Rita Ora heading “I will not be deleted” campaign – BBC News

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Rita Ora heading “I will not be deleted” campaign – BBC News
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Rita Ora heading “I will not be deleted” campaign – BBC News
British music star, Rita Ora, is having a campaign to try to combat, what’s known as Beauty Cyberbully, when somebody is bullied online as a result of their appearance. It’S an association with the Cosmetic brand new release, the results of a survey. Yes, Beauty cyber bullying going on to self harm, but we Dora towards me now from the South Bank in London, Rita Ora good afternoon to you very nice, very nice, to see you great explanation of what we’re doing here today. The I will not be deleted Campaign, which is basically a self decision that you make with yourself on your social media, to decide whether or not a picture is good enough or whether you’ll fall always will like it or whether the haters will actually really feel like This is an attempt to attack you or myself, and I’ve personally been apart of cyberbullying, with what I kind of decided to post. I think that only 44 % of women actually report bullying and I think that’s a really low figure and it really affect people and it really damages people’s mental health, which is such a big issue for us, especially for someone like myself in the public eye who, For many years has had this, I guess cover of you know being in hair and makeup and wearing all these fancy dresses and doing this shows, and you feel, like wow, really had a platform to be no support women being themselves, which really is just the worst Thing ever followers on Twitter, but still get to you some hurtful horrible things. I’Ve made me think twice about you. No do I even want to do musical. You know whatever option was it the time I was making me think twice. Imagine what people and secondary school elementary school going through really do upset young people for me and I think, for a lot of young women. It’S a parent’s! How we look what size we are, what kind of makeup we have on what we choose to wear and I just think it’s so transparent, and you know it’s very difficult to just stick up for yourself online, because you really are going to get into a black Hole if he trying to fight everything, that’s negative, and so my advice. I think if I had any wood to really just support your friends online and to just show as much support to somebody being themselves as you can, because that really helps person and it definitely helps me and inspires so many of my you have an amazing career. You’Re beautiful your you can do whatever you want to do all you. The right sort of person be to be giving this message when, when magazines, TV companies that will obsessed with image – and we look at magazines that still you draw about the role that brushing them things, I still away to go and just telling people that they can Look how they look and be comfortable with. It really means posting something and then kind of regretting it last minute and taking it down, and that’s me that psychological process is so damaging for your self-confidence. That will make you really doubt everything that you do, and that is the biggest problem you don’t want to have that she with yourself and on top of that, it’s incredibly difficult to scream from the top of the rooftops, but having that support, for example, with one Of my good friend is older than great spot for me, so it just shows that from all different aspects you can really represent who you are and where you come from, which for me is a big deal, especially that you know I emigrated from my country. Call Suburban came here in the UK and for me all about feeling, accepted and feeling wanted in my school and in my closet and when I realized that wasn’t the most important thing I saw. This is just really a shout-out for all women at 9 to just really themselves, especially growing up in this crazy cyber. Well that we live in yes for a second. Can you repeat that one more time now thinking about it, I feel like maybe there’s a reason why you asked me to seeing his Pub. I thought it was to teach me a lesson or two kind of do something, but in reality it might have just been so. You can get more customers text you because you are having a tremendous. At the moment. You put your new album out next month. School Phoenix it’s out the week of your birthday, you have broken up. Do you want you, and now I think the most successful female singer in this country facility is up against the like to put you to talk to me. What do you put that down to a lot of people? Look at you and don’t realize it? Oh, I thank you for saying that you know I wish it kind of happened overnight, but it definitely didn’t you know it took me a long time. I love grafting. A lot of sacrifice to really kind of have the opportunity to speak my mind and write the music. I want to write and represent myself, and I think, with this album Phoenix it comes out next month. It’S called Phoenix because I really feel like I’ve had a new lease of life, and you know this.. The eagle to Phoenix is all about kind of a rising and having the kind of love how to just be themselves, and I think that’s what this is and also his campaign. Just me, as a person you know, are you having just sing the Pokemon movie next year, best kind of kids film, I’m really excited about it. I can’t go into too much detail, but it will be announced very soon, but it’s really awesome. Do you like Pokemon, with Pikachu obsessed with Pokemon, I’m still going to want his cars, and then I was like? Oh my goodness, also, I think we’re going to start a business. I think we should start a really good business now, I’m very, very honored. To kind of be able to do so many parts of entertainment, I think it’s just the way the world is going and if he can do everything, why not again it’s been a long time since your first album lady, if I do say so myself? No, I think I’ve really just learned a lot about myself and what my feelings on it’s: okay, to really be vulnerable and proud to be a boss, and I think that’s why I like wearing a suit today. Do you know I really feel like I wanted to wear the trousers, and I wanted to represent myself on the campaign of. I will not be deleted with remote and cozy and do something that is inspiring and I’m picking up something and not feeling that you having Stress and Anxiety, 8 and actually looking at the news and was just going to let you know all. That was a good section and I feel very happy. That’S what I’m trying to do great to talk to you, because most of us read about you and use papers. Are you always happy with the image you think you got from that? Well, I don’t think I can tell a lie and say I’m happy, but you know I definitely pick my battles, you know I’m not the typical looking. I guess Popstar, you know I I’m a woman. I don’t have the typical like Immortal physique or what people in magazines look like, but I do wish that I guess journalism and it just meteor in general., Like figures, went as negative as they are not that we can almost kind of find a way to Pivot Into something really positive and and and compliment someone on their achievements, for example, I think that, for me, is completely already a difference, so you know I definitely I’m passionate. So I don’t know what it is summer. I feel so far we’re out of time.
Rita Ora heads “I will not be deleted” campaign that aims to tackle beauty cyber-bullying

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The global beauty company Coty today announced a new initiative led by its cosmetics brand Rimmel designed to combat the growing issue of beauty cyberbullying affecting millions of people, predominately young girls, around the world. Beauty cyberbullying is when someone is bullied about their appearance through negative or abusive comments on their social media channels.

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