Question Period: Vice-Admiral Mark Norman case— May 10, 2019

Question Period: Vice-Admiral Mark Norman case— May 10, 2019
Question Period: Vice-Admiral Mark Norman case— May 10, 2019
Friends to kill the deal, the only reason they didn’t leak leak, but was the only name to blame Attorney General play charges, the investigation, the decision to lay charges and end the prosecution was handled by the prosecution service of Canada. Madam speaker, the decision to stay charges, justice of my office and of the government of Canada, that Madam speaker, institutions are functioning well with a rule of life is Alive and Well in Canada. There was no case against Mark Norman. Norman’S name was first given to the RCMP by the Prime Minister. Mark Normand was not at the cabinet meeting deal to blame for the leak from fatespeaker is The Honorable member. Well knows: investigations are the realm of the RCMP rest with the public prosecution service of Canada, giving prime minister team canceled Witnesses. The prime minister’s lawyers ask prosecutors if they could engineer issues at trial, the prime minister’s office even use code words directions to deception and delay. The audible parliamentary secretary to the minister of Veterans Affairs, there have been accusations against a vice admiral Norman. There was no influence exerted from the outside on the appsc, and this includes political influence to stay. The proceedings assertion is absurd. Is madam speaker is simple. Liberals came to power, they did everything they could to prevent Navy shipyard from getting the STD contract, which was essential for the Canadian Navy. What did they do? The Prime Minister launched an investigation to look into it. When will their prime minister honorable parliamentary secretary Speaker? There is, there was no other Factor taken in coming to this position. There was no contact or influence from outside the ppsc, and this includes political influence. This decision was taken this week. Charges against the vice-admiral awards stage at each decision was taken independently. The honourable member for us bedroom speaker this is ridiculous. There are all kinds of skeletons in the closet, even the clerk of the privy Council. They should tell the truth, because there was here is a man who stood up for the jobs in Quebec. Adam speaker Factor was taken into account the deputy Minister., The policy concerning this affair. We agree with add advice for Churchill, climate crisis seriously, climate change, real Malaysian leaders need to pee, but we’re giving the money back. I mean sit. A family of four nateria will get $ 307, also making historic Investments and clean Solutions. Efficiency. We have a contact number for how is Frac sand mine in their territories, dangerous levels of carcinogens. It is clear that the provincial government is pushing for the project leaving residential land. We believe in the importance of proper environmental assessments. That’S why we’re rebuilding trust in environmental assessments through Bill c-69. The conservative party that will ensure that we do indigenous peoples at the Stark. That means that we will be listening to the public. Madam speaker, you’ll, never guess what the number for Compton stand. Statue was, minister of Agriculture is telling her fellow citizens in her last householder. Madam Minister, asserted that spending 4.5 billion to buy a it was a. This is 4.5 billion for a pipeline towards. We are the advice of the Supreme Court. We have consulted with indigenous communities. We’Ve had round tables on the form that has a consultation should take. We have spoken and consulted with many stakeholders every day. We’Re going forward in the proper way is the audible number for Chevron. Speaker, a leader, does not spend this much on an oil pipeline. The imf’s fossil fuel energies add up to 54 billion dollars, 54 billion dollars, and this government says it’s the leader in the fight against climate change. A leader doesn’t buy it at all pipeline for billions of dollars. The government will launch what’s renewable energy, that climate change subsidies to fossil fuels. We are ensuring a stair transition bubbles in public transit in clean and unclean energy, and it will help stop pollution and help families. The Royal Canadian Navy secretary for veterans, veterans affairs, any Minister, as received the policy in place regarding vitamin Norman request to a visit legal fees paid for as it relate to this case. We agree with is increasingly clear that the prime minister’s government political interfered in Mark Norman’s case just like an snc-lavalin. This garment was L documents and others by black use code names to hide their actions. They coached Witnesses. Mister Norman’s lawyer was clear. The documents should have been handed over the RCMP and of the prosecution. Why? Wouldn’T the Liberals release the documents to mr. Norman? What is a prime minister trying to hide here for the production of documents are over 8000 documents from 7 different government agencies. Speaker is made independently of political bodies, counsel for justice. Merle Norman said that our justice system is truly unassailable. It’S proven itself. Our institutions have proven themselves and, Madam speaker, there has. There was no interference from the government, in this case phone number for security material. Madam speaker, for months, the government did its utmost in order to provide documents necessary to Mark Norman’s defense confidence. Vice-Admiral Norman didn’t even have a right to his own email. What is the government trying to hide? It’S? The honorable Minister of Justice, Adam speaker, as I just said, an English we’re talkin about 8,000 documents at seven government organizations. We cooperated with the court, we produced the commence it took time, but they were 8,000 documents and the decisions to redact we’re not taking politically. So we did cooperate at the system worked as it should proud of. Our justice system is iyanla. Member for she continued a few of Madam speaker. The government politicized military procurement by prioritizing their partisan interests lyrics was a resounding success and it was delivered on time and on budget by David shipyards. It’S a 6S that Canadians in the vice-admiral should be proud of. When will the Prime Minister apologize The Honorable parliamentary secretary? Thank you, madam speaker. The accusations against vice admiral Norman every decision was taken in a completely independent way and vertical influence in the decision to prosecute the vice-admiral or to stay the proceedings. Any contrary assertion is absurd, did not provide the requested documents for two years standing up for what is Right, prime minister, apologize to Social Development flights today from 2000 jobs in one year 106 border depressing of this current government Canadians deserve answers, minister of attorney, Jefferson attorney, General entirely full prosecution’s has said on at least two occasions. Madam speaker question has said there was no political interference. In this case. There was no political interference in the decision to lay charges. There was no political interference into the charges speaker. This government produced documents as it was supposed to in accordance with the court orders. We did so in good faith. Madame speaker, there are systems of governance and Judicial Systems function. Well, the I remember for Saskatoon West, Madam Secretary to the Minister of Finance, was bragging about all the support for seniors. Coming from this government accuse reality check, affordable housing in Saskatchewan. Don’T see this help when they’re. I’M sure that when seniors on the way and come see the pension payments increase, so does the quality of life ucreate seniors have a chance to succeed. Are investments including the gis improvements, including CPP reform, including investments in affordable housing and they move into retirement. We will not stop working hard to make sure every senior this country is given the services they need the greenhouse gas emissions and offer a quality service to its citizens. A recent poll showed that the majority of citizens were in favor of this solution to finding the 800 billion the Tramway honorable parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Finance, so, Madam speaker session, to answer in 2018 for the Tramway. It’S still there speaker. This is a project that is very important for Quebec city and, if I can remind him since 2015 in Quebec, we have have which number of infrastructure projects are there. The governments are for the people of Quebec. Google confirm suicune. All fears will take no lessons when you decide to go to making changes to the electoral system. The Legacy the unfair elections act has been long and we heard about it extensively 2015 deal with it disappointing. We know the social media platforms, have the resources and ability to take action. Willington, Google Attorney General fundamentals to ensuring disability that smashing his country forts the resources of those companies on this planet 74 years of Victory in Europe day. To remember our defeat of the Nazi Empire German soldiers on ads to celebrate are Canadian minister of Veterans, Affairs and National Defense, and the video was removed immediately to make sure this does not happen again for mr. speaker. What we want to do and make sure, is that liberated your message and we will make sure that this type of thing with this had never happens again. Thank you. Mister speaker. I remember for lease Rental Staten Island anniversary of Victory in Europe day. Marie Murphy sacrifice their lives. German troops had a voice over by the veterans. Minister are veterans, their families and Canadians deserve better Veterans, Affairs and National Defense, including apologized for the lake. For this to happen, truth is so important, adopted National, Auto strategy before more people lose their Lively, and this issue hits close to home in Windsor Tecumseh. First, it was Chrysler to react, but there needs to be a after plan that the NDP and experts have been calling for National Auto strategy for years, and the government has a plan on the Shelf so we’ll deliver during winter. In South National, Auto strategy, science and economic development, thank you. We have a plan in the planets working well, the auto sector remains solid and well-placed to do Bill two cars of today in the future. In total, some six billion dollars have been invested in the auto sector, creating and securing the scores of joy set. Since we took power since 2015, over 11,000 new jobs were created, Investments include 110 million at Toyota, Cambridge 89 million in Guelph 41.8 forfeit days at at Honda, and the list goes on. Our government is firmly committed to the Auto industry turn the 6 billion dollars that they talk about it. Five billion dollars secretary to the minister of innovation sciences and Social Development will realize that we have put in place a number of strategies for the Auto Workers. It works, we’ve got six billion dollars invested since 2015 and the auto sector in our workers and Canadian workers in this sector. It’S a plan that is working. These Investments include a hundred and ten million Toyota. Cambridge, that’s important 49 in Guelph, which have created some 1500 jobs, 49.8 million in facilities for Honda, and I reiterated the list goes on. Our government is committed, remember for Nepean biggest one month game since 1976 order order went when somebody else do either listen or wait. Their Turn Insurance speaker. I want to thank my colleague for model in a p.m. because because we know that that question would never come from the conservative government, a million jobs coming to power investing job-creation. We promised that we advertise going to remind members once again that when somebody has the floor, we need to listen, even though, if we don’t like the answer, remember for Calgary Calgary things, 347 secretary to the minister four natural resources direction. We believe in protecting at the same time continues to delay. Prime minister. Finally, Vibeline will actually also support Keystone XL, but Auntie Maxine. We are moving forward in the right way ETS on the ground. Right now we’re doing a consultation. We are basically looking forward to June 18th to make a final decision to move forward in the right way. Secretary of Ministry of Natural Resources, construction to start spent 4.5 billion tax dollars and said the expansion will be felt immediately. The resources we are ignoring tears on the ground at a consultation, We have basically ensure that y’all need iron metal side. We have conditions and recommendations that we are following that it would do you want to remember for 50 Mexican Jose. Thank you, madam speaker. In all regions like Bill team, Eskenazi access to high-speed internet has become it absolutely necessary for families at Sammy’s end from farming businesses. Despite that, people are deprived of a reliable high-speed internet connection, and this is completely unacceptable in 2019. These are pressing needs, but the Liberals have no plan to bridge the digital divide. The NDP can ADP government will do it supposed to resolve these problems for people in the regions. My question is simple: when will we see a digital strategy to connect quebecers and Canadians development, the prosperity of our country? We are focusing on making sure that we connect Canadians. We have approved 180 projects and 9900 communities and + 190 indigenous communities by 2021, 90 % of Canadian households with high-speed internet 2019. Digital economy is taking real action. We have a plan, are in prison simply for having defend peacefully defended their rights. They were subjected to six sexual abuse and torture. Those who committed these acts must be sanctioned, who are responsible for the torture of other women. I promised your secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs speaker. We were very concerned by the Detention of women rights activists in Saudi Arabia, including loujain al-hathloul. Canada remains committed to advocating for detained activists in their struggle for gender equality and human rights. We have raised this situation with Saudi officials and will continue to do so alongside our International Partners. Canada will never hesitate to defend human rights. Thank you. Concerns are being raised about proposed changes to Hong Kong’s extradition. Laws.. These changes would allow the extradition of anyone in Hong Kong, including 300,000, to Mainland China, Hong Kong and Mainland China to Canadians are in jail. Another two are in death row. Democracies around the world are under threat. It’S even more important at this time that Canada stand for democracy, human rights and the rule of law. Will a minister in this cover make a clear on ambiguous statement about these proposed changes to Hong Kong’s extradition law amendments to there extradition laws, ensuring the Safety and Security of Canadians at home and abroad is a top priority for the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and for our entire government and I’m certain for the members opposite. We will continue to closely monitor elements surrounding possible changes to Hong Kong’s extradition laws. What was taken to the cleaners 1/3 of Canadian exporters are already being affected by us tariffs on steel devil. My large company in my riding is being hit twice since May 1st by 25 % to Canadian tariffs on their raw materials sitting there for their competitiveness and two jobs instead of a new tax. Why doesn’t the Prime Minister take action to settle the dispute and get these terrorists dropped on both sides of the Border? Madame speaker Mana speaker in response to this illegal us tariffs on steel and aluminum, we undertook Canada strongest trade action, His World War II by imposing 16.6 billion dollars in countermeasures on US exports to Canada, examining our tariff list to ensure it has the greatest impact possible. We’Re also providing 2 billion dollars and support for Canadian manufacturers. This week the minister spoke to secretary Mike Pompeo about the importance of removing the unjustified and illegal us once again. Exercising strong leadership for Canada has healed. Show that liberals try to stop this after a company. That’S friendly to the party was cheese that they didn’t get the contract. The Liberals from taking this unwise course of action. They attempted to destroy the career of one of Canada’s most senior military, whose only crime was wanting to get a ship for our Navy by the Attorney General, and I try this house. It is the RCMP that investigate matters, investigate decided that preceded with the trial. Madam speaker and ultimately decided to stay charges. There was no political interference that she herself headset. The conservative vote against child benefit every opportunity, something else to the minister of family, children and Social Development. Just how much The King, Family, Children and Social Development, conservative leader voted against platform teachers for Kids, R, Kids, R Kids AR Searcy AR November 4 Kamloops Thompson caribou fill the tanks of gasoline at $ 25 per tank operators, and so many more you understand what a Difference that makes in people’s lives is a problem when will they get the pipeline built and when will they get rid of this tax? That is hurt. I want to make sure speakers have confidence in the process. Consultation, respecting or obligation. Remember for Scarborough Agincourt, science, technology, engineering and Mathematics stem are fundamental to ensuring equity country. Our government recognizes that we must always strive to tear down these barriers and ensure underrepresented groups can succeed and thrive in the stem Fields. Can the minister of Science and sport please tell this? How are governments made-in-canada Athena Swan program will help us achieve this of Science and sports excellent question? Ignore diversity search? We understand that we cannot afford to leave any talents on the sidelines. Yesterday I announce new grants and launched, I mention version of the internationally renowned Athena Swan program. This will more opportunities for women and other underrepresented groups and institutions across Canada. This has been a long-standing problem. The Harper conserves did nothing to improve diversity were taking action. The unremembered for north Okanagan shuswap restrictions of British Columbians out of work instead of working against them in stocks starstreams in Ocean’s to start working with the fishermen and not just shutting them out of their Fishery you’re. An actual Factor. This minister in this government has never stopped working with Fishers, has never stopped working with conservationists. The BC salmon conservation and Innovation fund is a prime example of that. Where there’s been over million federal dollars, a couple with provincial dollars to address the challenges facing BC salmon will continue by the consultation will continue and we are very committed to the restoration Pacific salmon speaker. There won’t be sent prior to the election to compensate producers. Undersupply management – the Parliamentary budget officer – has confirmed that, but farmers are already feeling the consequences of having being sacrificed in the free-trade agreements, but them compensations aren’t in debt collections issue. They represent an urgent need. We want tangible action. Intangible action includes a set producers, so when will they be receiving their checks? Madam speaker, our government has always been clear. We are the party that put in play Supply management and we will continue to defend it and promote it. We are committed to fully supporting and fairly supporting our supply, manage producers with 3.9 billion dollars in compensation for it’s under the seat and a c pptp. We are examining the best way of Distributing the money. The minister hopes to finalize this by the end of June. Thank you, madam speaker, a check, that’s what they want. There’S been more than enough reassuring words. The PBO has said that he’d be worried if he were a farmer, there are thirty-six thousand ways of reassuring them. Instead of telling Supply management to supply, managed vote. Liberal, if you want to check, will the government get the checks in the mail before the end of the session? I will reiterate that we are at supporting producers under Supply management with 3.9 in million in compensation for Sita and act PPP. We are aware of the impact affecting and a future the impact of NAFTA. We will continue the discussions to establish the best way of Distributing the money’s. I’D like to point out that the opposition has all voted against the budget, which contains the compensation for billion-dollar Naval strategy was to ensure the survival of a shipyards. Even if that meant asking Davey and all of its suppliers when it came when it came to power, the Liberals wanted to finish the conservatives. Work finish off, Davie deprive them of contracts, and that’s what vice admiral Norman was denouncing now that they drop their case against. Will they stop pursuing interpretive Naval strategy and finally ensure Justice for Davey? We are happy the excellent work done by Davie on the Asterix. We are working with all Quebec to companies. We have granted 1.5 billion dollars in contracts to Quebec cab companies. We have entrusted to Davey part of the larger contract worth several billion, and we appreciate the work and professionalism of that Shipyard and its workers speaker my questions for the minister of indigenous Services. When it comes to Health Care, none of them – you don’t get. The same level of support from their federal government has the national average for federal support is 20 %. Less than 10 %. Quinsigamond of Nunavut is forced to pick up the tab for programs. The federal government is responsible for the GN spends in excess of $ 50 a year, the administration of this program relations residents. Last week, the minister of indigenous Services met with the minister of health and finance for the government of Nunavut. They need to speaker
Today the government faced questions on the case of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman following the announcement that the Public Prosecution Service of Canada would be staying a single breach-of-trust charge against him.

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