Rhinos: Killing & Corruption (FULL DOCUMENTARY) BBC News

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Rhinos: Killing & Corruption (FULL DOCUMENTARY) BBC News
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the rhinoceros is being on the planet for millions of years but it could be gone in a lifetime it home it’s not worth golden cocaine on the black market and so pooches a driving rhinos to extinction species churches in traffic is corruption it’s fueling the crisis doesn’t matter we you get through then there’s police corruption should be protecting them half of the Rangers a corrupt we make the go-between who took bribes from poaches I would give money to most of his friends and most of his friends are magistrate lawyers prosecutor magistrate to it now being investigated the activist risking her life to bring down the kingpins Tama face researches on in the trees below at dozens of rhino this huge private reserve in South Africa is fenced and protected 24/7 by heavily armed guards but the best way to deter the purchase is to remove what they kill for and so the mission is to find the Rhino sedate them and the holding them to save their lives the shine suspicious and aggressive it’s going to be a long day the poaching epidemic here began 10 years ago eight and a half times African rhinos have been killed for that holds most of them here in South Africa which is home to 80% of the comes in and stuck there now only 25000 Black Rhinos have been killed here every year that’s nearly three a day just Louie inflows EP zululand is the home of the southern white rhino all of those remaining today originated here but it’s also wear that 9 most at risk it’s not the first time these prehistoric animals have face down Extinction about to the current rate of killing it could be the last huge Hood once removed and forget until colonial wars reduce them perhaps just 104 in zululand in the 1960s there was a major push to save the species what was the date and transport them to other Parks operation Rhino was spearheaded by the time in Playa the very first time that and other started charging rhinos a broken hand you my heart you know from the very early age it’s very painful for me to see what is happening to these animals in the ghost I need a wonderful species but it seems to me they want to completely eliminate them from the face of the Earth so I’m in the whole of South Africa lyrics the moving of rhinos continues to this day even if the technology I’m the techniques have changed a little it’s dramatic but it’s harmless and a few years ago before he died Ian player the shirtless Marksman for the I came to see a new generation trying to save the species all over again in zululand she’s a syllabus lovely the Vets who worked on this translocation to other Parks is not kept busy in other ways carrying out post-mortems on post rhinos it was something that was unusual it was almost a novel to go out to approaching scene and connect to the forensic examination half-a-dozen the year was a lot and then in the last 10 years it’s really just picked up with last year alone between McAllen, Southway 276 examinations which denies phenomenal increasingly being hit they have a large concentration of rhinos and less security than private part it’s tough dealing with this every other day I think arrived at the scene and suddenly realize he’s a Survivor it was one animal that mean it had been shot in the neck but in the process of removing one’s running revived and got up and ran away animal with off of Face Off the old hanging off the face reading something to get into that state and then as a bit I’ll go to think about what can I do to help this animal from experience he knows that corruption is allowing this killing to continue have somebody on the inside that can tell you we run our number one and then have a two-wheeler ranges off I’m sorry I think I’m failing obvious when you see that controls in one particular a couple of days I get pulled off the rest or something like that and then it’s not the person that you know exactly the same spot and it’s all Toronto and he’s not the only one to say so we secretly magiranger from shoe fluid flows Epoch with protecting his identity and his voice open photos of filter Angels a corrupt many many people many filter ranges in reserves men are totally involved in Rhino poaching there are some people involved as an inside job in line open difficult friend’s brother’s zip code everything everyone who can say I want to post that I know that’s a problem he describes an incident when Rangers assigned to another Park to hold off when it came across purchased before I started to attack the rhinos and so they laid Road in a report one of field Rangers replied no wait for us we are the people to attract those people wait they waited until Depo shot short one Rhino the Rhino was screaming he blames the ranges in charge for deliberately preventing the purchase from being nothing happened but they took the horns and ran away after that you could have called everyone that place would have been caught he also claims management to being involved in corruption and says even if they catch people with horns and guns they aren’t always Jail arrest people in positions rhino horns but they have gone to court and have been found not guilty and they are afraid of money to the police to the lawyers there has been corruption in terms of some some areas and we believe we’ve tackle those areas we were suppose that information on to the South African police services off the park corrupt no simple as that simple as that you know that I know that okay well are you coming there’s always serious that you can get depends on where you looking at in twins on the information but at the moment in terms of the management we confident that we we have good Management in the park burnishing private part is not a difficult that smaller easier to secure and Rhino dehorning is more practical dancing from the air the pilot uses the helicopter down drop the guy the dotted Rhino into the open first the road before the drugs kick in the clock is ticking bomb is a lot to do 43 I have 20 minutes to work and gather data for the quicker they are the better it is for the Rhino about satellites too bad we weren’t a lot because they stole it was last 18 months ago still worthwhile for poaching guys but not getting to the growth tissue I’m so I still not even that is still in attractive amount of corn that’s left on the animal so they still are being lost it’s not necessarily the poorest of the poor that are involved in purchasing it so I can find to that anymore we’ve got sophisticated syndicates operating and transnational syndicates these people are pricing with goodbye just say well resource stat and therefore have a significant capacity negotiate with people on the ground you might be very vulnerable to to corruption it’s like trimming fingernails in fact it’s the same material as fingernails Harrington and that’s what makes this whole trade even more unbelievable there’s no evidence the whole and has any medicinal value the main reason for demand in Asia but yet still even be shaving a worth of Fortune will this is the point between we have to have that holds removed in order for them to have more chance of survival private part to do miss all the time now but in places like it slow and floozy Park they don’t do this and that makes him even more of a Target to purchase so I’m wondering how long do I have one side 3 to 4 minutes 3 to 4 minutes okay groggy confused but otherwise fine dehorning is time-consuming expensive but it is making a difference. for the private resent to go see corruption fish low in Fallujah Park the best bunch of the problem lies within parts of the Judiciary option enabling Ronnie paycheck consider that it’s the sister of Correction it’s mess of Jamie Joseph activists an investigator who was uncovered extensive evidence of corruption inside the courthouse taking bribes and Rhonda poaching cases over two and a half years she and the full monty poaching policeman uncovered what they call a black list of corruption as they tried to bring down a suspected Rhino horn Kingpin Lisa targeted when they go up to Hollywood Targets in Fort Wright and licking on the higher IRA members of the all the groups of the syndicates and making use of undercover operations we required successful including on it but you that’s why species investigation unit on an administrative matter which is currently challenging why did you leave your job was not by choice we suspect we got to close to some of the hiya Syndicate members possible links to government girls are being warmed by policemen prosecutors Magistrate’s officially interviewed sources you have explain to me why I was not getting proper connections and some of my messages they cool that’s fresh he sign an affidavit and pass the lie detector test he claims the uncle he worked for a lawyer called Welcome guinier with part of a large corrupt Syndicate and he was told to deliver the bribes mister and when he denies pain I just told the BBC he knows nothing about this that works sometimes too most of his friends and most of his friends are magistrates lawyers prosecutors so they can make the case for him or for that person if you want COK to be redrawn or if you want everything to just disappear we just go to him same thing same procedure garage or will go to them they will come and drink with them they’ll even after court Chelsea today minutes car smoke with them and talk about about the case most cases that he was involved in the he’s being involved in but the spokesperson for that special operations hit that but 80% of the whole ones we’re going through his hands he’s we can sense because we’ve been chipping away at that to the kid and one of his friends is that he never goes to jail I said many times but even as always goes missing and Rockets was going to say the amounts of cash she says we’re paid by quality was on his testimony implicates a network of named magistrates and lawyers acini police officer that believes fresh is providing credible allegations which serious need investigating iguanas lawyer Melinda was also Accused by flash of being part of this corrupt Syndicate something she denies people are making you out to be missing have you dealt in Roanoke won’t have you been involved in pouches are you being protected by officials in South Africa is the corruption in the courts this is leading to these two lies you’ve been accused of being accused of corruption never responds to that you like to say anything about that thank you very much so the court is being too many times before it’s now going to try tomorrow at a different court but then his lawyer Miss Linda she has stepped down its being his lawyer which suggests that could be fertilized to come his trial is scheduled for November but saving the wild says the corruption doesn’t stop here and it goes up to another level and the other level is original quote president Erickson Monday and so he’s the one who’s responsible for appointing police magistrate so it’s two levels and this is when we token by syndicate these a big accusations for the most senior magistrate and was a little child Eric does it Monday took money from the lawyers he appointed as acting Magistrate’s he’s being investigated by the Magistrate’s commission until the BBC going to something unless there is a formal charge against me and then I will go to court ultimate responsibility for appointing magistrates lines for the deputy Justice minister specifically into magistrate is a Monday I’m aware of an investigation into him not not specifically link to the Rhinos but relation to other matches whether I’ve been told that there are some investigations yes relation to rhinos involving prosecutors employees no not that I’m aware of unfortunately investigations into the Magistrate’s do take time published Magistrate’s report seen by the BBC provides evidence that Eric doesn’t receive payments from fresh Gwinnett as well as other Magistrate’s report says it appears to have a pattern of racketeering activity with a definite system of command the police have the death findings the director of public prosecutions at least 9 months ago nothing has happened the cost of corruption can be measured by the carcasses of dead rhinos and the orphans they leave behind but it also impact olives Airlines poachers to act with impunity on the compromise at the police and the justice system not just in poaching cases the poaching of the Rhino horn has been assisted by the climate of corruption that exist in Africa the test to get to the Rhino they have to correct somebody these still crying out for their mothers more Rhino orphanages are open 8 to cope with a need to rear them and eventually to try and reintroduce them into the wild Interstate 59 * I’ll get to Misty angry with some human rights says he’s just not other word for it you know I want to strangle people and with brings out the worst in me so it doesn’t say much for the human race greed corruption on a desire for powdered keratin fingernails are all very human traits the continue to wipe out one of the planets oldest and most iconic species
Alastair Leithead investigates the alleged links between the illegal rhino horn trade and corruption in Zululand’s courts and its national parks.

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