RCMP investigating fake documents after China halts Canadian meat imports | Power & Politics

RCMP investigating fake documents after China halts Canadian meat imports | Power & Politics
RCMP investigating fake documents after China halts Canadian meat imports | Power & Politics
The federal government says it’s investigating Veterinary certificates associated with me over the detention Milwaukee show Huawei Chief Financial Officer, or is it a separate issue altogether? Minister. Welcome welcome back to the program. Thank you for the time today. Can we begin with something significant? This is really a point of clarification. Is meat the case it’s a temporary ban and we’re working very very hard to have it as short as possible. I want to talk about that in just a second, but it is band right now. Is it shipment that are already underway or just again, starting today here today the Canada first learned of this situation 10 days ago? Can you walk me through the timeline for all of this? How it all unfolded? Well, it started by a different Channel. I would say: we’ve been in dad China I found in one of our Canadian shipment. That was very surprising because we know I would producers don’t use this supplement as food supplement to anymore, so the CSI Play the Canadian food inspection agency obviously started an investigation. They asked China for an exact copy of the birth certificate that they have issued, and it is then that we found dad this export certificate was in Atlantic and from then we starting having daily conversation with the Chinese authorities, because, obviously, if we have you know some Kind of a fraudulent action ongoing using our Canadian brand – it’s very concerning for us, but it’s even more if there might be, as that might be a health issue for the Chinese consumers as well. So the investigation very much underway and what is status? Where does it stand tonight? Well, the CFI does Canadian food inspection agency is that really working hard on this day have also forwarded the investigation to the RCMP, because we’re talking about a criminal case? Do you know providing or proceeding with the fall certificate enough antiques certificate? Is it is a criminal actions? So this is why we have also forwarded the file to the RCN and that’s the BSA to Canadian Border Services Agency is also involved in the investigation. It’S not the Canadian company who has its name on their fall certificate with the issue for us, because we have to understand that this certificate is not as in tennis, shoe by the Canadian, the CFI first. So we don’t know where this meat come from and we don’t know if it’s one of her. You know normal a partner coming from the industry or you know any it could be from anywhere anywhere else, and it is really. The investigation will tell us where this meeting from is this poison behind this this criminal case. So you can say at this point which company no and even the name on the certificate doesn’t mean it’s that it’s coming from that the from there, because it’s an authentic certificate, so at this point. Stan’s is cooperating to help resolve in all of this is something Is it something that China is looking at is a separate issue, or is this to something that’s being caught up in the whole atmosphere, if you will have them on Washoe situation? I feel it’s a very specific issue. We have to admit that we thought we have found an innocent thing certificate using our Canadian brand and we are working on a daily basis, conversation with a Chinese authorities to find a solution of it’s obvious from our part. That’S where you want to reopen the market as quickly as possible, because it’s a very big issue for our producers here, but on their side, Braden Mann for Porygon for a Canadian high high quality Canadian pork specially because they are affected by the African swine fever. So I think we both have interest in reopening the market spot, take some time to resolve or certainly hearing that today. That is the expectation and it will be painful for all of the people involved in all of this. Is it time or is the government looking at compensation at this point looking for that to reassure our trading partner and in this case Tai not that our system is reliable and that’s pretend food and plays some additional measure to make sure that you know the death Certificates, the shipment that did there with our office or real CFI certificate to know that they can be sure that it’s high-quality products, so we hope that we will be able to reassure our partner to reopen the market quickly. Yes, so end. On the other side, if we were to wait until the end of the investigation to know, I was behind the crime that could last a little longer, but I hope we will be able reassure them quickly, appreciate it and turn to the issue. I was discussing just a few minutes ago with the minister methacton. This is, of course, the latest on the the China and she did confirm that they don’t know the source of this fake certificate. They are investigating, they don’t know if it’s 1 or more points of origin, but she does seem to indicate the China’s viewing this as something of a Britt case, not part of a larger trade dispute, the larger matter of my lungs Joe and yet let me read This to you, a Chinese foreign Ministry spokesperson, saying today that Canada should take seriously trying his concerns and immediately release Hangzhou. I would like it to be separated from the bigger case, but everything we’ve seen so far as it relates to the way the Chinese play. The international diplomacy, game or or game of pugilism, I suppose, if you’re in the Chinese, see if they linked everything to go, then I guess we’re left with this really interesting Prospect happening in Japan in the next couple of days of Donald Trump, scaring our water Heather And he’s apparently going to potentially solve this problem. I hope the Prime Minister, our prime minister, gets talked to the Chinese leadership, but a lot is held by Donald Trump. I’M not sure that’s the path to a solution that many Canadians won and it’s interesting Chris Hall here doing some research into seating arrangements and because it goes alphabetically besides, China how’s the Justin Trudeau, having any time to discuss with Xi Jinping, because you have to remember Where China starting point is trying to starting point, is to break protocol in order to have a discussion, and the prime minister is already indicated on on many occasions, but that’s not going to happen National Community around that. So you mentioned Donald Trump, but it’s not just the US. It’S it’s Europe, its NATO, it’s France, Australia! It’S all of these allies have come together for the release of the Canadian citizens that are being held in China, trying to find a way to pull this together. Relying on those relationships when it’s so critical to do so, and so much more is at stake now. Obviously, industries that are now at stake, so those conversations will be had, but will they had? We had between the Prime Minister and the Chinese leadership likely, not so, for you Kathleen. Does it all come down to Donald Trump or who or what might play China yeah? I know it’s. It’S it’s fascinating right there. So many producers in our country. You know Farmers, agriculture, Court be impacted by this. There’S obviously is Amanda just mention the two two men who are in prisons and their families, who are being impacted in in this weird situation. It seems to be resting on on Donald Trump’s shoulders right now for him to make an intervention. You know, and perhaps if he succeeds in kind of creating peace between on this current diplomatic spot, that that we are in China. But remember that the u.s. is in a train spot with with China as well, but if he actually, you know, manages to kind of smooth this over and can therefore reduce the huge economic impact is happening on Kenneth man. There might be probably as big as it was for the Raptors for Donald Trump. It could happen. You know you never know if you can solve this Power & politics of see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching
The RCMP is investigating the origins of a pork shipment to China that arrived with a fake Canadian export certificate after China banned all meat imports from Canada.
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