Rebel Media staffer barred from Tory event, claims he was hit by Scheer’s bus

Rebel Media staffer barred from Tory event, claims he was hit by Scheer’s bus
Rebel Media staffer barred from Tory event, claims he was hit by Scheer’s bus
I understand things were a bit delayed for Mister Shearer. What happened escorted out of the facility by first the RCMP, and then the peel Regional Police was leaving the event and is now custody of Durham Police was handcuffed at one point, all very strange. The campaign says he was not cry – is an accredited he wasn’t allowed in and then share. Also, the advocating for children with autism, they say are denying the services that their kids need so share that with them for about five minutes before he came in and talked about some of their issues, I’m strong by the legacy of Doug Ford and everytime Justin, Trudeau, Microphone he talks as much as Ford liberal platform release yesterday hasn’t released the considered a platform in Montreal in French and then the following week: 2 in Ottowa, French and English. He would not commit to putting out his platform before then so, but he did say it would be released sometime before voters October 11th because of the debates. Justin, Trudeau can come back at him and say well, hey. I put up my platform costing done here as in complete, as Mister Shearer may find it. He can say that Balise there’s and the allegation will become. What are you hiding? Why you not showing this to Katie’s sooner, so they can make a decision before they start voting. He’S alleging the bus had him removed for his own safety as some of the RCMP officers Play Usher like all federal leaders has some RCMP protective Stafford travel with horse. The Prime Minister has its his protection detail, which always goes with him, because he is the prime minister, even when he’s functioning as liberal leader RCMP working today in conjunction with Durham Region Police who actually came to the facility and sure couldn’t get into the event. Remove this person from Rebel media and he was taken outside of building and had to stay off the property, but maybe he I don’t know I didn’t see it. So I don’t know exactly what happened. The other one, the leader, travels, and apparently that was the one that was involved in the incident because they’re his campaign says that no it didn’t hit, Mr Menzies, that in fact he stepped in front of it. But again we don’t have any footage of that. You don’t know happened, and I can see just in the distance that he is still standing on the street and hasn’t been taken into a police cruiser of which there are at least four here right now. Election campaign – and anything can happen say all he wanted to do is ask some questions and ends for sure does have a history with Rebel medic. Consider them to be a a right-wing news organization, and not certain established news organization and Shearer said that he no longer does interviews with them, and he also repeated that this person today was not because he was not accredited application here for this. Your campaign, and that is that the campaign manager, hey Miss Marshall, was one of the founders of the Rebel. Originally, I think you they tried to disassociate themselves with with that organization as best they could. But it’s something keeps coming up and today it obviously I kind of fit them in a way they weren’t expecting. But we have the same issues with liberal leader, Justin Trudeau. Over the past couple of weeks, where another up freelance reporter complain that she was not being allowed in, if I could get into it with all members of the public and the local police pulled him out, he couldn’t come in definition, apology, they’re, so established broadcasters or Newspapers that are looking for accreditation from the campaigns that are really sure whether they should be there or not. Jen
Glen McGregor has the latest from the Conservative campaign and a dispute between the party with a staff member from Rebel Media.

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