producers he told Americans himself that he’s flexible and Supply management so my question is simple is Canada taking bad news or for quebecers until the day after the election where are the party the Diplomat Supply management let’s go to defensive linemen provide quality products the White House confirmed that Canada prefers to wait until after the Quebec election to announce significant concessions on Supply management everyone’s he to be aware of this except telling the truth the Canadian government or the US government find my funny understand the quality of the agriculture in the dairy farm them Supply management system we have in this country because it’s very important for the country climate change exemptions from the carbon tax and three areas Transportation fuel home heating fuel and fuel for power generation last spring the minister recognize the unique circumstances of life granted exemption for aviation fuel and I thank you for that but my constituents are double taxed on the others one at stores and again if point-of-sale Will administer now do the right thing and Grant exemptions for fuel for Heating and power generation for none of it thank you mr. speaker honourable parliamentary secretary to the minister of environment leaving other Canadians do and we also also understand the unique challenges facing those who live in the Canadian North such as in the heads cost of living increase cost of transportation and in fact food security issues that are not present elsewhere I miss your speaker as we move forward we’re going to used to work with the territorial government in Nunavut and the member opposite to ensure that we move forward the way that will have a practical reduction on a mission is it also recognizes the unique needs of those living in Canada’s North . for today
Follow along as opposition parties question the Trudeau government in the House of Commons. Question Period, formally known as oral questions, generally begins at 2:15 p.m. ET and lasts for 45 minutes.

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