Rams camp report: Can L.A. really live up to Super Bowl hype?

yeah you know the Rams are one of the most interesting teams in the NFL this year because they made such a dramatic League last year and winning the NFC West and now the question is can they do it again and in the midst of all that they made some phenomenal Talent acquisition this year we’re talking about Aqib Talib and domican Suh Peter’s Brandin Cooks the receiver and they still have and Todd Gurley with his new contract and Gerry Goffin it’s year to under Sean McVay so the optimism and Rams Camp is where you would expect it to be after that fix season last year the question put it all together and then take another staff and I talk to random general manager Les Snead who said what he’s pretty much as said since Camp open that they are continuing to have dialogue with Aaron Donald and hope to sign him to a long-term deal that will get this contract issue Beyond them once and for all but you know if you know what happened with the Rams last year Aaron Donald has proven to be you know that valuable to this team we missed all the camp last year hey man was Defensive Player of the Year at those press leg so you could take the position that hey it’s not a bad thing for Aaron Donald to miss training camp because when he comes back you’ll have fresh legs but you can’t take anything for granted I’m here they want him playing alongside indomican Sue and in developing that chemistry and being ready to go right off the bat when the season start in Los Angeles clear analogy to what the Rams owner Stan kroenke is doing with the franchise in the stadium in building that part of the saying hey one pill at a time you you put this thing up and you make it world class facility in New Hope to draw people there and have a great entertainment complex well same thing with the football team one pillar at a time so they put the pieces in place if they can keep it going I think that opportunity to win the hearts the Los Angeles people but I think the Rams have a really good shot of contending for a Super Bowl this year
SportsPulse: The Rams have all the pieces and Super Bowl aspirations. NFL Insider Jarrett Bell sees if the Hollywood hype is legit.

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