Rep. Adam Schiff speaks after hearing with Acting DNI Maguire

Rep. Adam Schiff speaks after hearing with Acting DNI Maguire
Rep. Adam Schiff speaks after hearing with Acting DNI Maguire
The Whistleblower complaint that we received these we had an opportunity to review last night, but only received today are we made available to the public as soon as we received, the redacted version sets out a series of the most damning allegations concerning the conduct of the president And others, potentially within the administration, in a scheme to use the leverage of the presidency, you that use the leverage of the vital military assistance to a foreign Nation to provide or obtain dirt on a political pundit. It’S hard to imagine a more serious allegations than those contained in the complaint. The complaint goes further, obviously than the record of the call-in. That also alleges that they were efforts made to conceal this game by moving Communications on to servers that were designed for an entirely purpose that were designed, in fact, to contain Communications, a covert action and other highly sensitive compartmented intelligence information. It is a deep irony picture of the Director of National Intelligence, and yet someone felt that this should be put in the place that is used for the protection of the most sensitive of classified information. But what we do know at this point is this: that when the Inspector General found that this whistleblower with credible, he was right, because what this was a blower said about the nature of that call has been born out in great detail by the call record. Just now been released, so in a very substantial part, this whistleblower has already been found to be credible, whether the other allegations that go beyond this specific Hall will be born out has yet to be determined, and that will be the subject of our investigation. This whistleblower has given us a roadmap for our investigation, but it’s important to underscore that what we are able to corroborate already about The Whistleblower has been corroborated in detail, buy this record of the president’s conversation with the president of Ukraine that gives added weight and urgency To the need to get to the bottom of the other allegations that are made by The Whistleblower and once again I want to express my profound gratitude to The Whistleblower for coming forward and I’m grateful for the director for coming to the committee for not requiring us To use a portion now, yes, he be provided to Simply Recipes nonetheless became before our committee and it came before the committee voluntarily and while I believe that he has made the wrong decision and withholding the complaint, like my colleagues, I respect service to the country, but We are profoundly concerned with the breakdown of this whistleblower system that has been manifest over the last month that a whistleblower, who is the incredible that a complaint that was deemed urgent that it, I think that was intended to come to Congress, would be withheld to Congress And would do so on the basis would be withheld on the basis of advice given by the subject or subjects of that complained. The conflict of is all too apparent all too palpable. It is indeed a minor miracle that we got the complaining at all in that we got the transcript at all. At the end of the day, what is alleged in this whistleblower plane goes to the very heart of the president oath of office that he Faithfully execute the laws of the country that he defend the Constitution and, if, as alleged, if, as this record of call already Indicates the president, instead of faithfully executing his office, was using that office as leverage to obtain dirt have another country manufactured dirt on his opponent, it is hard to imagine a more fundamental, abusive that office, and so we are determined to get to the bottom of this And I have to respond to a couple questions: what’s the timeline and what you’re hoping to work? Obviously, every test begins on Friday, for the next couple of weeks will be working through the recess and, as I mentioned, I think the complaint gives us a pretty good road map of allegations that we need to investigate. There is a whole host of people, apparently, who have knowledge of these events that The Whistleblower makes reference to now. We don’t know how many or any of them that have already been interviewed by the inspector-general. We will be having a subsequent hearing with the Inspector General which we have requested so that we can determine what he was able to find in his blender investigation. I the only 14 days to do it, but it looks like you did a far more substantial, and so we will see what went to assist have been interviewed and which haven’t we’ll do our best to identify those will obviously going to be bringing the Whistleblower in And I was pleased with the director committed to having the Laura come in as soon as the clearance issues are resolved for the whistleblowers counsel and that the we have the commitment of the Director of National Intelligence that there will not be some reminder from the White House or the Department of Justice or anywhere else that is instructing him what you cannot answer or what she can or cannot answer that further testimony will help identify. I hope, some of these other individuals. I can corroborate these deeply troubling allegations. We also want to determine what the doc entry evidence is. All we need to look into the allegation that this may not be the only communication of a potentially corrupt character that was shielded by this classified information. Computer system abused for that purpose. We want to know what role Rudy Giuliani had in all of this. We want to know what role Bill Barr had in any of this. We want to know what Ukraine on good was expected of them before they even had this July phone call with the president. Knighted states, so we know what we have to do and, of course, will be guided by the evidence we find along the way. I’M sorry, I think there are any number of potential crimes when a president is soliciting foreign assistance again in another presidential election. Bambino claim of ignorance this time when a president is withholding authorized funding of Congress to use as leverage if the president were involved in some of extorting for nature to dig up or manufactured dirt on his opponent. If there’s an effort to cover up any of this conduct, there are innumerable potential offenses. But I have no confidence that this justice department attorney general investigate anything except the president’s adversaries or claims that give a father to the conspiracy theories which the present, which is the pedal which antidepressant is battling solinsky. And so, as the inspector General’s up here. Not to have jurisdiction according Department Justice look into this, as the department is unwilling to look into this. This will fall within our responsibility interview with Rudy Giuliani, Whitfield bar, and will you subpoena for those transcripts that were allegedly stored. That was separate from those individuals called. I’M not going to get into specific investigators steps at this point, but, as I made clear and in the questions I had for the director today, I think each and every one of these allegations given their seriousness, giving that no one is looking into this and no One has been apart from this committee for the last month that these urgent matters need to be thoroughly investigated. Now we’re going to move as expeditiously as possible. Of course it’s been the history of this Administration prior to this very dry. Exceptional publishing of this call record and the provision of the complaint that the classification of the complaint that this Administration has attempted to obstruct our inquiry in any way and freeway. But we will be working to conduct this as quickly as possible. always flattered when I’m attacked by someone of the presents character. Thank you.
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