RCMP scaling down hunt for B.C. fugitives in northern Manitoba

RCMP scaling down hunt for B.C. fugitives in northern Manitoba
RCMP scaling down hunt for B.C. fugitives in northern Manitoba
I’Ll be available for some questions. Thank you for being Manitoba, Commander ski we’ll. Take questions to start on behalf of every member of the RCMP in Manitoba. I want to offer my condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the homicides in British Columbia. On the afternoon of July 23rd, the Manitoba RCN became aware the two murder suspects from BC could be in our Province. As you all know, a vehicle had been found burnt out in a remote area, approximately 40 km from Gilliam and close to Fox Lake Cree Nation. It was later established that this vehicle was indeed the vehicle the suspects had been driving. Manitoba RCMP responded immediately, deploying front-line and tactical officers. Police dogs, forensic identification, specialist and major crime. Investigators to the area on RCMP, playing with infrared capabilities, was also deployed and conducted an aerial search of the area that same evening over the last we’ve done everything we can to locate the suspects using RCMP and Royal Canadian Air Force assets. We searched approximately 11000 Square km in Northern Manitoba. You canvassed every home and searched every abandoned building and gillham in Fox Lake crenation. This equates 2/500 homes and buildings. We search Rail lines, Hydro corridors lakes, rivers, series of tundra and muskeg, dense forest and brush. We conducted exhaustive searches on foot with dogs and with all terrain vehicles we use boats on lakes and search from the air with drones, helicopters and planes. Some of the most Advanced Technologies available received assistance from some of the most highly skilled as search and rescue Personnel. In the country, in addition, over 250 tips were received and followed up on the RCA. An rcaf Personnel have logged thousands of hours working 24/7 during the search for the suspects. However, even with this extraordinary effort, we have not had any confirmed sightings of the suspects. It’S a burn who was located, I’m taking into account all of the work so far. This come time to reassess our deployment of resources to the area. Over the next week, the RCMP will begin to scale down the scope of our search Hertz in Northern Manitoba. This will include the phase withdrawal of the majority of specialized RCMP and rcaf personnel and assets over the coming week. To be clear, we are not ending this search. A number tactical resources in specialized assets will remain in position in the Gilliam area and will continue the efforts to locate the murder suspects. In addition, all of our resources will be ready to respond to the region, as required should new information emerge. We have also received assurances that the rcaf will be ready to assist us again if and when needed. I know the today’s news is not with the families of victims and the communities of Northern Manitoba wanted to hear, but when searching for people and vast remote and rugged locations, it’s always a possibility that they’re not going to be immediately located. The terrain in Northern Manitoba is immense. Its forgiving, the weather, is often very unpredictable. Additionally, there remains a possibility, the suspect had some sort of assistance to flee the area. This, of course, is still an area of consideration for the RCMP. We continue to encourage the public to be on the lookout for these two suspects and to continue to submit tips, something that may seem insignificant to. You may be extremely valuable to our investigators. If you have information – or if you did you see the suspects, please contact your local local police immediately as the search begins to scale down in the area. I want to thank the communities of Gilliam Fox Lake, crenation and York Landing for their incredible support and the they’ve demonstrated over the last week. You have shown Incredible strength and courage. During the time of uncertainty, you came together and looked out for one another. I applaud you and I thank you for all the help. You’Ll provide Twitter officers during these challenging times. I also want to assure you that our officers will still have a presence in the area and will be there, for you do not hesitate for one moment to reach out to us. If you need help to the officers involved in the ongoing search efforts, you exemplify the professionalism and dedication that Canadians know they can expect from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police through difficult terrain, voracious bugs all night shih annoying. You could be confronted by a dangerous fugitive at any moment. You never wavered in your duty and I am incredibly proud of all of you. I would also like to thank the rcaf and RCMP divisions from across the country who supplied Inn edible support to Manitoba of over the course of the last week, while the search in Northern Manitoba is being scaled down, it is not over not by any means. I want to assure everyone that the RCMP is continuing to work on this investigation and will not stop until there was a resolution. I would like to send my condolences to the families and friends of the victims of homicide occurred in British Columbia. The murders on might have entered our house, you know approximately close to the creation was, in fact videos deploying Frontline officers, police dogs and Prime members rc18t Starcraft. Over the last week. Our office finished have done everything possible to try and find it are there resorts in Ahmad Royal and Airforce 11000 Square km in Manitoba in the area for the 500 home lines, Tundra, brush drawings from helicopters and planes, members of specialized and rescue our investigators, antipersonnel fanart Cameras, I have been no confirmed exciting of the burnt-out vehicle. We believe it star deployment of resources in my area. All of that and we are not attending our search. Certain special and Technical Resources will remain and will continue to search for the murder suspect. Furthermore, I know that today’s news. pause to remote and rugged areas – Northern, but that’s where I should continue to remain the lookout for the aspect and to continue to provide us with tips to you. If you have any information local police winding down in that area, I want to finish. Are there any credible support and resilience? The last week during this period of uncertainty, I came together. Ocr also reward for the officers will remain within the areas and will be available. Translate participated in the search operations, dedication, Amy, lamp exam, all Nightshade, possibility of being confronted with you always remember you and I’m very proud of you all Tuesday in Northern Manitoba. I want you to know, and I want to assure the public that we will continue this investigation., so we’re available for some questions. If we have some questions, I can’t answer that not to my knowledge, but I can tell you what the Elvis is. What the RCMP in Manitoba is is concerned with the actual investigation of the homicides. That’S the thing that belongs to my colleagues NBC. So I’m not aware of all the tips that are round that homicide can’t comment on that box, like is in the area, so we are leaving a Prezi megillah Mariah to continue our search efforts. I can’t comment on that from an investigation point of view. All of everything is possible at this stage. The door of the province is a very unforgiving play, as I said in my statement, very challenging to rain lots of wildlife, we’re keeping all possibilities in mind as we go forward with this, but that is just one of the possibilities were considering. That’S really the only a matter of fact: we have right now, every time we receive a tip on there. Yes, I won’t speak two numbers that wouldn’t be operationally a good idea on my behalf, but I can tell you we’re leaving Frontline Tactical specialized units in a scaled-down version and it’s going to be a as I said during my statement, a phased withdrawal. So we will be leaving a presents there, but I don’t want to speak the numbers. The military has assured us that they can come back and help us if, if we get any more information, if anything emerges – and we have to ask for them to do – they’ve been here – play helpful in car rental in the normal amount of territory and there they Remain available to help us if things change, what you doing any kind of a search for a fugitive that you know might be dangerous, there’s a stress level there, but this is been non-stop. This is been over a week now that we’ve had people in place and going really hard, and they want to find these p play they’re doing everything they can pull in. All of the stops to find he suspects. That being said, we’ve been very careful in terms of the resources we have to allow for our members to have appropriate rest down time. That sort of thing, they’re, well-equipped and that’s part of my job is to make sure they have the resources in the equipment and the infrastructure and all the logistics around sending them there. So yeah there it’s been a long weekend, they’re working very hard in less-than-ideal situations between the bugs and the the swamps and that you name it is difficult. We even bought socks for bunch of people who had wet feet right, so I mean it’s the way. It goes but they’re they’re working really hard, I’m very proud of everything, they’ve done their extremely professional and really Vigilant. So I’m hopeful it. We have further developments, but at this point this is where we are we’re using our own RCMP Police Service Dogs, none of them in my as far as I’m aware, our training cadaveres, but I would have to check that. As far as I’m aware, our dogs are not trained in that profile, but I can check that for you, but I do not what I can tell you is that we received a tip that we deem credible, credible, tip of a sighting in York, Landing we’ve deployed Resources, police dogs, including drones, tactical officer’s Frontline officers, and we ran that down as far as we could and we couldn’t, we didn’t come up with anything, so we could not substantiate the tip will Fox. Like I said, as in the Gilliam area, that’s all I can tell you I’m not aware of sprite now of anything specific happening there, but it we’re we’re we’re we’re we’re in the area and we will be for some time 22 year old attachment attachment.. They will remain there to support the community. What area for some of the more than just the regular resources? It’S something we will consider areas within the RCMP that are specialized Enduro interesting question. I’Ve only been the commanding officer in Manitoba for relatively short., but for months I’d say: 5 months, I’m not aware of anything else in Manitoba that would equal this scope. Just from my own perspective as a 31-year remember the RCMP. I remember the times of the the search for allowing these kind of things, but I can’t speak to how they compare. To be quite honest, I’m not sure I wouldn’t call it frustration. We would really like to find these these suspects. We would love to be able to contribute to getting Justice for the families of the murder victims and to help and we’re offering our help to our our colleagues NBC in any aspect, we can to help them with their murder investigation. That being said, this is a very large area. There were looking at, as I said before, it’s very remote. I can’t say it’s terribly surprising, because it’s just a very tough place to find somebody who doesn’t want to be found. You know the RCMP Manitoba we’ve done everything we can. We pulled out all the stops on this thing from the instant we found out about it. We deployed people quickly, we got on the ground and we’ve done everything we can and then we engage the military B. We know they have expertise, as we thought would be helpful know. I have no regrets. I think I’ve done everything pretty much. I wouldn’t change anything. All I can tell you is the RCMP and moms over week became aware that they were Suspects on the 23rd of July. I’M within an hour. I think it was. We sent out a tweet so that the public at the gala Mariah sang. We think we might. They might be there, so I have to disagree with you. I don’t think it took long. We got it out the same day within hours. It wasn’t long. We thank you very much.
The RCMP are scaling down their hunt in northern Manitoba for two B.C. homicide suspects, citing a lack of new leads as the search stretches into its ninth day, but the head of Manitoba’s Mounties insists they are not giving up.

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