Rep. McCarthy: Twitter is going after conservative speech

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Rep. McCarthy: Twitter is going after conservative speech
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McCarthy is helping lead the charge against destructive behavior in language on social media perhaps none more so than on Twitter Cason Point does Oregon Health candidate is called himself in Independence is the leftist he’s facing backlash after this disgusting tweet directed at Melania Trump quote did you know the first lady works by the hour and I’m not going to read the hashtags you can read them for yourself and imagine if someone said that about Michelle what they be doing tonight and now later McCarthy is calling on Twitter to suspend Roberts the congressman joins us now exclusively with more on that and other issues Congressman McCarthy this is so low but it’s one of the many things the left has said about conservative women over the last few years that have gone on it’s going on with impunity no repercussions no boycotts they say it they get away with it and they’re celebrated for a congressman exactly right that’s why he’s saying it this is inappropriate on any platform to say about our first lady this first lady are any other first lady treating people much different is shadowbanned and when you shadowbanned somebody everything you put up on Twitter is invisible except to yourself and you know what they did to the RNC chair Ronna McDaniel they shadowbanned her Congressman Devin Nunez they shadowbanned no they just said oh it was a glimpse it was just an algorithm but there was not one of the 78 Democratic Progressive liberal members whoever got shadowbanned who founded Twitter he’s a big fan of Barack Obama even apologize for eating at Chick-fil-A said the speech that in my word and my belief is hateful does not belong on that platform he should suspend his account because I retweet response to his tweets and says the H word whole bag Michelle Obama will be shut down there would be no opportunity from ever be on Twitter again but listen to why he responded to that our first lady is running a thinner leaner operation where there’s fewer people working there and he responds this way to her but what goes farther is this is happening in social media in a lot of different places remember what Google did to the Republicans in California a week before our primary they said our philosophy was Nazism remember what Twitter continues to do to a conservative I shadowbanned this has got to stop especially before we going to this campaign how many other individuals is sitting out there that want to have a communication or talk about a conservative subject getting banned or their views are never being seen But individuals can talk like this and they never get suspended and the problem congressman is a basic searches for information basic searches for more on tax cuts it’s interesting to see what comes up and invariably the most left-wing Progressive even socialist views which are couch in the most beautiful terms come up first that’s the problem when you have companies that gets so big they’re their market cap is the most countries and they have such an outside it’s a major problem cuz we found Facebook prior to the last election was suppressing conservative views that we’re going out there is exactly what you’re talking about there only allowed other views to come forward that’s why they have to have a very clear policy is going to be held accountable of what we’re moving forward believe is they have to stop the bias and ever since I came out with this I’m simply did a tweet one time what I found it happen. The bias even happened to my own my own wife in the process but I was able to speak up for it I’m getting many people across the social showing me what’s happened to them and they don’t have a voice and I focused on the focus has to be relentless on economic growth and how Pelosi will reverse the games that have been made at the same time there is concerned that we will have a risk of a government shutdown president Trump said his rally tonight that he’s considering quote drastic measures if necessary to get the funding for the wall that he can’t paint and Congress hasn’t delivered on the wall that he campaigned on people want this enforcement done what’s your read on this would a government shutdown hurt Republican chances and November I think timing is everything shut down in the 30th and you got 60 votes in the Senate the Denver to take advantage of that right before the election very clear we have put money into the wall we are currently building the wall but we have to finish the walk rules of where we go we’ve got to pick the right timing we have this but you are correct when it comes to the economy think for one moment there’s three play there’s three entities you really want to watch in this election women Independence and seniors if you watch and you look at from all the Democrat open seats when it was a race between a woman versus a man a woman wants 71% of the time jobs women in America the unemployment women at the lowest point it’s been in 65 years or African-American happy warrior Trump cuz it’s very charming and very it is it just makes people happy we want that he is a happy warrior he’s a lot like when you watched when you watch Ronald Reagan if you believe your policy bring people more freedom and liberty you should be a happy conservative because people want to know about a moron tired and investigation Mania on Capitol Hill it’s all going to be undone Congress and thanks for joining us exclusively tonight would really appreciate
McCarthy calls on Twitter to ban House candidate for offensive tweet about Melania Trump. House Majority Leader sounds off on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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