Robert Mueller Report: A Narrative Of Obstruction Laid Plain | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Robert Mueller Report: A Narrative Of Obstruction Laid Plain | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
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Robert Mueller Report: A Narrative Of Obstruction Laid Plain | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Robert Mueller Report: A Narrative Of Obstruction Laid Plain | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Is our the correct title of the song in case you ever need to look, it up is whoop there. It is. The first word is whoop whud, I’m from Miami called tag team and whether or not that sounds familiar to you. You know exactly what song. I’M talking about it is not a complicated refrain right. You know that song, you know that raise your hand if you definitely knew that the first word of that song title was: who who did you? Did you definitely know how many people within the sound of my voice tonight thought? Maybe the title was woop or maybe oops start about it? There’S literally a board game based on the misconception that the lyric actually starts with poop there it is. It is a board game, I’ve kitchen, that that involves a spring-loaded toilet that shoots a plastic poop, we’re in the competitors in the game, try to grab it and the tagline is poop there. It is okay, if you were alive and sentient in America in 1993, that song oops Pizza Hut very easily stuck in your brain. And now that is about to be the theme song for the Trump White House for their response to the Miller report. And for specifically how the Democratic will be able approach to potential impeachment of President Trump for conduct described in that report because whoop there it is. We now know the exact moment. Former White House counsel, Don mcgahn in the Trump Administration was only just recently left. There’S an important moment when it comes to him the moment when the White House was really screwed, it up arts in the fall of 2017, although we did not find out until months later was first reported last year in the New York Times special counsel, Robert Mueller. Earlier in 2017 in May 2017, then in the fall 2017. According to the New York Times, quote Mueller’s office asked to interview Trump’s White House counsel, Don mcgahn to the surprise of the White House against office President Trump and his lawyers signaled that they had no objection to Moeller interviewing. recently hired out of concern that he needed Help to stay out of legal Jeopardy. Mr. Burke has explain to others that he told that they did not appreciate the president’s legal exposure by time again. Interview in court called Mr McGann and his lawyer. Mr. Burke could not understand why I was so willing to allowed to speak freely to the special counsel, but he did it’s no objections. Mcgahn was free to go, speak to the special counsel and he did I mean much to his own surprised. He was allowed by the White House to go to go, tell the special counsel, everything that he knew McGann does that for dozens of hours. He then ends up in the rejected Mueller report being cited more than 150 times, as Mueller methodically goes through. All of this, in which the president appears to have obstructed Justice and that ends up being hugely hugely important for two reasons: number one. We get him against testimony. We get all of these narrative facts about all these times. The president, allegedly this while in office, will have more on that in just a second and we’ll have more on that over the course of the next year, more than you think. But that moment with them, clearing Don mcgahn to go talk to Mueller ends up being critically important for the way the Scandal is ultimately going to resolve overall because oops, when the White House cleared on again to go to the special counsel to go to my office And talk about everything he saw Ben and heard while he was in the white house, when the White House cleared him to go, do that to go convey that information without restriction to Robert Mueller and his investigators in the special counsel’s office there. It is by clearing him to do that. The Trump White House waived any claim they might otherwise have asserted that what Don again saw and heard and witnessed in the Trump White House might be covered by executive privilege and therefore couldn’t be discussed with anyone outside the White House. Executive Privilege exists. If the White House chooses to assert that that means that something that happened in the White House, something that happened in relation to the president, can’t be conveyed outside of the original context in which it existed in the white house with the president. It can’t go any further if they had chosen if they had chosen to a certain executive Robert Mueller about anything, but they didn’t have the chance to do it, but they blew it. They let him go. You can’t say that material wasn’t privileged Robert Mueller and then later try to say that that same material is covered by executive privilege. If again is asked to testify about it to some other body to some other proceeding to some other investigators. Material is either privileged or it’s not. You waived your right to assert that it is privileged, and you have seen this Dynamic at work in this investigation already. Just since the Democrats took over the house in January of this year, right immediately started sending out requests for documation for documents and for information from people who have already been questions in Mueller’s investigation or people who have already been questioned by other congressional committees. They sent out anyone request for documents that everybody from Steve Bannon, but, as the Judiciary Committee, explain that the time those were actually pretty simple and uncomplicated from a legal perspective, because all of those requests at least an initial round asking for was material, but those people In those entities had already handed over, it already submitted it either to other congressional committees or do other law enforcement entities or to the special counsel and the White House there for had not asserted executive privilege to block the conveying of that material right. That made all of those requests all of those 81 people fairly simple under the law, whether it is a congressional committee or a legal investigation or whatever the White House has thereby giving up its ability to climb those materials have to be kept secret. They have to be kept within the white house because they’re covered by executive – or it is not. You can’t say it’s privilege for some audiences and not for other audiences. It’S either privileged or it’s not. When it comes to White House counsel, Don mcgahn, they didn’t privilege to block him from speaking to the special counsel, which has ended extensively from the special counsel redacted report. We no have pretty good evidence that President Trump never really understood the importance of that decision or the of his overall Dynamic with his White House counsel, this from Volume 2 of the redacted Mueller report starting page 113, the president had ordered White House counsel, Don mcgahn To have the Justice Department fire special counsel, Robert Mueller news media reports, that Mueller was examining a possible obstruction case. The president argue that molar had conflicts of interest that disqualify him from overseeing the investigation. The article further reported that, after receiving the president’s order to fire Mueller, the White House counsel, Don mcgahn, refused saying he would quit. Instead, the article stated ultimately back down after the White House counsel threatened to resign rather than carry out the directive after the article was published. The president dismiss the story when asked about it by reporters. Think fake news, folks, fake news of typical New York Times fake story, but then the next day on January 26th, 2018, the day after the times posted that story. The president’s personal lawyer called attorney president to fire Mueller and denying that he has threatened to quit. In protest against attorney informed the president’s personal Council that the New York Times his name against attorney, relayed that Magan would not make any such statement against attorney in the president’s personal Council that the New York Times story with accurate in reporting that the president had wanted. Mueller removed then the following week the president was apparently still steaming himself about time story that he had ordered the firing of Robert Mueller that he had told Don mcgahn to do it threatened to resign as a way of making the president on February 5th report quote The president directed White House staff secretary, Rob Porter to tell Don mcgahn to create a record to make clear that the president never directed that Magan should fire Mueller our records and what is something Beyond depressed statement demonstrates at the New York Times. Reporting was inaccurate. The president referred to him again as a quote lying bastard and said that he wanted a record from him. Rob Porter recalled the president saying something to the active. If McCann does not write a letter – and maybe I will have to get rid of him later – that day Rob Porter spoke to Don mcgahn to deliver. The president’s message. Porter told me that he had to write a letter to dispute that he was ever ordered to terminate the special counsel Shrugged off the request for the told him again that the president suggested that Magan would be fired if he did not write a letter again dismissed. The threat against said he would not write the letter that the president had requested the following day: white house chief of staff schedule time for Don mcgahn to meet with him, John Kelly and the president in the Oval Office again to discuss the New York Times article. The morning of the meeting, the president’s personal lawyer, called. sing with me again and again, no matter what happened in the meeting that makes you look forward to the meeting with the president began. The Oval Office meeting by telling the story did not look good and mechanic needed to correct it again recalled the president sang. I never said to fire Mueller. I never said fire. This story does not look good. You need to correct this. You are the White House counsel. The president understand that the word counsel means lawyer in this context of the president does not seem to understand that this moment is not his personal lawyer who needs to do as he directs. The White House counsel works for the presidency. The White House counsel job is not to clear things up in the president in the process to make the president look good on the president’s orders. The president appears to be somewhat flummoxed by this slowly Dawning revelation, but then this is the next 117 put the president. In the meeting the special counsel’s office that and that his conversations with the president were not protected by attorney-client privilege, at which point Dawn perhaps starts to break for the President right telling the special counsel. True things you have been, you have been telling the special counsel about stuff that has actually happened here and you’ll feel constrained to tell the truth, not to just say stuff that I tell you to say you have been I’m things that actually happened and then conveying The stuff that you took notes on to the special counsel – and I can’t stop you from doing I can’t make you lie to them. I can’t make you create false documents, denying what you I mean this is this part of the motor report is a remarkable narrative right about how things are being run in your white house under the president, including the president’s apparent confusion as to what he can order. People to do, but this is also strong, detailed evidence of the president in this instance, in the circumstance, committing a crime committing felony obstruction of justice in this is just one of the alleged distances of obstruction of justice. That Mueller appears to be saying he would have charged the president with this thing were this not the president wearing any one else on earth and the implication of this whole part of me. Incidents like this because of the justice department policy that says you shouldn’t indict or prosecute a sitting President, we can tell that’s what mother is doing here, because Mueller doesn’t just describe what the president did novelistic. Well, though, this is narrative a novelistic specifically to be necessary. Legal elements of obstruction of justice that you have to prove, if you, as a prosecutor, are going to justify bringing criminal charges against somebody under the obstruction of justice statutes. Are there are three legal Ella Mae? You need to prove that you need to have firm evidence of if you’re going to bring charges against somebody for obstruction of justice, obstructive act, Nexus and intent and in every instance, in this whole section of the report describes the president’s Behavior we after he describes what About that, behavior constitutes an obstructive act under the law. What about this describes a Nexus to an official proceeding under the law and what about the evidence of the president’s criminal and corrupt intent under the law? For this one instance, involving Don mcgahn under intent, is quite clear quotes. Substantial evidence indicates that, in repeatedly urging Don mcgahn to dispute that he was ordered to have the special counsel terminated, the president acted for the influence. The purpose of influencing begins account in order to deflect or prevent further scrutiny of the president’s conduct toward the investigation. What is, in effect back from molars findings, going through all the alleged incidents of the president’s obstruction of justice, as described in Mueller’s report and at least four of those instances. When you look at not just the described Act of the president and how egregious it seems. But legally, whether or not corrupt intent when you look clinically and legally at whether or not molar establishes all three of those elements in order to find sufficient distinct cases of the times puts it is that the report suggests there is sufficient evidence to ask a grand Jury to consider charging the sack as illegal obstruction that is Trooper Trump trying to fire Mueller. It is true for Trump trying to encourage Paul manafort not to cooperate with investigation, trying to get Jeff sessions recuse himself from the Russia to create some sort of record denying that Trump tried to get him to fire, Robert Mueller and all of those instances. According to what is plainly laid out in the report contain the elements you would need in order to prove information to a grand jury in order to produce an indictment, were the alleged perpetrator here not serving as president of the United States now problem for the White House, given that is number 1, they can’t stop Congress even now from pulling all of these threats and, following all of this evidence and investigating these matters themselves, and specifically when it comes to all the stuff mcgahn testified to to Robert Mueller excited more than a hundred And fifty times, just in the obstruction section of Mueller’s report when it comes to Don mcgahn, the Trump White House cannot stop Don mcgahn quickly, testifying in Congress about all of the same stuff. He talked to Robert Mueller about because the White House whoops allowed him to testify about the stuff to Robert Mueller, and so that toothpaste is out of the tube stop it’s not. They did not assert privilege to prevent Meghan McGann from talking about it to Mueller and because of that, they will not be able to assert executive privilege over that material to keep mcgahn from talking about it to Congress. He’Ll not be able to keep my gun from responding to a congressional subpoena to testify about all of that same stuff. He already talked to Mueller about anyway play tonight. The Washington Post was first to report that the White House will try to fight the Congressional subpoena that was issued to Don mcgahn Yesterday by the Judiciary Committee. In addition to trying to block testimony by Magan, which I don’t think anybody thinks they will be, how to do the post also reports tonight that the White House strategy from here on out will not be just to try to block testimony find again. It will be to try to block testimony from any current White House official or any former White House official, in conjunction with any events or testimony that were revealed in Mueller’s report, and I mean God bless them, they will give it a go. They will give it a try. They will certainly earned themselves some delays by doing so Armstrong legal ground in any of these efforts to stop these investigations now and they might have been with Don mcgahn. Had they gotten the right in the first instance, but they didn’t and so Don mcgahn will be stuck in the middle now for a little while against his subpoena, but there not a party to the subpoena and this frankly, as a matter of executive privilege was all Settled in the fall of 2017 there, it is when they let him talk to buy about the stuff tomorrow. That was the end of their claims. That executive privilege would protect that material from disclosure to investigators Mazzaro’s from handing over Trump related financial documents to the house. Oversight committee and again it will be the same Dynamic for a little while, while the White House tries to mount a legal effort that quashes the subpoena from accounting firm says, he will delay the enforcement of that subpoena form is ours until the court has weighed in On the new Trump lawsuit that is trying to stop that accounting firm Congressional subpoena, but that accounting firm is going to have to respond to that Congressional subpoena. I’M in the case law on this and the president here is absolutely clear. The White House in the president will have no leg to stand on when it comes to trying to block that subpoena me tonight. The Y awesome, the treasury Department are also trying to block the ways and means committee chairman from obtaining the president’s tax returns. Despite black-letter law, that clearly says the IRS returns over at the request of that committee chairman and again they will seed and getting a little bit of a delay here. Steven mnuchin, the Secretary of the Treasury, says he he plans to get back to the committee on this matter on May 6th. Okay, so says you, but it’s not ways and means. Committee chairman is already said that if today’s deadline were not met for handing over the president’s tax returns, he would consider that to be a denial of his request denied that committee chairman chairman Massachusetts, says he is Consulting with spoiler alert. There will be a subpoena here on the road he’s not saying is named today. That did not cover him and glory and they will try to go. They will try to delay these things and they’ll try to create the illusion of a big legal fight here, but they’re not on strong ground and listen with with all of these things. Why not saying? No? No, no! You can’t have the testimony know. You can’t have the documents know nobody should cooperate with this investigation, but it’s impressive for its uniformity. It’S impressive for the almost reflexive nature, with which they’re saying no to every request. This entire year, the White House has refused to hand over even a single document or to make available a single witness everything and that earns them delay, but they’re not ultimately in a strong position on any of it tonight. The oversight took the first steps toward contempt of congress vote for the Trump appointed official who was reportedly involved in overturning security clearance, rejections for more than two dozen White House.. That was not going to go away right when you can try to delay this guy from stopping front from speaking to Congress. You can try to keep the security clearance official away from the committee that has oversight over these matters, but the findings of even the redacted Mueller report. It’S clearer than ever. Why the White House, with black testimony about why so many senior Trump officials were rejected by career security stuff when they applied for security, clearances, wait in and intervene to Grant the security clearances anyway, I mean Jared Kushner today today, very rare public event. Well, I don’t know what he thought he was going to be asked to talk about 5 days after the Mueller report came out, but did you control after your name in that report, sir? I mean the the questions right off the bat for him today. Where can we talk about you going to the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians to get and you meeting with the sanction Russian Banker during the transition and you meeting with a Russian Ambassador and not reporting it during the transition? And you trying to establish some sort of secret government and you’re receiving some previously secret drop sanctions on Russia was working with a Russian guy who said the plan was personally approved by Putin, and then you gave me personally approved by Putin plan directly to the Secretary Of State and two senior White House advisor christner’s First Response question today at that time magazine event was so. First of all, thank you for having me here today, questions. Why didn’t the campaign the Trump campaign say? Hey Russia? We don’t need your help. We don’t want your help. Please stop question. Are you concerned that Russian intelligence services for trying to find ways to influence you and other people close to Trump? I was concerned about when they were looking into your background for permanent security clearance at the White House, security clearances, including the given, what we know for sure. Of course, they want the security-clearance overturning guy to testify I’m going forward and from blocking Administration Personnel from having to respond to subpoenas the Mueller report as yet is still full of reductions. It is already even it sit in its redacted form, sparking more areas of navigation and more areas of concern and public questions that senior White House officials don’t have answers for the white house right now is trying to block absolutely every aspect they can of these ongoing And know newly intensifying investigation president tonight called one specific Washington Post reporter to explain his thinking on how he’s trying to stop all these investigations and why he thinks he’ll be able to something other than persuasive. Are you all want to hear what he said that reported us next, I just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos.
Rachel Maddow recounts just how plainly the president’s obstructive behavior is laid out in the Special Counsel report, and the White House moves to block testimony in newly initiated congressional investigations.
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Robert Mueller Report: A Narrative Of Obstruction Laid Plain | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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