Rent-a-sister: Coaxing Japan’s hikikomori men out of their bedrooms – BBC News

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Rent-a-sister: Coaxing Japan’s hikikomori men out of their bedrooms – BBC News
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Rent-a-sister: Coaxing Japan’s hikikomori men out of their bedrooms – BBC News
Japan has a problem, hundreds of thousands of young man who Rock themselves when their bedroom, sometimes not leaving their homes. For decades, then known as a kike people who is completely withdrawn from society everyday, I felt completely lost. I do not like there was nothing. I could do a medical diagnosis or a standard course of treatment, something that seems to be helping who is a rental sister. She an Oscar, a part of a specialized group of women available for hire getting paid to help Japan’s most reclusive get out of their bedrooms and back into society, away from Tokyo’s, Bright Lights, pool buildings and busy Junctions. The people I’ve come here to meet the Kiku Mori at different stages of a complex recovery. The conditions can affect both men and women, but most young men between 18 and 35, and this is not just a I’m. Full of people are about half a million people living in Japan associated with having a child. Many families keep the condition a secret and struggle to get the help. That’S where the rental sisters come in, the idea was dreamed up by an organization called new start and it seems to be working. These and women don’t have any formal medical qualifications, but families pay actually helping to solve the problem. The Tokyo has now managed to move out of home but still come hold down a job. I was taking medicine. I cried everyday play with my parents. I feel completely lost call the police to stay up all night playing video games, and they sleep during the day until the late afternoon makes so much difference to how I feel compared with just being alone on Citrus me out, she’s hoping that soon cantaloupe need her Anymore, show me some is doing top for the week. Patients will realize that being myself just the way I am even if I’m a bit late or tired, the client will feel it’s okay to be like that. It will be difficult if you’re not or get disappointed. If the client will not respond to you, you have to remember that this is just a job, but for the families with children, I’m at the father will call him. Mr. Rooter, you son became withdrawn as a teenager and two decades later still barely leaves his room. The boy’s mother died, he didn’t change, so I don’t foresee any hopes for the future. Stop going to school at first, you go out sometimes to buy comic books. Is that stop going out altogether? We didn’t know what to do. There are two or three times we had to call the police, because my son got violent once he smashed the window. Another time he punched, my wife and it broke her ribs can be hard, especially if they keep him or he refuses to leave his room to visit a doctor. Mr. rooster decided that new starts rental sisters. It seems worth a try. Couldn’T do anything any more experience. Rentals started to visit today I will visit the hickey Kumori he’s home so far, I’ve isn’t about 10 or 15 times, but he never comes out here to do so. I have to talk to him through the door Bernie, that’s quite a common reaction in the early stages, even though the young man refuses to talk to her. She still writes him loan lattice. That push is underneath the door. I try not to make them feel like someone’s looking down on them or trying to control them. I’M not trying to be a teacher, but I tried interact with them like an older sister or a neighbor, someone more casual for them and is therefore them as a gentle presence to be on HUD God for any unpredictable behavior. When I do my best and don’t come out of the bedroom, but some hickey Kumori got upset about it when a stranger comes into this page. One time when I was speaking to a boy, he physically attacked me grabbing me by the throat. I was very scared. I called the police light the way I didn’t want to go back there, rental sisters like at school mental health, counselor any formal qualifications to get some training from new stop. But that’s about it. That mission is to help the Akiko Mori be okay with who they are and how they feel and to make that work for them in a real-world setting, but they will be pain, doctors if they feel like they need to. I wanted to find out more about the heater, more condition and why it’s such a phenomenon in Japan. I got in touch with the man who wrote the defining book on the subject, professor and psychologists to my cider history. What young men might feel an overwhelming pressure to succeed financially that they are very crazy and other people think about you, but that’s not true. That is not true, but they don’t quite stable enough to reintegrate biking society and that’s where the news. Dimitri comes in. It’S kind of a halfway house recovery Nike good morning. They pay rent to live, that imma do some part-time work and charity volunteering, which is organized by news.. They have to give up their phones and only allowed to watch TV in the communal sitting room. No computer games allowed for the past 18 years. News. Is that about 2,000 people live in the dormitory for more than a year, 80 % of those have now reestablish themselves independently. One of those former residence turned his life around in my room and just played video games and watch TV or the time I get angry at myself and I feel completely hopeless. I could do. I can’t start because I didn’t want to stay at my parents house. So I didn’t think much about it. I just wanted to be away from my parents, I’m tearing at the News. Offices, and it was there that he met his future wife by a code, the rental sister. They began speaking everyday and she convinced him to start some part-time work as a rental brother. What made you fall in love with each other. mountains near Tokyo, where we could just talk and be ourselves from New Start held a celebration for I didn’t propose to her properly until then so they’re at the party front of everybody. I proposed and asked her to. Please my forever next to me, someone who used to be withdrawn, so I want to say this out loud people who have spent time being withdrawn also have very good important qualities. Okay, so they don’t want to work, but they often see Society in a fair away and have a very gentle view of women, clear picture of the situation to date, new starts rental assistance of helps about 3,000 people get out of their rooms and back into society, But many of Japan’s Akiko Mori still remain isolated.
At least half a million young men in Japan are thought to have withdrawn from society, and refuse to leave their bedrooms. They’re known as hikikomori.

Their families often don’t know what to do, but one organisation is offering ‘sisters for hire’ to help coax these young men out of their isolation.

A film by Amelia Martyn-Hemphill for BBC World Hacks

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