Republicans Agree: Shutdown Is Bad For The GOP | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Republicans Agree: Shutdown Is Bad For The GOP | The Last Word | MSNBC
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here is what me what might be Donald Trump’s strategy for winning the election that is 99 days away if we don’t get border security after many many years call within the United States I would have no problem doing a shutdown it’s time we had proper border security with a laughing stock of the world with the worst immigration laws anywhere in the world we need border security border security includes the wall I would be certainly willing to consider it shut down if we don’t get proper border security what the latest polling showing that 58% disapprove the president’s immigration policies Democrats believe a trump government shutdown over the wall which Whitaker about a month before the election would be good for the Democrats Republicans think the Democrats are right about that last week Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell thought they worked out a deal to avoid a government shutdown and delay funding for a wall as far as the walls concerned we gotten some wall funding already underway and the president’s going to be to make sure that we get what we need so that we can get that done because the funding of the border wall going to wait until after the midterm elections probably so you’re not worried about a government shutdown shutdown at the height of the election campaign Republicans are very worried I think the American people expect us to do our job and should thank you be bad politics for the Republican party to shut the government down would get blamed so I prefer deal that would be a win-win rather than sugar Donald Trump has never been in step with the Republican establishment on his campaign for the wall especially when he first announced his campaign for the wall when he was a candidate in a new piece today as recline writes in a field of Republicans who were trying to changed the party to appeal to a rising Hispanic electric Trump was alone in speaking to Republican voters who didn’t want the party to remake itself who wanted to be told that a wall could be built and things could go back to the way they were joining our discussion now is Ezra Klein editor-at-large at box and the host of the podcast the Ezra Klein show his new piece and box is entitled white threat in a Browning America Ezra what does Donald Trump I think he knows about the wall that those Republicans we just heard from do not know about the wall you get your base out is not a persuasive politician how to persuade people who do not agree with him to agree with him when he tries to do is tell people that he agrees with them he tries to get people who feel ignored by the political system we go Angry part of the Republican party to turn out to vote so one way in which talked about this before and it’s been reported pretty widely 18 things a shutdown might actually help him because he’d have his base his people activated upset that you watching Fox News it be coming out to vote Maybe very authentic I mean he’s not kidding around he really really believes that we need a wall on the border he really believes that the board is completely insecure he really believes in America’s being overrun by people from countries that I will not use this term on the air so the other place we disagree the problem party is it just on the politics of it but is actually on the importance of the policy of it in your pieces were you talking about the linkage year of what in this common theory since the emergence of the Trump vote big enough votes to win the electoral college that economic anxiety activated the racial resentment that was manifest in the Trump campaign in your peace you and plenty of evidence that racial resentment activated the economic anxiety that the racial resentment came first in the people who harbored racial resentment then had a higher level of economic anxiety studies on the book called identity crisis which is the best looking election data from 2016 it comes out in about 2 months and what would they found there’s been this very convenient the election Donald Trump racist America you’re not seeing a white identity back like you just seeing a bad economy a bad economy that makes people scared and make some defensive it makes him pull back and it makes him ready to all you need to add to that catalytic mixture is some kind of combustible agent like Donald Trump and you get what we got in 2016 and the reason that’s reasonably convenient view is it it means we can fix it we can fix the underlying thing make the economy better and everybody wants to make the economy better right now the problem is I just doesn’t appear to be true racial resentment not economic anxiety LED where people let how people voted in 2016 least ones who were changing their votes in one of the ways we know that before 2012 before 2016 back when you’re looking in 2007 if you look at how resentful people were racially it had no reflection on how they thought about the economy by the end of extremely related to what you thought about African-Americans so you had this thing happening where if you were more racially resentful you believe the unemployment rate was worse than it was that you were more racially resentful you believe the economy is going in the wrong direction and by the way saying that the real unemployment rate was 42% the economic optimism of the most racially resentful flip the most economically optimistic people in the country this is not what you would expect if it was going on with him actually, conditions problem it is what you would expect if people are filtering their feelings about the economy through their feelings about whether or not their group is rising or falling it seem possible even by the evidence in your peace that the Russians who were attacking our election process we’re actually more aware of this you say there’s a reason why when the Russians wanted to sew division in the American election they focus their social media trolling on America’s racial divisions why the USA Today to Great analysis of this if you look at what Russians were doing on Facebook if you look at the Russian troll farms in Bots they were doing black lives matter trolling they they were trying to get into America’s racial Division and this is America racial not just passed but it’s on racial present we don’t like to be told loser divisions we don’t like to meet all of their problems here in our country we want to believe we’ve all become color blind but we moved into a post-racial moment a completely easy-going conversation economic anxiety and end in politics as as policymakers would have it but we have these very very deep Cuts we have a lot of trouble talking about them but those who want to influence elections don’t and by the way that’s not we seen for years as a very good at doing dog whistles and coated appeals this is a very deep wound in the country and people were trying to move our politics know how to activate it as recline thank you very much I really appreciate it thanks YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on 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The President is threatening a government shutdown right before the election to get more money for ‘The Wall.’ That has Republicans nervous because 58% already disapprove of the president’s immigration policies. Ezra Klein joins Lawrence.
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Republicans Agree: Shutdown Is Bad For The GOP | The Last Word | MSNBC

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