Rep. Adam Schiff addresses Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry

Rep. Adam Schiff addresses Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry
Rep. Adam Schiff addresses Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry
Three: four: five: six, seven, eight nine 10 Nikon fuel cell really felt 1-minute guys. Child good afternoon now had a chance to review in detail the notes of the call between the president knighted states in the president of Ukraine, as well as the legal opinion drafted by the Department of Justice in an effort to prevent The Whistleblower complaint from coming to Work committee and I have to say that I’m shocked by both the notes of the call reflect a conversation for more then I or many others had imagined. It is shocking at another level that the White House said would release this these notes and felt that somehow this would help the president’s case for cause, because what those notes reflect is a classic mafia-like Shakedown of a foreign leader. They reflect a Ukrainian president, who was desperate for us support for Military Support to help that country in a hot war with Putin’s Russia, a country that is still occupied by a regular Russian forces and a witch people of face dangerous and continuing and destabilizing action by Their aggressive neighbor and, at the same time a president died States who immediately Ukraine president expresses the need for further weapons, tells the Ukraine president that he has a favor to ask present communicates to his Ukrainian counterpart. That United States has walk for Ukraine. We done an awful lot for Ukraine more than the Europeans, or anyone else is done for Ukraine, but there’s not much reciprocity here. This is how a mafia boss talks. What have you done for us? We’Ve done so much for you. What does not much reciprocity? I have a favor. I want to ask you: what is that favor? Of course the favor is to investigate his political rival to investigate the bodies, and it’s clear that the Ukraine peasant understands what is expected of him. It is making every effort to modify the president. What adds another layer of depravity to this conversation is the fact the president knighted states that evokes the attorney of the United States, as well as his personal lawyer as emissaries and the case of the Attorney General as an official head of the US Department of Department Of Justice that he says will be part and parcel. I know the Attorney General is denying involvement in this, but nonetheless you could see why the Department of Justice would want this transcript. Never to see the light of day. You can see why they have worked so hard to deprive our committee of The Whistleblower complaint and in fact the opinion by the justice department is startling and its own regard, because in that opinion they depart Justice advances. The Absurd claim that the Director of National Intelligence has no responsibility over efforts to prevent foreign interference in our elections with that will come as news, or at least it should to the Director of National Intelligence, was charged, among other things, with detecting foreign interference in our Elections and was reported to Congress about foreign interference in our elections, but is apparently the view of this justice department that the director has no jurisdiction. This area, and it is a sad fact that the Director of National Intelligence would agree to be bound by that view. That the Director of National Intelligence would have dropped the view that he had no jurisdiction over and Courtesy Ford interference in our election with a director tomorrow. What’S more of that department of justice opinion doesn’t even preclude the director from providing that complained to our committee, and yet he has held it in violation of the law, but the fact that the president knighted states would invoke the Attorney General sends a further message to The Ukrainian president, that this is not just me asking this – is not just Rudy Giuliani asking this – is the United States government to asking – and we plan to infect effectuate, that, through the Department of Justice, whether those steps I’ve taken place yet or not, or whether those Steps have now been prevented by The Whistleblower complaint and all that followed from that Revolution Revelation so here we have the president United States engaged in a Shakedown of a foreign president, the president, even as he is withholding vital Military Support to & Ally, asking a favor Of that Ally to investigate his opponent and just by way of background here, so we know, what’s it’s fake? In 1994, we tried to get Ukraine to give up nuclear weapons it inherited from the Soviet Union. They were reluctant to do so because those weapons might be a guarantee against aggression by their neighbor, that is, by the Soviet Union. But we and our allies persuaded the ukrainians none-the-less to give up those weapons. Are we sure do praying that we would help guarantee its territorial Integrity? Well, Russia then invade Ukraine and over the years since that Invasion, United States has provided I’ll, be at not enough Military Support to Ukraine, but the most recent support to Ukraine was held up by this president, millions of dollars for reasons that the president would not, and The secretaries were not able to communicate even to leaders of their own party like Mitch, McConnell, who said yesterday that he couldn’t find out why this Aid was being well. I think we know why the a was being withheld. Notwithstanding the presents now conflicting explanations. Well, it was because we wanted them to investigate corruption know it was because we wanted Europe to give more money, even though Europe is giving them even more than we have. I think we know why the president was withholding that assistance, but regardless Ukraine understood exactly what was being asked of it. Ukraine underst exactly what they needed for the United States under the president of the United States would interfere with our national security would interfere with the National Security of our Ally and do so for the illicit purpose of trying to advance. His election campaign have already sought for helping his first presidential campaign would now abused the power of his office. Yet again, this time to seek the help of another nation in his presidential campaign is the most fundamental betrayal of his oath of office and I’d be happy to respond to your questions. But one final point about The Whistleblower. We still don’t have the complaint now that we have the Department of Justice opinion, I think of telling that they have released, that yet. Released the inspector General’s legal analysis that takes issue with it. This is again Billboards justice department trying to put out a misleading spin in this case in the form of the Department’s opinion, but nevertheless, that complaint needs to be provided to our committee. It needs to be invited in its entirety that whistleblower needs to begin instructions about how to come to work committee and that whistleblower needs to be given the complete freedom to report any allegations of wrongdoing that have come to that whistleblowers attention. We will not Brook any kind of interference given how pervasive this cover-up apparently his now. I have to be happy to answer his questions says that disqualify Murray proves that there was no quid pro quo, because the withheld military aid never even came up in the conversation. What’S your response to that my response is the president of Ukraine brought up his country’s need for Villa Teresa and immediately thereafter the president night States said I have a favor. I want to ask of you and would not let the subject go. There was only one message that that President of Ukraine Got from that call, and that was this is what I need. I know what you need, like any mafia boss. The present didn’t need to say: that’s a nice country, you have it be a shame if something happened to it, because that was clear from the conversation there is quid pro quo necessary to betray your country or your oath of office. Even though many read this as a quid pro quo, I’m not concerned whether it is a quid pro quo or not Ukraine understood what this press what’d. He made it abundantly clear. He made redundant Lee clear. He had his emissaries, making it clear and Ukraine needed no new what it needed to do if it wanted to get military assistance, and that is health. President United States violate his oath of office could form – and this is what our enquiries going to into the present has now admitted the notes of this calling, and we don’t even know if these are the complete notes of that call indicate the president knighted states shaking Down to 4 and later centrally, undermining the National Security of this country for a personal political gain and one that violates his oath of office. So it is very powerful evidence of that kind of potential impeachable offence. But we want to get the full facts before the American people and we also want to make sure we take corrective action, and I want to Thank The Whistleblower. We still don’t know whether this is a subject the whistleblowers complete, but I think this single, courageous individual may have had the effect of forcing the White House to provide Ukraine with his, knowing that these matters were going to come to light. But this was a blower. Has already at a tremendous impact and exposing wrongdoing in the president knighted states and helping protect our national security in a way that her boss was unwilling to do, and by that I mean the director as well as the present nice days. I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves here. I think what we have learned, what has been admitted and now what we seeing writing is about as damning as you can imagine. It will be a decision for us when we conclude our investigative work, whether to bring this or other matters in the form of articles. It will vote and we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. But no one should have any Illusions about the seriousness of what is already uncontested, and that is the president. United States has betrayed his oath of office, sacrificed our national security and doing so, and that, I think, is quintessentially what the framers were concerned about a thing is quintessentially what the framers thought was, the sum and substance of what might warrant presents rule from office. So I don’t want to under under State the significance of what’s already been revealed, but I also don’t want to get too far ahead of us how to learn from him or her or from the full complaint of it. You can’t already gleaned from the memo app is interaction between President Trump and is Ukrainian counterpart. Well, I certainly hope to hear from The Whistleblower this weekend, perhaps as soon as tomorrow after the director testifies. But that was some lower is trying to make sure that that whistle blower is not subject to any further retaliation. And I say further because the president has already retaliated against him or her retaliated by suggesting that The Whistleblower is disloyal to what country may be there representing some other country, that they are partisan hack, that they have some hidden bias. So there’s already been retaliation by the president and I would have thought I would have hoped the Director of National Intelligence coconut publicly in Defence of his employee or contractor. That is someone reliant on the director to protect them. And I don’t know whether, tomorrow night, I can tell you the Whistleblower I think is eager to come and meet with. Our committee of this is already a month overdue, at least a month overdue, and we are determined to make sure that that was a blower. Has that opportunity once more that no one is sitting next to them, trying to put a gag on what they can sex, so fat you’re, not interfering with the with the presidential election. You don’t get too late into next year cycle. Is that a concern? I don’t know what the timeline will look like, except that we all feel sense of urgency here. The Inspector General – and this is by the way, not contested in the Department of Justice, is a sham legal opinion. It comes up with this completely contorted rationalisation, that the Director of National Intelligence has no responsibility over foreign interference in our elections, which is completely bogus, but nevertheless they don’t take issue with the urgency here and I’m not talking about the statutory definition. The fact that just needs immediate attention, so we need to get to the bottom of this whistleblower complaint, ASAP terms of ultimately how long it’s going to take us to develop the full facts. I don’t know I would not have imagined things would have moved as swiftly as they did over the last week, but the Cascade of admissions by the president by Rudy Giuliani, now gives explanation of the state department was involved in urging him to undertake these activities. On behalf of the president to investigate his rival, if he’s being truthful there and obviously that’s a huge b f State Department, by the way there probably is given the circumstances of the firing of US ambassador to Ukraine. But but I can’t tell you what the time I looks like hearing tomorrow and pick up a little bit more about what happens if you don’t receive it, but what other questions you have for the dni? Well, you know I can only say that we’ve heard nothing from the White House and, frankly, the fact that this decision to White House is making us a scandal. If, indeed, the present is a subject of The Whistleblower complaint. The idea that the president can control the subjective complaint can’t control whether that complaint ever gets to tender recipient. That is the Congress, is a scandal, but nonetheless, we’ve heard nothing except through the media, about White House intentions in terms of the director’s intentions. What guess? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, I have to admit, he’s not eager to come before a committee having still withheld the complaint now that it’s clear, the Department of Justice didn’t even say that he was prohibited from giving it to us that he is making that decision. On his own initiative that I find it troubling enough that he would an opinion that can be used as a pretext to keep this from Congress and the director understood the contents. If it indeed involves this conversation and just how? How scandalous and what a betrayal of the president oath of office that the those notes are not transcript but notes reflect. I can’t imagine he’s going to want to come to work committee without having provided that complained. But frankly, I can’t imagine that the director would have gone along with the legal predation that says that he has no responsibility over preventing a foreign Nation from interfering in our election. Percussions will follow if there’s continuing obstruction of Congress and continuing violation of the law will make that decision when it comes to. Thank you very much. Are you going back?
House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff addresses the media. #FoxNews

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