RCMP say B.C. fugitives died in what appears to be suicides by gunfire

RCMP say B.C. fugitives died in what appears to be suicides by gunfire
RCMP say B.C. fugitives died in what appears to be suicides by gunfire
And we have some breaking news for you, this our RCMP British Columbia, say the two bodies found in Northern Manitoba last week, Vancouver news from with the details and so Megan. We are getting this out release and some definitely some interesting pieces of information. Take us, through the latest news from the police, go to the press, release on their website, saying that they know that they can say that they have confirmed positively. The bodies that were found last week in Northern Manitoba were murder suspects. Can the cloud and Briar smigelski, the Manitoba medical examiner, add conducted the autopsies over the weekend? They were completed yesterday and so now we are finding out some of the results from that autopsy. So we now know that their next of kin has been notified, that their bodies have been positively identified. We also can that the RCMP say that the two died by suicide by gun fire. There were Firearms found near their bodies when they were found last week. They don’t know, though – and that’s was a pretty big – Just win – has happened, they don’t have an exact time or date of when they died by Suicide, but we do know that the last time that they were confirmed seen Alive by the RCMP, was back on July 22Nd, so that’s nearly 2/2 weeks since they were last confirm seen and when their bodies were found. The RCMP say that they don’t have that exact time or date of when they died. But they say that there is evidence to suggest that they survived a couple of days in Northern Manitoba before suicides. Otherwise we do know that the search now has been completed of the site where the bodies were found. We know that the RCMP were combing through that area in the days following the discovery of the bodies, hoping to find more evidence. The piece, the story together, because there are still a number of question marks in terms of how Leonard dick died. We also don’t know what evidence there is that links. Can the cloud and Briars Miguel key to the death of Lucas, Fowler and China.. So any of the evidence that had been gathered from the scene in Northern Manitoba is now being brought over to BC because it’s the BC RCMP that are heading up the homicide investigation, and so they are hoping to get a few more of those blanks filled in With this evidence, smells and forensic analysis is underway in order to definitively confirm that these weapons are connected with the northern BC. Homicide investigations are so that’s so these weapons that presumably, that the two suspects now confirming that they are power, Briar smykowski, that they die by gunfire that there were two Firearms with are the bodies, and now now that they’ve determined that I presumably those Firearms will be Moved to British Columbia to the RCMP investigators, who will look at those Firearms, will look at the three homicide victims in British Columbia and try to determine Becky outstanding question? Are they links the second degree? Murder charges had been laid in the death of Leonard dick that they could link those the two suspects to the crime scene of Leonard Bigfoot, those charged never late in the death of Lucas, Fowler and China deeth, and so hopefully, the discovery of these two Firearms could Be that missing link that could definitively allow the RCMP to say that for certain these two were responsible for Lucas Fowler and China. Deces death as well, and that’s going to be one of the many question marks that we’re going to continue to follow as more questions. Come out of this, that the bodies were found that RCMP in Manitoba said that they were confident that, in fact, these were the bodies of Kemet out of Briar smigelski and now the Manitoba medical examiner, confirming what police in Manitoba believed be true, and that, in fact, These are the bodies and again that they that the two died by Suicide and also interesting to know that these two Firearms are. They are so, let’s Megan, maybe just text her to take us back, stop where we were in all of this and and what were their names today and how that could Advance the investigation moving forward. We did not have the official confirmation that it was McLeod and Briar smigelski, and even with that, we have heard the BC RCMP has said their investigation into the homicides is far from over. They are still coming through any of the evidence that was found in Northern Manitoba, still processing evidence found from the crime scenes in VC, and so this will just. This is just the next step in those investigations, and I’m thinking that this is still far from over. At this point, but with this information the RCN, I can now say that that Manhunt officially done these two are officially dead, but they still need to definitively link them to those two homicides before they can really close the book on those investigation. So now we said about 15 minutes ago RCMP confirming that it was the bodies of cannacloud Ratajkowski that were found last week in Northern Manitoba. That has been positively identified and now we’re learning today, either that they died by suicide by gunfire and that weapons were found. On your their bodies last week you mentioned it Megan, but while both individuals for a number of days before they were found exact time and date of their deaths, are not known, however, there are strong indications that they had been alive for a few days since last July and during the extensive search efforts in the area is the big question: where were the suspects were, they did were they alive and and had they moved on from the Gillen area, confirmed sighting of them in the days that went into this Manhunt, the RCMP did Say you know there might have been some inadvertent help that allowed these two to get Beyond where they RCMP were searching. So now we know that ultimately found about 8 km away from where they’re the burnt-out RAV4 what was discovered, and so still, even with this information today, we still don’t know just how they managed to get even that far 8 kilometers in that kind of rain. In that remote area, how they managed to get that far, how long they managed to survive out there, and we do know, like you said, the RCMP are saying that there is evidence to suggest that they survived a number of days in this and see. We know that some of the evidence that first brought police to that scene with personal belongings – we don’t know what those are and so hopefully in the coming days as more information comes out to hopefully it some more of those gaps can be filled, Andrew, so Megan. Just hang on there, because we just want to confirm some information that we’re receiving today, after those viewers were just to joining us, that we are learning today from the medicine Manitoba. Medical examiner that in fact, fryrish magalski and the cloud wanted. In connection with the three homicides in British Columbia, Leonard dick of Lucas, Fowler and China, do that to the medical examiner in Manitoba, confirming that the two died and what appears to be suing by gunfire again. They, the medical examiner, saying while it appears that they were alive for four days or they don’t know exactly the time of death. But they do believe that they were alive in The Killing area Before Dying by Sue, that two Firearms were found and located with the deceased males and now there’s a forensic analysis that is going to take place with these two Firearms to try and see. If, in fact, these Firearms are connected to are the three homicides in Northern British Columbia that investigation ongoing now, but a key question that may not be answered, but it is interesting, is, as maybe it will be answered – is motive that that is a huge question mark Here and while there might be some relief for the families and getting the definitive answer that these bodies have now been positively identified as Kevin MacLeod and dryers Miguel, ski that really big That perhaps made go answered, is just why? What were? What was the plan when they Bluff Port Alberni, what happened when they encountered Lucas, Ballard and Chyna death, allegedly Leonard dick? What happened with those interactions? What happened to make them and up and Gilliam still so many questions, motive, motivation, wise and hopefully, with these answers with the autopsy we now have that, hopefully now we can get a bit more information and answers about the evidence that police have managed to conjure up In that area that they think hold me now for a number of weeks in Northern Manitoba and also evidence that they’ve still been trying to gather from the DC crime scenes to may be able to learn from these autopsy results. I want to bring in Bruce pit RCMP investigator and what was your initial reaction to these results again for those viewers just joining us. We are learning that in medical examiner in Manitoba has positively identified. The two bodies has chemical dryer smigelski, wanted in connection with three homicides in British Columbia and that please confirm confirm that it would appear that died by Suicide gun fire. What was your reaction to that investigator? It is very revealing and will help the police are continuing. Their investigation met with drawers to charge, it was already laid, and any other one that might have been like they have to be able to on the scene of their death obviously will be very important to the investigation. I believe the coroner even said that it could be used by the police for firearms and the type of firearms in the round side is etcetera, can now be used comparatively to the actual murder scenes back in British Columbia do now to confirm what happen until what Does it say to you that they say that they don’t know exactly when they died, but they they say there are strong indications, but they had been alive for a few days since last seen in July and during the extensive search. Tell you time of death on TV. You will see that a pathologist or coroner will just pull out of a hat some time frame, and it’s it’s far from that. It is not an easy calculation, even a person’s body, the rate of Princeton, but what’s more about where this investigation goes next to the are those two Firearms absolutely key in terms of dry of of of seeing whether there is a connection between those two firearms and The depths the homicides in British Columbia send those Firearms to the laboratory. They can make sure that they compare that any firearm-related evidence on the three murder scenes Firearms specifically in the mr. Dix death. I guess get more value than just saying it is consistent with it. Could be far more, and let me ask you this is another part of the statement saying that tie the assessment will review all the investigative evidentiary and the Beast. Rcmp have also have also engaged our behavioral analysis unit. What is that, and what is that mean? All of the information as well as police, it shows that they are working together on this other parallel investigations, but they share a lot of the information suspects who that technically, don’t have as many privacy issues on some parts of the investigation. As far as the use of the Behavioral Science, a very healthy thing to do is it there are some very skilled and knowledgeable people in that unit. That can help them with possible motives and they can look at some of the evidence and come up with some very often sign play, based reasons for what happened and again since we don’t have statements off the accused. That might be our best bet. So I’m glad to see they’re incorporating these professional. Tell me more about that, because you know that it’s motive and there was concern by by some by many, including family members, that we may not know Mota, but now that we know now. Kiwi know that it is Miguel, ski and Emma Cloud, that’s been paused a identified and we do know how they died. Will that give us some insight into motive? I do have in this investigation – and don’t all I know is from my experience, so they would be very thorough. They want to know the motive as much as anybody and I can guarantee that they will not leave any Stones Unturned. Having said that, you know it is what it is, and sometimes your left without knowing that as unfortunate as that would be, I think everybody would like always good to get your inside. Thank you very much that was former RCMP investigator Bruce pimping joining us from Maple, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, breaking news close-up to murder suspects, autopsy autopsy results show camera cloud and Briar smigielski died in what appears to be suicides by gun fire. Please can also confirm that to Firearms were also located with McLeod as michalski
RCMP confirmed Monday the two bodies found in northern Manitoba last week are those of homicide suspects Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky, and said the two died in what appears to be suicides by gunfire.

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