Returning From Recess, Dems Press Trump For Action On Gun Control | Hardball | MSNBC

Returning From Recess, Dems Press Trump For Action On Gun Control | Hardball | MSNBC
Returning From Recess, Dems Press Trump For Action On Gun Control | Hardball | MSNBC
Democrats are pressing Trump Republicans like Mitch McConnell for doing something for his series of recent mass shootings. We all went through the pressure means silent about specific measures. He might support said he will not act until the present acts. My members know the very simple fact that the presidential signature, and so we are got a briefing at lunch from Eric ueland from down to White House if they are working on coming up with a proposal that the president will sign until that happens. All this is the address. He said it. That’S just now, Brandon news tonight, Dayton, Ohio. Are we going to another one of these dry? Well, for nothing comes up. Well, I mean I’m pushing the Republican leadership. They control the US Senate. Why won’t? They bring up a measure without the present say. I will give you a cover. First, I don’t pretend to understand the relationship between Mitch, McConnell and Donald Trump. I think it’s a big task back back and forth, but people back in Dayton – all they see, is nothing happening and on the nights at the vigil, when they shouted down Governor Mike dewine, they said to do something, and so I don’t think people in Dayton and The 289 places that have had a mass shooting just this year, we’re going to eat, forget we’re getting to a point where every single Community has a mass shooting. So now it’s not like this idea, where you can just say: oh there going to forget because then a week later, another shooting happened. 1968 would Bobby Kennedy was shot politicians or assassinate, like no other country the world, without assassinations by gunfire, and it seems like every time we will do it. We were reminded today by Tom Cochrane Tamara has been on the agenda. A bipartisan agenda of the US Conference of Mayors since 1968 in the streets, because we know the family members to her innocent in with their families as well, there’s a very, very real connect in in Washington, there’s a very real disconnect 910k Shiseido, something a background checks. I don’t know who it is: that’s protecting them that I can tell you at least from a Pennsylvania perspective, the about after Sandy Hook, you saw in the Eastern Philadelphia suburb Republican areas that supported background checks. After even Senator Toomey Senator Casey completely change his position. So strong that you didn’t see that, after Tree of Life, you started to see it in white, Suburban areas throughout southwestern Pennsylvania in these aren’t the most affluent areas. These are the blue collar working-class area window in order to Abel is Nan, said to do something, but that something is two things: it’s Universal background checks and it’s red flag laws which, when put together, will help law enforcement officials to be able to proactively a crime From happening instead of just reporting and going after. show up whenever you think the coast is clear, he doesn’t again and again and again he’s doing it again. No announcements, tonight. Is after the mass shootings that took place in Dayton and Pittsburgh. He was right afterwards in our country, Franklin all over the world and something has to be done. Something has to be done really very good beyond anything. That’S been done so far. Every time there’s a shooting situation happened right after it happens and don’t act. 5 weeks, 6 weeks later and therefore don’t act forward, so I think everybody should be held accountable on background checks. I think that’s easy to make this complex. Americans support it accountable and I do think there are Senators that are vulnerable because of suburban areas that have moved out this way. So you can see this playing in the Colorado race, the Arizona race. Well, let’s talk about Mitch, McConnell’s position. He said again in the air today tells me he’ll, send it anyting. independent, representing 278 Mariners, who all signed on to supporting background checks, 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington DC from the reddest of the red to the blues to the blue and leader McConnell, made it Clear to us today when we went to visit him, that was exactly what his position was. He did not. He seemed to make it a position: practicality, when it is in fact the position of abdication. We created a legislative branch in this country and we created leadership within that Branch to lead not to follow the US, and it does not work for the president. If it did, this country would not have been able to survive this long. The American people want in his mirror. Well, he said the only place where this is political is in Washington, Toys, R, Us great spokespeople for people and people have executive responsibilities which is present, doesn’t always have. Thank you, mayor of Pittsburgh, beautiful city NBC. Thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube, if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you, can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list and see lots of other great videos.
Back from their recess, Democrats are pressing Trump and congressional Republicans for action following a series of recent mass shootings. The president remains silent about specific measures he might support. Chris talks to Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley about the need for gun control.
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Returning From Recess, Dems Press Trump For Action On Gun Control | Hardball | MSNBC

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