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Democratic congressman Adam Schiff ranking member of the House intelligence committee which has been quite busy today with Facebook’s Revelation about new attacks on the midterms elections plus we have a lot of other news and Amanda for trial thanks for being with me tonight could be with you for people who are following this news as it breaks or may have heard the top of our show but we had two very qualified experts disagree on the level of intensity what does this new revelation mean about this attack on the midterms tonight do this in combination with what we learned just a week ago from Microsoft and that is that two of the vectors that the Russians used in the last election they appear to be using again now that isn’t we saw this in in both of the Mueller indictments are there using show Media surreptitiously to try to divide Americans had to try to accentuate these fault lines in our society but they’re also hacking or attempting to hack political campaigns and we saw Claire mccaskill is one of the targets of this and that she was a target of the same week that Donald Trump was evidently saying publicly that she needed to be defeated but that’s really has an echo of July of the election year in which Donald Trump said publicly hey Russians if your listing hacked Clinton’s emails because we learned indictment that on that date in fact they did try to hack they Clinton campaign it also appears that they may even listening well that’s really true but it also looks like you’re the Russians may have been listening when he called for Claire mccaskill’s ouster because the timing again is very suspicious the timing of that attempted to hack of her campaign I took place not months after he mention Claire mccaskill and it wasn’t like there was a tremendous volume of campaigns that were the sub to attack according to Microsoft I think they were only three and that was one of them so the timing is certainly suspicious but it it looks like because they’ll identified similar actors to the Russian hackers of the DNC that the Russians are using both of these modalities hacking of campaigns surreptitious social media again to elections your report card here on what is a vagina powerful Corporation Facebook because in ways that no one I think would have predicted many years ago they have become a key platforming and utility you if you will for How We Do democracy and Civic discussion in this country you and others have been critical in the past I want to read from how Mark Zuckerberg is is assessing this tonight security isn’t a problem that you ever completely solved but we’re learning and improving quickly too to keep people safe what grade do you give them and how true that statement feel to you giving how much more you know the most of us about all the backroom pressure to get this company to act responsibly but I think it’s still working progress but that they came forward with this announcement today even if they had to a caveat it and say that we can’t definitively say this was the Russian government but there are links to this troll Farm in St Petersburg Ira that’s what we need them to do we need to timely they referred two events that it appears again that these Russian trolls are trying to organize in the United States and victimized real people and getting real people involved in protest or counter-protests without knowing that they the what does it say to you that there are the markings or the overlap at least with Russian operations what does that say to you about this attack we’re learning about tonight but just what we would expect which is the Russians aren’t going to be so blatant next and they’re not going to use the exact same IP addresses that can be traced back to the very same Russian troll Farm they’re going to hide their hand and Facebook clearly acknowledges that in the statement today which means a Facebook is going to have to do better sleuthing a but also as Facebook acknowledges we need to make sure that our intelligence Community is cooperating and there are channels of communication with the tech companies that there’s a free flow of information and I have to say I’m concerned that we learn from Microsoft about this attempted of these three campaigns they undoubtedly would have informed the FBI or the department Homeland Security I would have thought that we would have been notified and Congress about this but none of that happened it didn’t go up through through the food chain there wasn’t the kind of old government response that there should be in that alarm to me as we get closer to those midterms from the Trump Administration unquestionably there are very good people at the mid bureaucracy level who are trying their best that the department Homeland Security certainly throughout the intelligence community in at the top of the intelligence Community but there’s no one at the very top saying that this is a priority of our ministration you need to work with each other you need to talk with each other I want periodic reports instead League the guy at the top saying this is all a hoax and a Witch Hunt right which now tonight feels very realize undercutting something that is actually relevant to how we choose will help the body that you’re in the Congress Rudy Giuliani I would like to rectify that by showing the comment that he made the letter are both bizarre and how we did it but relevant in the sense that he’s a lawyer for the president talking about a potential meeting that might add culpability take a look another meeting that has been leaked he says it was a meeting with Donald with Jared Kushner with Paul manafort the meeting with the Russian Haitian look at whether that were such meetings that would suggest greater culpability about this potential collusion conspiracy but we certainly try to look into this but all too often of the majority on our committee son interested in getting the when Witnesses stonewalled us and refuse to answer the Republicans are unwilling to subpoena them or compel them so we weren’t allowed to fall the evidence where was leading a but here you have Giuliani saying okay there was a pre-meeting and any quickly self on a Ledge pre-meeting he’s all over the map but I think you can look at the statements that he’s been making along with a president’s confirmation of the new defense strategy collusion is not a crime and you can see that plane leave I feel there is evidence that the president knew in advance that this is what they’re worried about that evidence is going to come forward then the president of the Trump Tower meeting so they’re shifting to a okay even if there was collusion even at the present inclusion it’s not a crime but of course the crime is conspiracy so they’re playing a word game but nonetheless I think this kind of throw everything you can at the wall strategy Rudy Giuliani the president’s interest for a while but it is telling you the only other point I would make on this is that I think that they’re clearly spooked by Michael Cohen it seems at least as far as they and they might have gone this information if there had been a Joint Defense of some kind with Michael Cohen and these other Council now that Michael Cohen has now opted out of because it seems to be there very specific about this pre-meeting that they are going to with 6 members or eight members and they talk to four of the six or six of the eight they’re using a great many particulars and they clearly I think want to try to get this there and minimize it before Michael Cohen does but I just don’t see that it’s going to be able to defend effective a defense strategy thanks for being here sorry
Facebook reveals new attacks on the 2018 U.S. Midterm elections that they describe as “consistent” with the Russian election meddling in 2016. Rep. Adam Schiff tells Ari Melber that the Russians appear to be using the same “vectors” to meddle in the 2018 midterms as they did to interfere in the 2016 Presidential election: using social media and hacking political campaigns. Schiff also notes he is “concerned” that Congress learned about the attempted hacking of 3 campaigns this year from Microsoft, rather than from Federal intelligence agencies, which he attributes “unquestionably” to a lack of focus from the Trump administration.
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Rep. Adam Schiff: Russians Now Attacking 2018 Elections | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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