Reality check: Is Trump trying to write off transgender people?

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Reality check: Is Trump trying to write off transgender people?
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Reality check: Is Trump trying to write off transgender people?
The New York Times is reporting that the Trump Administration plan could erase the definition of transgender. So why are they considering this and why now we are seeing our reality check, hey, Allie, remember this: I will do everything in my power to protect our lgbtq citizens reporting. The Trump Administration wants to legally Define transgender out of existence by officially recognizing only a person’s gender at Birth. So, even if a person has transitioned, they could be retroactively required to be identified as whatever they were bored as regardless of physical changes or how they choose to be identified, so Caitlin would still be Bruce the u.s. government. This is just the latest attack on several Obama policies that expanded protections against sex discrimination to cover gender Daenerys like housing, education in the military. So why now? Well, it’s play the bass culture War politics, two weeks before the midterms remember. It was just over 3 years ago that same-sex marriage, the trans right love to mock the issue about dinner at gender identity, symbolized by Facebook’s dozens of gender options. Of gender pronoun. For many conservatives and moderates, it’s a potent example of the PC culture. The Trump constantly attacks to great effect, Republicans want to benefit from this back life and it’s an easy target. Just look at the numbers. Transgender folks make up an estimated 0.4 % of American adults or 1.4 million people that still a lot of our fellow citizens, but it’s many fewer than a million of gay and lesbian Americans who most people know know, was friends, family and co-workers. This is simply picking on minority right to try to win the popular vote. The last time I checked self-determination was a pretty basic American rooted in Freedom and equality, America pushing it as a threat at rallies in tweet and with plenty of amplification from conservative media. This is just more played the bass rooted in fear and anger, rather than any reality that these asylum-seekers are going to rush the Border. But when Democrats have as much they 13-point advantage of the generic ballot Republicans feel they need to fire up the bass and inflamed negative partisanship, reminding voters who don’t love Trump. Why they don’t like liberal Democrats that much either it’s a classic distraction and Division and it can depress turnout among independent as well as pumping up the conservative base there going to be a lot of crazy claims between now and election day. Bigotry lies and fear-based appeals deserve to be called out. The next Congress for a comprehensive non-discrimination act in the past, so that people’s lives can’t be used as a political football by Future Administrations and that’s a reality check.
CNN’s John Avlon looks into why the Trump administration is, according to a New York Times report, trying to define transgender identity “out of existence.” #CNN #News

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