Revealing Reality: Richard Maxwell stages ‘Dévoiler’ in Aubervilliers

Revealing Reality: Richard Maxwell stages ‘Dévoiler’ in Aubervilliers
Revealing Reality: Richard Maxwell stages ‘Dévoiler’ in Aubervilliers
Hello and welcome song cool coming up in the show. I guess today founded the New York City, plays there’s a troop and has been bringing experimental and boundary-pushing drama, two stages around the world for 20 years now, playwright and zyrexin, Richard Maxwell’s latest production is being shown here in Paris and he Studio to tell us more Hi Richard thanks for joining us, French speaking cost, and that word means to unveil to reveal something. So what was it visible now? Several things I think most important, this Shaffer squat, which is situated in over the VA in the vomit district, and I learned about that. Theater La commune and the invited me to to make a show – and so I learned about the mission of the theater and how they were working with the squat through a school called a call attacked and that school had partnered with the squad to help the people Who live there and to actually make a constitution, make rules for the hundred or hundred fifty people that live in? What okay? With the text of this play, this one, it wasn’t written by one person or author – was actually put together by people, including of the Hammond, because Nicholas about how you started working together so that take from them in our Squad and suggested working together on this theater Project so we discussed the idea together to talk about our son 1 life saving time. It is good to talk about what we can come through, so that other people might feel less alone in their suffering. So I want each of you to draw your dream house. Each person has their own, so the people who we see on stage that and just perform as they were involved in the creative process, bringing their own stories to the stage, tell us a bit more about some of those stories. Many of the people who came to to France follow the sun. Similar route, which is well from Molly at, is a number of people from Mali who win to Niger and Olivia, and then wind up Atlanta producer and being processed there and then put into camps in Italy and and then found their way to France to that route. We were able to synthesize a lot of those stories into one that way. about the issue and he told us a bit more about what he learned about that question: to be working in a very intimate process with people from a wide variety of pussy West African. It is an amazing insight into different cultures and of course, you know, I read the news like everyone else, so I know about the migrant crisis, but to be working with people who actually tell us about what it’s like to cross the Mediterranean in the Zodiac or To cross the desert with a fixer to get to Libya is something that requires a lot of thought. You should know this question is nothing new, it’s something that affects every continent, and what did you learn about the situation in Europe? Hats, in contrast to what you see in America, France, is it better welfare system for accommodating people in general and more welcoming than the United States? That’S my impression, but something somebody told me who lives in Paris and also has lived in America. They felt like an African who goes to France, won’t have as good a chance of becoming French as an African America becoming American, which I thought was interesting Linguistics into English and back between you and the team. Was it like directing when it’s not it’s it’s it’s. It’S a kind of buffer. I suppose I couldn’t have done this without necklace it was. He was indispensable for translation, so I he became like my ear. I mean he literally is telling me word for word what people are talking about? That’S what’s happening so lcda experiences. The way they related to the being on the road and some of that BOB stroller muff, they might have been counted, that what did you learn about? Masculinity in this process learned anything about masculinity, its. It wasn’t part of the design to make a show with only men. In fact, we had a couple women involved in the project early on who couldn’t commit to the projects in the because of their commitments at home. So I don’t I mean this is my attitude. Is if you want to be a part of the show, then then meet me at the theater and we’ll make a show, and it doesn’t matter what gender you are. It just so happened that in this case it was all men and one of those men. The main character seems to be absent from the story and visible in some way, to certain extent why that decision in the staging, because I’m blind was in school, we had him in the part playing himself and she was the central figure. But then we learned along the way that he had the school commitments and couldn’t do the show. So I had this idea what we could try and do it with and there is it just you know, and so we tried it out warm to the idea and and then we we were pretty excited when we finished a show without the central figure we finished A run to the show without the central figure there and essence of happen fly was in the audience watching that run through, and he said I want to do the show or do you do you honor a kind of commitment that is coming from the players and I found a way I think, to incorporate both because we we found a way to work. Will I into the show if you saw, but in a different way than we expected. I think the people live in neighborhoods in all caps transformation. At the moment, I need anything else to address the issue with Rising housing costs and not something that happens around the world. It happens when you live in New York as well. Have you seen the transformation of Manhattan, specifically, I’ve Lost You years and how it changed. Social and cultural landscape that I think it’s unfortunate, becoming more and more homogeneous culturally because of how expensive it is to to live in Manhattan and and the outer boroughs to so. The city at large is becoming split in half between the Haves and Have Nots, and I think that’s too bad, because when I first arrived in the city, if the housing was more affordable, and so you had a a wider spectrum of people and for me that Means a wider spectrum of people making art, which is always good. I think this play we had stumbled upon V selection by accident and it provides a kind of Refuge for him, beyonc all providing the kind of refugee that people need today for sure. One thing that people may not realize about the play is that we we we’re able to you, know the squad. That’S revealed at the end of the play. Is it isn’t just for show it’s actually housing people for real and so aesthetically. That was really interesting to have the FedEx or whatever being formed by function like that something that is actually in the theater. So I think I think that you know when you talk about Refuge. It serves as a metaphor, but also literally 2, no company that you found it at the New York City. Players have been going to 20 years. Now you set out with the aim to create drama that to court. You is about people relationship and, above all, feeling, and I entreat Mount Snow. The most difficult feeling to run downstairs to make visible for for an audience was the most difficult feeling, I think, is the one that might occur inside the audience. I wrote that blur because I feel, like some stories, involve feelings, but that doesn’t mean that the feelings of the people involved are important. It actually means that the feelings of the people watching are important and it’s my belief that if you make a show right that you’re opening up the the landscape feeling to each individual viewer, which is something I prefer animation response I’ll, tell you why, when starting to Break apart and UMUC impressionism take and as a Storyteller, I have a lot of respect for stories that can be told within within one frame, and I look at look at this. because it’s it’s it’s a it’s a situation where that, where there’s no attempt to hide The this the brushstrokes, so it’s as much about painting as the subject is being painted – and I think there’s a correlation between that and the work that I make is. I think my work is as much about theater as it is about. Whatever topic this, the theaters about current Exhibition at the moment song, which is a selection of cat Mondrian paintings without Channel taste, is renowned for his abstract works. But this is a look at his lesser-known figurative pieces that don’t show you out the moment. Would you remember to check out our website for More arts and culture, and you can check put on cool on all social networks to this morning’s coming up on France? 24. Just after this
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The New York director brings his brand of experimental theatre to Paris’s northern suburbs with his latest play “Dévoiler” at the Théâtre de la Commune. Maxwell has been working with people from the Schaeffer Squat in Aubervilliers, many of whom have arrived in France after perilous journeys from Sub-Saharan Africa, through Libya and across the Mediterranean. Together, the director and his cast have created a powerful drama, which deals with questions of migration, refuge and social cohesion.

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