Reviving Italy’s ghost towns with an unusual hotel – BBC News

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Reviving Italy’s ghost towns with an unusual hotel – BBC News
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the known as Italy’s ghost towns thousands of ancient settlements across the Italian Countryside have fallen into ruin as lack of jobs poverty and earthquakes drove away the people living there the Township in left Frozen in proposed idea is breathing life and money back into a lucky few of these forgotten rural communities by turning the deserted buildings in an almost invisible scattered Hotel it’s cold and Out Burger the village of Santo Stefano di sessanio dates back to Medieval Times but when Italian entrepreneur Daniela kilgren arrived 20 years ago it was crumbling and almost abandoned people has been gone away because it was very poor because there was no economic a chance to survive in such a place where is ancient culture and traditions he decided on a sustainable tourism mortal cooled and albergo diffuser these may look like deserted buildings from the outside but inside individual hotel rooms have been created throughout the village storing the design for the Middle Ages 21 Hotel you will never ever see this you know The Village Guest encouraged to take part in local life and residence make money from that traditional skills like teaching cooking lessons using a Chew recipes weaving and Crofts was searching for regional she’s like black truffles in the nearby mountains it took 5 years of restoration and millions of Euros a private investment to transform Santo Stefano into a tourist destination many of Italy’s of the deserted village could never erase this kind of funding but in Santo Stefano di elbow go to fuse Immortal is slowly helping to rebuild the community young people who grew up in the area is starting their own businesses rather than leaving Serena’s father was a local but she runs off we didn’t have before but now towards the ride from order the world discounted tourism isn’t for everyone though room prices can reach out to 400 euros and night and getting to the towns can be difficult but the idea is catching on around the country they’re not 40 officially recognized I’ll buggy jacuzzi in Italy
An unusual hotel, scattered throughout the community, is breathing life back into Italy’s deserted villages.

A film by Amelia Martyn-Hemphill for BBC World Hacks.

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