Ride in a Formula E car on the Monaco street circuit – 360 Video

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Ride in a Formula E car on the Monaco street circuit – 360 Video
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I’m race car driver might like my uncle erasing from the also Racing for my racer Monaco and 1/6 X here is a very traditional Racetrack and I’m here to drive this the from Lake are okay guys so this is where the from Lake ice completely different from Formula 1 car off of an IndyCar instead of having a big engine right here we have a big battery right here the electric car is a very different driving at 5 so I eat it pulled up to the first place here ready to go amazing beautiful attractive always very very tricky you never know exactly what to breed the brakes already called now so I’ll just leave it gentle now the raking again I’m here yeah this is the funnest part of the track when you come down the stretch really really fast you having this beautiful view around you and in turn really fast into the left-hander it’s a fantastic corner this kind of Family Guy is just flat-out now this corner the walls are very close you can make no mistake it’s ready to hit the barrier and then you approach the most famous corner of the track his house cast many things have ever happened here before but this time it was everything is good I brought you the last quarter so important in many people have picked the wrong here I didn’t we’re coming on the finish line and it’s a fantastic lab quiet declaration from zero to a hundred kilometers per hour or 60 miles an hour is 3 seconds windy has a lot of elevation changes in the batteries are very close so fun to drive but I live here I’m on the phone also his home as well cool guys I hope it enjoy it as much as I did this was great to get back in the front of the car get back to acceleration of this electric cars it’s amazing YouTube this is Bruno Senna 49 virtual reality
Hop on board with Bruno Senna as he pilots a Formula E car on a hot lap of the world’s most famous street circuit.

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