Reuniting Korean War remains with their families is ‘sobering but rewarding work’

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Reuniting Korean War remains with their families is ‘sobering but rewarding work’
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it’s been 65 years since combat ended in the Korean War but this week brought New Hope to more than 7,000 families still seeking closure with our lost loved ones 55 cases containing remains US service members lost during the war we’re transferred back to us custody Friday after president Trump negotiated the return during his stomach with North Korea’s Kim Jong on forensic scientists in Hawaii will now begin as of identifying those lost Heroes I just returned from the facility where that kind of painstaking work has been going on for years with these the standard eyeglasses as a child eyeglasses a battered wallet St Christopher medal for protection a haunting reminder of those Americans lost nearly 70 years ago on the Korean Peninsula American dr. John has spent decades trying to identify and I was working at once on one of the locations where we had a large battle I was in the base camp on the hillside overlooking the field where the battle took place and I was in my tent with a warm sleeping bag I was thinking about those men who spent several days down in that field just down below me same time of year they didn’t have a warm sleeping bag that’s very very what they think about what they went through a forensic anthropologist who works here at the Defence po wmia accounting agency in Honolulu retrieve those remains more than a decade ago remember that these were all worn by our service members but we can’t show you on camera is even more profound Within Reach my fingertips the skeletal remains teeth skulls bits of hair of those courageous Americans who fought in Korea match through DNA or even old x-rays we have to take it as a giant 3 dimensional puzzle we’re getting close to have identified 500 now we’re doing very well but we’ve got a long ways to go when you have family members and they talk to us about what it meant to them we were able to succeed in making an idea it it’s an extremely rewarding feeling and in a way that you don’t get in science very often when the others are able to identify a service member the family will come to this just yards from the lab Admiral John Crites the deputy director here says it was designed as a Sacred Space where families can connect with their long-lost loved ones sometimes for the 1st I had a family hero a widow of a Vietnam War soldier and the daughter and spending some time in the viewing room and the daughter said we’re doing great but we need some more time because this is the first time I’ve ever met my father he went off to war six months before she was born it was the first time she’s ever seen her dad and you going to giving her that closure was so special she was just for when her father of pilot was sent to Korea my dear little Diana hi pug-nosed say what’s this I hear about you finding a snake months later on a reconnaissance mission his plane shot down today the thought that one of those cases just brought out of North Korea could contain her father’s remains chokes her up takes my breath away to think about it. connected to her father all these years becoming a pilot herself even getting the chance to fly the same kind of plane a P-51 Mustang in which her father was lost buying that aircraft that he Minecraft that he flew gave me the ultimate connection to him it makes me emotional just thinking about it Define but there is always hope for her and for thousands of families still waiting and we hope they all get resolution that’s all for us today thanks for sharing part of Sunday with us check out world news tonight and have a great day hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here thanks for checking up ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here Triborough Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
“This Week” co-anchor Martha Raddatz reports on the process of identifying and returning the remains of soldiers lost during the Korean War.

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