Recovery school designed to help teens struggling with addiction

Health authorities on the west coast of raising the alarm again about opioid overdoses according to BC emergency Health Services paramedics responded to 130 overdose calls in the province in a single day last Friday the number reached only once before on April 26th 2017 so why the sudden Spike It’s a combination of a couple of factors there were a lot of overdoses in the safe injection sites in overdose prevention areas and that we knew there was something very toxic on the street that combined with the fact that the income assistance checks went out where we always see a spike resulted we think in this hundred and thirty overdoses all 130 who overdosed were revived still in DC there is a desire to intervene much sooner when addictions grip is first taking whole perhaps in high school fire start now on an Innovative idea and its challenges was the classroom inside this room or the remnants of quest Collegiate in Barrie Ontario Canada’s first and only Recovery School for the few dozen teens who wins here a key part of the curriculum was therapy and counseling in addition the academics if they’re not constructively present in the classroom there’s no point in trying to teach them history to stop and figure out what’s going on and that is a real power of the recovery High School moment struggling with addiction and mental health issues quest which started in 2014 was modeled after similar programs in the US but this month it was shut down because there was no Financial commitment from government to keep it going couldn’t get anybody to checking it but just says the school was shuttered the recalls to create one just like it in DC a province is at the center of the national opioid crisis in a newly released report the DC Center on substance use urge the provincial government to do more to support addiction recovery including creating schools officials need to try something else will get us so far recovery and and Community Connection is going to get us the rest of the way Motorola started experimenting with drugs at 13 by the time she was in grade 12 she was frequently skipping class but her mother feared speaking with teachers about her daughter’s addiction what I thought was that they would think less of her General she was struggling already going to throw up there also know she’s using drugs are not going they’re going to think less when they’re going to give up she died of an overdose in 2015 she was 21 her parents say they don’t know what kind of difference of Recovery School could’ve made love to have tried that when she was really young but she believes it’s time to try anything that might prevent someone else’s child from Falling deeper into addiction Briar Stewart CBC News Vancouver
A recovery school in Barrie, Ont., that was designed to help teens struggling with addiction was shut down, and now there are calls to create one in B.C. CBC’s Briar Stewart reports.

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