Republican Dan Bishop wins special election for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District

Republican Dan Bishop wins special election for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District
Republican Dan Bishop wins special election for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District
Tanya Rivero, thank you for joining us. Special election now represent the state’s 9th congressional district in Charlotte lawyer, when it’s a primary to cleanse his party’s nomination earlier this year will remain in GOP. Has it has been a Republican early 1960s, this race garnered national attention? President Trump rally for Bishop the night before the election Bishop linked his success during his victory speech, Republican leadership in all our Republican and conservative Partners were there for us every step of the way. Last night I told President Trump we weren’t tired of winning President Trump Twitter 3 weeks ago. He didn’t ask me for help. We changed his strategy together and he ran a great race on the other side of the aisle. Mccready has been on the campaign Trail for over two years. He came with them only within only votes of clinching the state during the midterms, the former Marine thank supporters in Charlotte after his defeat to bring this country together. This was mission that could be accomplished in the single election last 27 months, moved our country forward, bringing Anthony salvanto. He is the director of Elections and surveys for CBS News during the course of the night right at the start, we saw a Democrat go up in the vote count, and that was really because of absentee and early vote, which end up making up about half of The votes cast Sandusky Democratic because of the Democrats put a lot of effort into turnout by absentee ballot and that’s often because their voters can’t make it to the polls on Election Day. It’S more convenient, in fact, throughout the wherever we’ve seen, states allow more absentee and early voting people have taken advantage of it, specially as people work longer hours, maybe work different shifts that can be a way that they can get their vote in without having to stand In line on election Democratic, working-class voters, specifically okay, voters who are they Democrats Target people to say you can vote absentee in and they’ve got that turnout machine going in that way and Republicans, however, older voters tend to vote more on Election Day and older voters tend To ski Publican, and so that also makes things go that way and look, I don’t doubt that, as we go forward in the president was there it was there yesterday. You know this pain will probably be that the president got turn out up for the Republic. Show me the president’s already taken some credit for it. I Republican and ultimately put him marginally over the top well show there are always some boats bigger margin than the Republican ran in that last race. That was voided, Cobra 4000 still very high turnout election for a special but then again, one that had an awful lot of attention and Waffle out of money spent on it and one of the bigger things here as we watch the boats come into. That is so, but instructive is number one. This was a much closer race than even we saw in this district is real, very Republican District in, say it’s 2016, and you also saw this pattern where the Democrat did well the places we expected a Democrat to do. Well, it should be Charlotte North Carolina with an out towards the suburbs in the more rural parts of the district. Will Republicans expect to do well. He did very well, and so in that case he sort of beat the Pratt County. Small County buy small County to offset the Democrat doing well. track throughout the country in rural areas. That’S going to be big, that’s going to be an important part of the president 2020 re-election strategy. I do not doubt that, even though look on Election night 2020 will not likely be talkin about and C9, but we will be about whether or not the president can keep that kind of strong turnout in rural parts of States. Even if the Democrats, you know, can boost their turnout, maybe in cities and suburbs, but that’s one of the ways the president run off to special election expected it. So what is strong for a special election once all the votes are counted, will have an exact figure on that you know it could be. Around 50 % will have to look once once all the boats are in, but I do think that for a special election it was reasonably high. Should the question we’re within the district 2 turns out there anything else, which is to say there were Republican districts? That Democrats got closer many of them, they won, they 140 seats, some of them they came up short, but there are particular constituencies that you definitely want to watch Suburban women, but there are white women who college degrees. The Democrats in 2018 won them by 20 point. That’S something that you’re going to see if they can replicate in 2020 would give them a better advantage or well. Will the Republicans go back and cut back into a margin and Crips like that? I think Suburban districts like this one are going to be one of the things to watch so that within the suburbs you’re going to be looking at those extended suburbs. If you get out to rural areas, either Americans were living in places that don’t have longer commutes there a little bit further out from the city’s those places of also diversify, and that’s one of the other. Absolutely you don’t just think of several different people, not just from different places in the state, but from different places. All over the country as people move around those are both are places that you know it’s there’s not one kind of suburb anymore Nick was at Bishop’s election-night headquarters, as you might imagine, and then the surprise call to the White House from the stage here. A little out-of-the-box unexpected, but that’s what happened? What more can you tell us about when the atmosphere change? When was it clear that that room that Bishop was the winner? That’S because we saw a more votes come in from Republican stronghold Union County, which is where we’re standing tonight and then he never really lost the lead. As more should we were waiting till late this evening because of the Charlotte precincts hoarding, and so it really, the question was: did Bishop get enough votes in Union County to offset some of the more purple or democrat voters independent in Mecklenburg County turns out the answer To that is yes, 30mm pointing out his Bishops exceedingly strong, showing in a democratic stronghold in the eastern part of the part of a district for Robeson County County drive up the store here. But that’s not what happened tonight. Bishop only lost by about 200 votes. There been in general tonight, 30 %, which, when you think about this, is a special election other than voters in the city of Charlotte, which was minuscule. This was the only election going on for voters today. So you look at a 30 + 4 election today in UC High turnout in Cumberland County, which Dan Bishop one today that McCready one in 2018. That’S where Trump visited Fayetteville Fort Bragg last night, how you looking Robeson County and around their turn out, what’s Hi-Fi prison Mike Pence here in Union County yesterday, turnout was high today as well, and so you have to imagine that the extra last-minute push from the White House really helped Propel Bishop alright
Republican Dan Bishop won the closely-watched special election for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District. CBS News director of elections and surveys Anthony Salvanto breaks down the results, while Nick Ochsner of CBS Charlotte affiliate WBTV joins CBSN from North Carolina.

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