Question Period: Trudeau defends government’s handling of Mark Norman case — May 14, 2019

Question Period: Trudeau defends government’s handling of Mark Norman case — May 14, 2019
Question Period: Trudeau defends government’s handling of Mark Norman case — May 14, 2019
4 years later, he has tens of billions of dollars deeper into the reading, kurupt and unethical cash for Access Scandal, the snc-lavalin Scandal and now the mark Normand Affair. Promise made promise broken Minister promised to restore Canada’s image on the world stage spider after embarrassing Canadians over and over again, our credibility and trade reputation are in shambles. Promise made promise broken. Canada needs a real leader on October 21st. Canadiens will have the chance. Yes, Prime Minister, the cost of his broken promises, because Canadians know this prime minister is not as advertised preferred. Mr Speaker, suicide is a sad reality in our society. Fortunately, there are people who work tirelessly to prevent and support these people in their loved ones. I’D like to highlight the tremendous dedication of the members of the suicide prevention center, in which we’ll be celebrating 35 years of existence this year. This organization cares providing Suicide Prevention, Services and interventions helps over 800 people in distress and does over 5000 interventions every year since 2015, the suicide rate dropped in our region thanks to the presence of this organization in our community and the whole Community Network. Thank you and congratulations to the team at the Centre. Your engagement and support is key in restoring hope. Do people going through hard times Mr campione, one of the largest construction firms in the Okanagan Valley and was a community builder in that sense for over 35 years, but it was his quiet philanthropy that really had an impact he donated millions of dollars to help create A new hospital beautiful facility that opened just weeks before his passing he and his company for one of the main supporters of the Penticton Peach Festival, the largest free family community Festival in Canada. But Mr can’t be really built foundation for the future of his community. Through his generous giving to the Penticton secondary schools, bursary and Scholarship Foundation, sure he donated almost $ 200,000 to that cause, essentially doubling the foundation’s ability to support in their quest for post-secondary education. So, thank you, David camping, canopy limit. Your legacy will always be remembered. Mister speaker, this liberal government is currently in conflict with Ontario Alberta, Saskatchewan Manitoba, New Brunswick, British Columbia and Quebec over a number of files. This government is encroaching on provincial jurisdictions. They are disrespectful of our valued provincial Partners, yesterday’s federal-provincial infrastructure announcement. In the absence of a perfect example, mr. speaker, quebecers are tired of the bickering, the conflict and the liberal governments, condescending attitude and the prime minister’s Canadians and quebecers deserve better. You deserve to be treated with respect. Only a conservative government, which has always respected as partners, can give them the means to achieve their Ambitions that your speaker in 5 months 21st. We will offer Canadians and quebecers are real government that works for them. For malpractice, Girl by a record-smashing 106000 jobs and bringing the number of jobs created this week and we were seeing the rewards for Canadians, we chose to invest in infrastructure and innovation in science in R & D and our primary industry economic statement, a business and distribute Money to the community track 2015 is bearing fruit oral questions Catskills. How much is Speaker the prime minister’s finally decided to answer some questions on the mark: Normand, Fair, Mark, Worman, being free from political interference. All the evidence of other interference in this case, including his government, going to Great Lengths to block documents from being presented to court, prevent the truth from coming out. We wanted to ensure that we did our own due diligence on this decision with the new federal cabinet. That’S exactly what we’d applications the TMO provided all documents that responded to the subpoenas directly to the privy Council Office who determine the relevancy and suggested reduction. This is all subject: border game of throne coming to court, many occasions where this government proved that they were going to Great Lengths to prevent the truth from coming out, including coaching Witnesses. Does the Prime Minister believe that this is normal behavior for a government when it decorated vice-admiral is fighting for his career, his reputation and his personal freedom? Norman was taken independently by the chief of Defence locations with respect to third-party records applications. The pmo provided all documents that responded to the subpoenas directly to the privy Council suggested reduction, Bajaj opposition speaker in his efforts to block the Davie ship, your contract, the Prime Minister, deliberately tarnished by side, Merle Normans reputations. Even though 73 those were aware of the matter. He sent only Mark Norman’s named to the RCMP. The Prime Minister also stated that there would be a trial before the decision was even made. Will the Prime Minister now make the only possible appropriate decision and Emily apologize to vice admiral Norman minister, a sole-source contract where the half a billion dollars? We wanted to show diligence and transparency with our new cabinet, which is what any government should do. Good decision to suspend the prosecution was made independently and punished his enemies spent years trying to fight the release of those documents in court. There are serious allegations that need to be investigated about coaching Witnesses using code names to get around access information laws. Will the Prime Minister allow the defense committee to investigate these serious allegations, or will he pull a page right of the snc-lavalin Playbook and use his power to shut it down? I understand that committee’s operate independently and make their own decisions about how to proceed. Budget we’ve been doing to help create jobs for Canadians to lift 825,000 Canadians spring the lowest unemployment in 40 years Signal Hill, not to yell throat. In someone else’s speaking, we speak one of the time and now it’s the honorable position, 10.5 million dollars to Omar Kadir convicted terrorist so that he wouldn’t have to fight them in court. But when it comes to a decorated naval officer, who has amanecer spared no expense, independent judicial and we will not stoop to the kinds of Petit and frankly, distasteful political engaged in right now cannot talk about noise. One member of time should be speaking the member last. The floor ever who is recognized as the floor new jobs, because the Canadian economy is going well done, appointment to record levels are continuing to work for the middle for honorable mr. speaker, throughout the country, people are counting on their government to bring for where the climate Strategy that puts the priority on reconciliation sets. Ambitious goals, takes concrete steps to lower emissions and invests in clean energy. We need to have the courage to act while creating good jobs and making life more affordable for people. Will the Prime Minister adopt the ndp’s plan to truly combat climate change, the Prime Minister mr. speaker, what exactly fireman and broke the economy at the same time? But yesterday the leader of the NDP shifted his position on the LNG. Now he’s opposed to the biggest project in history of Canada, a project that is supported by the British Columbia and by indigenous groups. Will this about turn is at the expense of 10,000 good jobs for people in British Columbia, but we know that we have to act and girl. member for Burnaby South. I must be more than just words: ending fossil fuel subsidies, joining our vision for a climate change plan with leaves behind the Prime Minister support our motion. Yesterday’S projects call Lisa member from highlighted with indigenous communities, project built approach, the economy, honorable member for Burnaby South doing the right thing. even charges before they were laid Mark Normand at the taxpayers. For this travesty right, honourable prime minister, simply falling flat. While we continue to respect the independence of Sri, we always will the Chargers the word against the decision at the direction of the chief of Defence staff slinging mud to like the conservative, the honourable member for Burnaby cichlid, Mister speaker. It’S clear that liberals continue to put the priority on Ridge companies rather than on the interest of people and throughout. They have dragged the reputation of a man through the mud stuck in the middle in the middle of a political interference. Furthermore, they have wasted millions of taxpayers dollars. People deserve transparent, transparent in the vice-admiral Norman matter. Why do liberals refuse to tell the truth right, honorable, the prime minister to be there for people, but they just announcer against housing, jobs for people in British Columbia, a project that is supported by the NDP in British Columbia? His supported that project started bear against it, and yet this is the biggest private sector investment in the history of the country. We know that investing in the economy, while protecting the environment has to be done at the same time, but unfortunately, mdp no plan or months ago interfere in the frow protest, the decision information overseen by the court. It’S so absurd that the defense is still waiting for documents from this government did nothing wrong. The minister of National Defense. Thank you very much. Mr. speaker. Once again is my colleague nose committee’s work independently of government. We are awaiting the outcome of their deliberations. Master speaker in terms of the vice admiral Norman matter: the PSC suspended the prosecution. There were no other factors taken into account and there was no outside contact or influence I’ll need, pbsc, no political interference in laying charges or suspending the charges. Send any statement to the contrary is absurd. The Liberals deliberately held back after X-File document. These documents provide and the prosecutor for their investigation. The Liberals knew that the defense needed those documents to defend, Mark Normand, but they or have them over. Why did the Prime Minister not hand over the documents to all those who needed them to assist a Merle Norman in his defense? Mister speaker, the government met all its obligations with respect to third-party record applications. All documents to Priority individuals identified by the defense in February, provided to the court as required in total throughout the process more than 8,000 were provided from various government departments. They were submitted to the court and the decision to redact. Any information in those documents was made by public servants and was reviewed by the court once again, they’re blaming other people. The Prime Minister should be ashamed of having tarnished by sonreal Normans reputation, but instead of any remorse, they want to cover up the plot against Norman bikes. The charges against him allowed documents to just be distributed, as requested. The RCMP in the prosecutor would never have had to lay charges true or false. The Prime Minister has betrayed one of our best soldiers and allow the defense committee parliamentary secretary, mr. speaker, once again a committees operate independently of government. My colleague knows that now I know it’s difficult to understand when they were how to control the committee’s under a Harper’s government in terms of vice-admiral Norman. The PBS seed is stated that no outside factors were taken into consideration and there was no outside influence or contact with the pbsd and taking the decision to lay and stay the charges. Any other accusation is absurd. People can trust our judicial system. Current Minister of Justice has stood here in the house and indicated that the government handed over all the documents their ass, for that is patently untrue, and I have proof the council for the following six months to get here today, as we walked out of that courtroom. We still. Not have all of them. They said thousands of documents we have not received. She said further on. I want to make very clear the people that were standing in the way of that full disclosures. Obviously, the government, who had access government records to respond to request from the defense to help support the defense from vice-admiral Norman the Department of Justice process. These 52 request on behalf of 7 information would be rejected. Herbal member for Milton questions. Governments are lots of questions that need to be asked answering this whole process and I think some people have been reflecting what happened and why it happened and their role in that booster speaker honorable mr. Kustom speaker that the defendant, the information relevant to her case his Case after challenge any decision not to disclose if some document Canadians speak justice system is truly on a salable conducted interference in judicial Independence and last week the case against Adnan Norman fell apart, just as we learned that a former Star General the empty, the liberal MP4 Orleans is about to testify against his own government. Listen to the Prime Minister and it’s about his credibility. Doesn’T he understand the trust of respected liberals how’s it going to hold the trust of the Canadian people. Redford was handled by the Public Public prosecution service of Canada, which is independent from the government charger charges, as well as the prosecution in between James Bay, python. Black Knight, I mean Independence Day was the Prime Minister who stated that there be a court case against Admiral Norman and look how he was defending his decision to leaked on a supreme court nominee and the week before that. One simple question: the Prime Minister and the taxpayers of Canada, please secretary. Once again, the deputy Minister examine the policy, in effect with respect to vice admiral Norman’s legal fees being paid. We agreed with the advice and we will proceed. General Vance will be sitting down and having a discussion with a vice-admiral Norman at an appropriate time to speak about next steps. Once again, Mister speaker, no other factors are outside in happened, whether it be political or any other type of interference. We will always respect to our judicial process how disrespectful and condescending I haven’t completely ignored, go back yesterday during a provincial, a provincial Federal announcements and the minister of Transport, with the liberal government to attempt to work in partnership with them. The response of the liberal government to Quebec’s request: why is this liberal prime minister, this liberal government so intent on disregarding provincial Partnerships? The owner? It’S a picture. You really have to be a conservative to be against Mobility project in Montreal, a project that people have been waiting for since the 1970s. We are best at 350 million dollars to reduce congestion in the north of Montreal and we are proud to invest in extension of Highways. We are try to have invested in the penis bridge and we are proud to invest in a fast, faster buses at electric vehicles. We will continue to invest in all communities throughout Canada. Remember for Richmond, arthabaska, Quebec, Mister speaker, the minister of family, said he was angered by the premier of Quebec statement. Prime minister himself. Imagine accused kobach of playing Petty politics. This prime minister, accusing the premier of Quebec of engaging and Teddy politics these kinds of comments, are., respectful, paternalistic and condescending. These are a liberal comments. What are they waiting to wear at 4 to work in partnership with the provinces? Denise herbal minister of infrastructure, lessons to take from the conservatives. Mr. speaker, respect, is moving forward on files at the province’s send us in case of Highway 19. The government of Quebec submitted their file in September 2018. Mr Nogales government made it a priority in October 2018 and we approved it in March 2019, and I made the announcement made mr. speaker. Respect is advancing projects that the province is send us in time for the construction season order order. The honourable member for Lakeland Mister speakers, relationship with provinces and territories support the expansion expansion of August 2018. We have been working hard to fix a process that was put in place by the freeway, the number of project being challenged in the court. We are engaged in a meaningful conversation, meaningful dialogue to offer accommodations to indigenous people to ensure that we move forward on this project. We are scheduled to make a decision on this project as long as me. portable for Canadian. When will the conservative party listen to the scientist on climate change in climate emergency, why some people are still suffering and flooding? This is supposed to happen. Once every hundred years, conservative party join us in taking serious action on climate change, for Celebi research were talking about climate change. Mr. speaker, most people know that climate change is serious in the breeds they were calling for subsidies subsidies to the oil industry to stop. When will the government recognize house in the fight against climate change, we would ambitious targets to reduce ghg emissions and an inch project. Booster speaker. We recognize that there is a climate emergency, a conservative party, water price on pollution. The greatest investments in history know we have to do. We have to climate change. We have to support our economy, we can do both. Canadians across this country are asking for Urgent action to fight climate change, action that leaves no workers he’s behind. Other countries have done it and Canada can, to this government, subsidizing the fossil fuel industry. That’S not climate action courageously. On climate change, the NDP tabled a motion with concrete steps to address the climate emergency. So when is this government going to finally get serious about it? Adelaide and Gracie, so our plan to tackle climate change and territories, indigenous people, communities and workers, schools, hospitals, money, it’s, unfortunately, the number for St John ROTC HR jobs after they graduate secretary to the minister of employment, please, St John Rothesay, absolutely spot-on. After 10 years of conservative rule, or we saw the highest unemployment records in the history of the gears records in the history, Russian, we did all our order. The Finance Minister left base Street and said he would manage the state’s money well and they said just a few little deficits for a few years at 2019. I apologize. I lied, that’s when used to be careful with what he says. I know this is a question that Christ’s passion that I take that for that reason, caution should be exercised. Mr. speaker, this is a great opportunity to say just what we’ve been doing over there. For years we have been helping Canadians across the country with the millions of jobs we’ve been creating where we have the lowest unemployment rate in over 40 years 4 years ago week. We inherited a situation with unemployment with a with a growth that was too low and we are improving that situation with our policies.. Remember Mister speaker: all this was done while the entire planet, boosted by the American economy, was doing far better. Mister speaker, Canadians, invest For Less in Canada. Then we invest in the United States. Often did he have deficits in his business, The Honorable Minister of Finance, mr. speaker, happily, when I was in the private sector, I made Investments to grow the business and I did so very successfully. No here we decided the system before it was the wrong approach which led us to a situation with too much torment too little growth now we’re acting in a way that we have raised the growth rate and there are far fewer unemployed. That’S our approach. Cash grab the Prime Minister said no BC. Liberals who brought any revenue-neutral carbon tax British Columbia tax have gotten exactly Marvel. Mr. environment. Climate change has a problem. Honorable member for Carlton. What the Prime Minister says. He wants again Acadia leader for gas. If this prime minister is re-elected facts on the table that, if there has been a 1 % increase in price, the price of gas in BC is related to the price on pollution. A million jobs with Canadians we’re still waiting for the government to act but seems to prefer buying old, Pipelines. slides with climate change. These catastrophes, which used to be exceptional, are becoming common. Mr. speaker, will the Prime Minister confirm that military personnel will remain to help residents with clean, especially taking away sandbags The Honorable parliamentary secretary? Thank you mr. speaker. We can tell all Canadians affected by these floods that were working hard to in people, security and Mister speaker. The government is doing all it can to help these people. We call on citizens to be very prudent to follow the guidelines and advice for their immune. How much is another intervenors? The Canadian Armed Forces will support other the provincial, a municipal governments in helping these fellow citizens speaker we’re not talking about climate change, and we were talking about climate emergency with the ridiculously long of marine protected areas where you can still floor. For oil, with 41 % of emissions produced by the transport sector, the announcement would be an element of some response to this climate emergency introduction to The Honorable minister of Transport. Well, I think my colleague for his weekly call for a high-speed train. We are continuing to work on this very complex. It’S a very significant soil and when we have something to say, will let him know miss those targets by a country mile have a climate plan. Minister has absolutely nothing for the environment as advertised energy-efficiency. The honourable member for Kamloops Thompson, caribou difficult can a miniature explain exactly what he wants for Rural communities: 300000 children out of poverty middle-class asking the 1 % to pay a little bit more honorable member for Central okanagan-similkameen Nicollet gas prices is exactly what he wants. Everyone knows that the approval and construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline would help drop the price of gas. When will the Prime Minister get serious about giving Canadians a break and get the pipeline bill? Ministry of Natural Resources inside and his party was really serious on moving forward on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion in the right way. They wouldn’t have voted to shutdown. The consultation process decision on this project by June 18th, honorable member for Cumberland, Colchester, methamphetamine addiction or lgbtq issues are indigenous help. There’S always a mental health comes in on there that minister of Health tell us what she’s doing minister stork investments in the area of mental health and Addiction, Services veterans and so much more compensation from this government for unfair treatment killer bikes for attempts at getting any Taxpayer dollars clear might be, indeed, the the media coverage with respect to the judges comments would indicate that he’s not clear what the status is be sure that the government of Canada will very strongly defend its position. 200000 Canadian cycle to work, which is good for their help and our environment infrastructure inside guards on heavy trucks. We must do better to keep Canadian safe, is calling for a national cycling strategy. Will the government get on board and help make a cycling Nation? I realize disappointed is brought up by my colleague is a very important wants. That is why it last year, we published a report which was the product of 10 provinces, three territories in the federal government, putting together in fax 57 measures that could be used to improve safety for vulnerable Road users, not only cyclists, but also pedestrians as well. We realize how important this is already undertaking pilot projects to improve the visibility of large commercial trucks, so that they can see the cyclist number for Lakeshore. Our government believes developing Canada’s natural resources and cleaner, more sustainable ways, look good middle-class jobs. We made significant mr. speaker. I want to thank the member for his question and his hard work. The mining sector Support over 600,000 good middle-class jobs across the country. Indigenous peoples in the Canada government stand behind this sector. That is why we extended the mineral exploration tax credit for full five years and launched the minerals and metals plant the economy. We wish you a very happy National mining week need the Asterix and Obelix, because other ships are out of service. So this is an urgent for our Navy. The prime minister has try to drag the vice-admiral Norman’s name in the mud. There were all kinds of workers who lost their jobs because of his action chemistry speaker. Once again, our government is determined to make sure our Navy has what it needs. Mister speaker, we recognize the excellent work of the workers at Davie shipyards that are government. It’S going to follow the advice of people in National Defense to respond to the needs of the Navy. There was a statement is that they are satisfied with what we are doing. We respect the advice of the Navy. Mr. speaker, the honourable member for the structure not Autobots is within the jurisdiction of the Quebec and municipalities. Will the minister stop creating conflicts and transfer the money needs structure? Mr. speaker, we are working in collaboration with Quebec priority for Premier to go and hear an audible. We’re working on it. We are working with complete respect for provincial jurisdiction and close cooperation with our calling, but one thing is certain: we will continue to invest in the economy, Countrywide The Honorable member Mister speaker. Instead of baking. These statements I would like them to infrastructure. I administers The Minister’s election announcement yesterday concerning Highway 19. They should get this money to the mister speaker. We’Re not in election mode were in construction mode with the Quebec government expects from us, but people expect from us is to look at these projects that have been submitted To Us by all provincial governments and to approve them according to their marriage. According to agreement, we are going forward or Regina Louvre in order. Controversy have raised questions about interference in our justice system. They have also underscored the need for independent review of decisions director of public prosecutions from the Minister of Justice, if re-elected Minister of Justice, RZR turbo member for his question, speaker remember for Windsor West will come to order order. Former Minister of Justice and attorney general for Canada, I work. I look forward to working closely with her Mister speaker to ensure that our government Dale prosecution and apologize to him and his family for what they experienced. Does he
Today in Question Period Justin Trudeau defended his governments handling of the Mark Norman case following the announcement that the Public Prosecution Service of Canada would be staying a single breach-of-trust charge against him.

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