Remembering Aretha Franklin | NYT News

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Remembering Aretha Franklin | NYT News
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I don’t want nobody the simple things about Aretha Franklin and she was a great singer a singer who could do anything she can do Opera she could do country probably they started calling her the queen of soul in the 60s when she was you know barely in her twenties to nobody argues people her to read the name inspired it was an inspiration that she channeled from gospel into Soul music into music the spoke to people’s daily lives so they were songs like fake which is a warning shot across your relationship it’s one of the few songs she wrote and winifer strongest message she had a hundred songs billboard R&B charts and Seventeen pop hits singles but was more important was the way she freed other singers the way she showed up as Singers This is how voice can fly but you can hear Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan you can hear Aretha Franklin in men to Luther Vandross when you can hear Aretha Franklin just across or bee and the cross American Music she wasn’t always in the long stretches of the late 70s 80s when she couldn’t get it I think the people who were giving her Material off and let her what are you do if you forget a lyric keep stepping she said even more than 100 R&B singles respect was first recorded by Otis Redding and for Otis Redding it was come on when I get home baby and I’ll be nice to me I worked when Teresa gets it as a woman and turns it around about much more than that it’s about respect for her as a woman it’s about respect for her in the person it’s about respect for her as a breadwinner and the song but it’s also about sexual respect and physical respected everything anyway I’m in the world for love that song fat as its manttra the father had been involved in the Civil Rights struggle with close to Martin Luther King she was involved to see America’s first African-American president be inaugurated this was the culmination of something and feel good looking at Aretha Franklin’s the queen of soul gospel music applied to secular topics and that meant putting all the Airborne improvisation of YouTube songs about fighting with your guy bringing that Spirit ecstatic spirit it’s a really down-to-earth situation with me wherever I go constant moving Amazing Grace and when you hear Aretha Franklin sing that song it’s just transcendent there was always that feeling that you was channeling some higher power it’s whatever she was doing it
In a musical career that spanned more than five decades, Aretha Franklin had over 100 singles on the Billboard charts. But more importantly, says Jon Pareles, chief popular music critic for The New York Times, she freed other singers to let their voices fly.

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