Raptors Masai Ujiri discusses trading DeMar DeRozan for Kawhi Leonard

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Raptors Masai Ujiri discusses trading DeMar DeRozan for Kawhi Leonard
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thank you thank you all for being for being here it’s another big day for the Raptors first of all I want to know the only apologize to DeMar DeRozan for maybe a a gap of miscommunication but also to acknowledge Him then what he’s done here with the with the Raptors for this city for this country there’s no there’s no measure to see what this kid has done and we appreciate him and I promise you that we’re going to celebrate him in the best possible way that we can as long as I’m here it’s it’s it’s one the tough things in this business because we we want to win and I have to do everything it disorganization to get us to a championship level but there’s also the human side of his business and that’s the that’s the part I really struggle with the most and that’s that’s what’s most difficult there is exciting but a lot of excitement but there’s there’s also I’m a loyal person I know I’m a loyal person and you’re build relationships in this business over the years and you have relationships with players and people and this doesn’t the human part doesn’t doesn’t make it easy at all and I understand Sports then Sports it’s about winning and I have I have Amanda to win and that’s what I want to do is to win to win a championship put Toronto Raptors in the position to win but I really do I acknowledge no measurement for what DeMar DeRozan has done for this organization also we drafted him Monday so close next to the kids that you draft certain relationships and those guys will be missed and my do I acknowledge everything that they’ve done to another with the Raptors and we’re excited to welcome Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green to fold hopefully on paper we feel we have a team can compete in the Eastern maybe hopefully complete I hopefully to compete for a championship in this league and that’s that’s all we that’s that’s why we play why we play sports is to win and to to compete for a championship so excited about this I’ll bring you a top 5 player in the NBA into our fold and hopefully hopefully this can elevators as much as we want thank you for this organization you know I know I think when when you’re in my position you know you will you always have to be open in what you can do and how their conversation and Endomondo what that conversation was and maybe I should have handled it I’m apologizing for TSN there’s a risk of certain level of risk associated with any trade but maybe a higher level of risk in a trade like this what made you feel this risk at this time was necessary and What Makes You confident that will be worth that risk the same thing over and over again on when you get a chance to get a top 5 player it doesn’t come very often you have to I think you have to jump on it then we’ve I think we’ve given a chance of this team we’ve tried to build it as much as we can but at this point we have we got to this level we’re at this opportunity came in front of us and we have to we have to jump on it I am just Representatives is that he’s anxious about playing here in Toronto you feel he has to rehab his reputation in the league and what do you think about his long-term opportunities with the Raptors that’s that’s why I’m in this figure that part out which is everything is gone gone well I look forward meeting with them face-to-face and it’s that’s our responsibility you know it still fits to figure it out and to make them as comfortable as possible and I think one he’s part out here more from what he wants in our team or in the future and we’ll go from there but I take responsibility for that confidence by I think we have a good game plan and we’ll see we’ll see how that goes physical and when do you anticipate play at an NBA level but I know he’ll be doing a physical in the next couple few days not yet but he will be here shortly in terms of what you’re trying to build here and what you have built here when you’re what are you trying to sell to Kawhi Leonard given that he’s a guy who can determine his own future in the year and the early Cassens at least there’s that he doesn’t know much about what he’s getting into kulture City ownership we have everything here except the championship in my humble opinion I don’t think we like anything in this city we have great fans we have a great organization we have a great following I think we have a great country and there is very something about this place that reaches out to the whole world and what proud of that and we’re going to continue to call Dad and hopefully it’s an appeal not only to him but two more NBA players he has been slighted was that the case or if so when was the last time he was told he wouldn’t be traded I really want to leave it at that spoken I spoke to him on I think maybe my mistake was talking about what we expected going forward from here so not necessarily talking about trade but what I expect from him going forward and I think that’s where the Gap was because my job always have to as you we’re going forward with the team that I have and if there was a miscommunication there I I do apologize to tomorrow and his family and his representation it’s not it’s not what I meant but these things come opportunities come and go and we have to react in my position and I had to react at this time and we just deal on the table beside you and loyalty earlier and online we’re talking about why would we trade our most loyal player for a guy who allegedly is Express the lack of interest to complain Canada who’s also going to be a free agent within a year interested now playing Canada to me a lot of these things are people everybody has their own opinion about everything and I know firsthand I dealt with this kind of a situation first job I said rookie so I know firsthand how this thing’s I’m work on how they don’t work and I understand it tomorrow he was unbelievably loyal to us anything like this I need to put it’s honestly like why I would not be doing this one day because the human part of this business is to me is what it’s all about that he has no false our team is just is just not at that level then we keep pounding on the same thing over and over again I think if we look at ourselves honestly everybody knows that even have anybody that that question we have to do something different if it even if it wasn’t there so you know we have to figure out something different and I take responsibility for that but I haven’t gotten that sense from from Kawhi Leonard or his or his people and I’m going to give him that chance face-to-face in earlier this week there was a Toronto City councillor who suggested maybe we should have a Raptors Legend Rowan include a statue of a potentially maybe Vince and also tomorrow is that something you would support here do anything in my power of the greatest player that played till know what’s wrong no I think everybody everybody knows that at least and what he’s done done here and I can guarantee you that you will they will be respected for that and he will be acknowledged the biggest way that we possibly can after the summer when you have a really good team and you’re moving them to that Elite chips are Level how type of these moves baby doing Casey and Omar just for you personally honestly it’s not about me you know like it’s about them again I repeat that the human part of this business is not what I’m about It’s just tough for me and you build this relationships you I’m not here to cry I’m not here to two I don’t want anybody is pretty cuz it’s not me I still have my job I’m still standing here but with Casey on tomorrow I know what we’ve gone through and I know everything we did together but I also know that loyalty I know and I know who they are human beings don’t you want to win and you want to win the championship and you know what I can also you know I hate to be defensive here but I can also say you know when I came here I give them a chance you know like I could have done anything I wanted when I took the hope I could have let the coach go I could have traded players bud and we kept giving her a chance on giving a chance and I know maybe at some point you know like we have to do something different I’m actually happy now we did something different on the high you know like which gives them a chance you know that tomorrow is going to an unbelievable organization did give Casey a chance and he has a job with an unbelievable organization Deltona High Horse you know and and with great pride of what they’ve done here and I feel proud of them and what they did but I just got back from Africa two hours ago I can’t I haven’t slept Alvin just not want anybody to pity me but that’s the nature of the job that’s the nature of what we do and I keep thinking about this you know but the rest is what what what puts people if you know and I’m willing to take risks my team is willing to take risk I think I want to acknowledge Bobby and these guys they’ve been great on the ground doing a lot of work so honestly is about I wish them the best time and success then I hope I hope that friendship and everything that we built in 5 years you know can continue one day further call Kelly Globe and Mail you said that you talked to Kauai can you give us there’s a lot of suggestion that he’s resistant to coming to Toronto can you give us some sense of these conversations when they started and what what you talked about with him a couple times I know Bobby has talked to him too and I need his representation and I didn’t get a sense of negativity or anything different just wanting to know me or know us better and looking forward to our meeting on talking face-to-face oh I’m this honestly I would tell you if it’s open person I’m up for the challenge I will tell you that yes it is a challenge but it’s nothing that I think that I want to put in position to handle and that’s that’s again our job I want to lift this team I want to lift this organization I want to leave this city on this country and hopefully he can see who we are and his representation can see who we are and I will move on to basketball from Toronto Sun without the medical information and would have been happened last year how confident are you that Kauai going to get back to 100% and loves you there’s some risk here with everything but how come back to the player that he was Papa John’s on business the wrist II taken with we’ve looked at some of the medical like as soon as the deal was done and the restroom physical that will be done shortly City Press what do you expect from a Raptors team coached by Nick Larson starting Kawhi Leonard and what else might you want to do this summer before training camps at the beef up that team that you have right now I just came from Africa so I leave question to Bobby a lot of all the other trades or talk so what’s going on but we’re confident go to work happy with this team we still we still have some a lot of the players that we have on the combination of the players we have while confident if any other moves I’ll way that makes sense for a team to get better to win the championship I think we have to look at look at that because there is a certain window and we we we acknowledge that aside from working chch speaking the team that you have currently in place have you heard from Kyle Lowry at all since all these moves have been made I completely understand I wouldn’t I wouldn’t talk to him since I communicated with him since summer league but I know this is tough for him and eventually one of his best things in the walls you know like they did everything together it was the dynamic duo of the Toronto Raptors four years They carried us and they brought us to where we are I hope but I hope to talk to him it we all know that in the NBA superstars are almost an essential piece of any championship team you’ve never had a top 5 player on a roster what do you think if this works out if you healthy and it and it works out of a long-term marriage what does this allow you to do how does it change the ceiling of this franchise there’s a hurdle that we have to we have to cross now and that’s first and foremost is the first face-to-face meeting with him and I’m talking and seeing how this relationship bro when I temporary all-weather you know for the future but I’m having that caliber of player tells another story and gives you more opportunity obviously and I’m curious find out what that is just for clarity you just cuz there were some rumors kicking around so did it come up in a conversation and then he weigh and what did you say you know after every after every season you know like I buy me all the agents so Bobby does and I didn’t mean to the Mars representation and for me is to lay out what all the options are when I met with paranoid summer-league I think maybe my mistake was saying there was nothing imminent at the time and knowledge that if it was a mistake or I apologize to them it was a mistake but at the time we were at for thunder on the ranks of of trying to get anything done and I didn’t see anywhere that talks we’re going and and that’s the message I delivered it’s my it’s always go to these guys and talk about our team as it is that’s that’s my job every year and they will acknowledge that I do that with them every year 680 news when you plan trades of this level do you take into account at all fan satisfaction or possible disappointment is that measurement at all or do you just do what has to be done to get the trade is on my mind you know like and how things I shouldn’t say they don’t know but they don’t have the information that that we have and that sometimes makes it hard the reality is if we didn’t do anything wrong it’s hard to satisfy everybody if we didn’t do anything sing everybody will be pounding on and you didn’t do anything and is the same team so what’s the difference you’re going to get the regular season into the season so it’s not based on. I do acknowledge the fans because they’ve been spectacular for us and and they’ve been great they do have a voice but I have to do my job and best for the Toronto Raptors at the Timeline we feel that this was a risk or poor deal that we were willing to Macon to take this trade long before and got reports what makes you think Kawaii is the kind of guy in man who would fit into this culture that you’re trying to build to know him some more but what I can see is a basketball player you know my No Nonsense basketball player that plays on both sides of the floor and produces a championship player he’s got seems to have a demeanor and all of us human beings I feel different and communicate different and just getting to know him more is what we’re going to do about as a basketball player everything checks out you know he’s somebody that I think has proven that he’s a is the caliber of player that he is and he’s proving it with with three championships thank you thank you
Toronto Raptors President and General Manager Masai Ujiri speaks about the decision to trade DeMar DeRozan for Kawhi Leonard saying the team has ‘everything but a championship’:

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