Riots in France have put climate warriors on notice: Varney

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Riots in France have put climate warriors on notice: Varney
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Riots in France have put climate warriors on notice: Varney
The riots in France appeared with dying down over the weekend a little bit at least, but the protests have left that Mark and they’ve left a message but climb up Warriors the world over America included and that message twofold. First, voters are not prepared to pay more for energy now to solve a distant problem with the printer not going to pay a penny more for gas just because he wants to play his part in climate change. They already pay $ 7. A gallon second Point: voters are not prepared to sacrifice that standard of living while the world’s largest carbon polluter does nothing. We often forget that the Paris climate Accord allowed China to keep Mount Carbon without any check until 2030, when it touched, do try to cut emissions. In short, the greens of got a problem that climate Solutions won’t fly with voters, and that means Democrats have a problem. All the party of the greens, and although they really say it, f****** climate change, is part of that 2020 campaign. But it is not on the list of BO2 concerns if they propose climate action that hurts your standard of living that have a hard time convincing. Both I’ll conclude with this quote from an editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal every day. According to a NASA satellite survey, the Earth has gotten Greener, thanks in large part way, Rising pickle plant food CO2. That means we’re able to feed not only a rising population but give the poorest among the more nutritious diet. The French Strikers have a backup grip on reality, then that ruling Democrat, please take note.
FBN’s Stuart Varney on the protests in Paris and voters’ increasing concerns over the financial impact from climate change legislation.

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