Robert Mueller testimony explained

Robert Mueller testimony explained
Robert Mueller testimony explained
Hi and welcome to the White House that Ellen Morrow and sort of a CBC News and myself are here to answer your questions about Robert Mueller’s, testimony in front of two different. How to spell committee yesterday and the testimony happens. It was much anticipated. It was as build up since the report came out. Everyone was waiting to see what V former special counsel would have to say so here on bug on Twitter and on YouTube Ellen, and I are ready to answer your questions about what it could mean for the president. What is the remember things when you can divide it by the Democratic strategy, the Republican strategy and just Robert Mueller’s appearance, and how we handled it himself? The Democrats going around it read the book, but that the movie would be better exactly but from the horse’s mouth there was very little that actually came out. Robert Mueller stuck to the bounds of his report. As he said he was going to do so. The Democrats, their strategy, was to try to get him. The highlights of the points in the report that done they are damaging is not criminal damaging for President Trump. So we heard the chairman of the house, Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler, get Mueller to say and confirm that President Trump was not exonerated by the reports, even though Trump himself likes to say he was towed exonerated. A Democrats brought up the instances of possible obstruction of justice on the part of President Trump’s and got Mueller to talk about the the campaign contacts that that Trump campaign officials had with Russia, even though it didn’t amount to conspiracy. So their whole strategy was trying to get Mueller to to talk about these. These difficult points for the president and to also highlight that Mueller was bound by Department of Justice. Guideline that is sitting president cannot be charged. Waterside Republicans are really trying to discredit Mueller himself and his investigators saying they were motivated by political bias and Molar throughout the day. You know he wasn’t particularly animated. His answers were short. It was hard to count how many I wouldn’t answer a question or referred people back to the reports, but he did come alive during those questions. Are Republicans really sort of hammered the Integrity of his investigators? Raymond Pang is asking on Facebook. Did we hear anything new and I think the answer to that in terms of what was Ledo’s in the report was no, there was a discussion of potential instances of instruction. That was all, as that we knew about we did here. Is he mentions of from the special counsel himself as a president was not exonerated? That’S also something that we do, but I think, as you were meant comments about the ongoing efforts by Russia to interfere in upcoming elections that really wasn’t potentially a new take away for people that had been paying attention right. For sure this was an ongoing thing and she said yes they’re doing it as we sit here in terms of of trying to interfere in American democracy. Robert Mueller and his opening statement yesterday morning also talked about his long career, his decades-long career of Public Service, but here in the US, and he said that during that time he’s seeing several at serious threats towards America, American democracy and he ranked the Russian election. Interference. Underscoring how important and ongoing that situation is particularly with another election looming in 20/20. Few more questions coming in this one on Facebook right who I’m sorry if I’m pronouncing your name wrong, does repeatedly remove the special counsel, equal obstruction. That’S the whole thing, because there was no decision by the council, the special counsel’s office on the idea of obstruction, and certainly there have other prosecutors, former prosecutors who has looked at that evidence that went through and ladles the incident. The potential intensive the case for potentially pursuing and obstruction case and had said it looks like instruction, but that is not something that Robert Mueller agreed with, even though it one point. It looks as though, in answer to a particular question that he said he would have charged the president with obstruction, if not for that apartment investors. Really he later walks that back in the in the second earring. So does the attempt by the presidents that were laid out in the report and equal obstruction of Justice? The report doesn’t tell us there are lots of lawyers who thinks that it does but they’re not with the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice headed by William Barr, took a look at it said no obstruction here, so that’s torn where we’re at and what we heard from Robert Mueller didn’t change that. In fact, you went out of his way to correct his statement and make it look as though it is like not so that it wouldn’t look that way right and that’s one of the biggest remaining question of obstruction of justice. There was a whole volume related to that question in the Mueller report. He listed about 10 instances of possible obstruction up by the president, as you refer to in your question, Raikou trying to interfere with a special counsel, navigation Mueller yesterday that the president tried to interfere with the investigation things like trying to fire special counsel, Robert Mueller, as You said interesting lie in the Mueller report itself. It’S as the president interfere with the investigation, but he was unsuccessful in doing it, because people did not follow his order, so he was protected by people. He was trying, according to the report, to do things to undermine the investigation and to talk about this issue of why a sitting president can’t be charged with a crime, because that’s something that’s sort of been all over the place in the story. And if you hear it doesn’t necessarily make sense of President is not above the law, but there are several legal up in from the office of legal counsel. That outline why this is a guideline and they essentially boiled down to the fact that if a sitting president is charged with the crime that he can exercise his duties and office, and he also can’t defend himself but that another of confusing point of all this investigation. In the first place, if the president can’t be charged with a crime, why go through all this processing and the reasons that are in the reporting that we yesterday or is that what you want to do when these kinds of accusations are out there is to go Through do the interviews and pursuing the evidence, as well as to look at what peripherally may happen in songs of of charges around people are around the president, which we did see in terms of Michael Flynn being charged in terms of be the Cohen case pending. Out of it, but that is leading to this additional a question from Sheryl Lee kid is running to us on Facebook will Donald Trump be charged when he he leaves office, and I mean it is purely speculative. The door is open. Robert Mueller answer the question.. That is a possibility, but that up to the time, because if he does the statute of limitations for the potential of those crimes, I believe it’s 5 years when’s another term that would be longer than 5 years with possible that he might not be on that basis Alone, but again, that’s all I see are from Facebook earlier in this similar reports Silver’s acted in death, and I wish I brought my report with me. I should have left it at the office. It is redacted. I think there’s a couple of reasons why the material does not appear in the some of it is time to ongoing matter. That is other court cases is filled out of this. They don’t want to limit those cases or make that information public, isn’t that could potentially harm it. Some of his personal information about people who aren’t charged and get that information out there and the other reason is because a grand jury, material and sources you’re talking about how you gather information, you don’t put that in the report. Cuz that might tip off people said that you don’t want to know about how you go about getting your intelligence on the issue of the grand jury material, that’s where there is another interesting development, a response to this when the Democrats came out and everyone’s asking. What next, when you had this hearing, did we hear anything to move the bar closer to impeachment grandstand moments? The public opinion has changed. We need to go further. Instead, what we heard them say is we’re going to continue to take investigative stuff, and there were two particular investigative steps that they took, trying to keep story. This pressure on the administration, one of them – is to legally subpoena and Don mcgahn former White House counsel, who is featured in a couple of those instances of alleged obstruction of justice. Hey it’s so far, the White House has resisted Magan, testifying going. The subpoena route would mean that there was likely a prolonged, illegal fight to get that testimony in front of Congress. They said they’re going to do, is move towards illegal process and get their hands on some of that redacted material that you raised, and that is the grand jury material at which is usually secret options. And so, if what happens, if Democrats are going to try and get their hands on that material to know what the supporting material is, what that will do we set up another longer legal fight to get underneath those black marks and figure out what the supporting material Was it was a report on Facebook from James Harvey Allen? Asking? Was there proof of collusion about this? Word collusion a Robert Mueller says collusion, although you, if not in itself an actual crime, deal with collusion. So it’s a year, President Trump use all the time. Hang out criminal conspiracy, and so when it came to the question of whether or not there was a criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russian officials are Russians ahead of the 2016 election. The report said there was insufficient evidence say there. Was this sort of grand criminal conspiracy, but what the report didn’t do? It did outline these numerous instances where there was a contact between Trump campaign officials and Russian that it highlights the fact that campaign officials knew that Russian that Russia’s election interference efforts were geared towards helping the Trump campaign. In fact, in the Mueller report it says that the Trump campaign believed it would benefit electoral E from Russia’s election, so it didn’t meet the bar of criminal conspiracy between the two, but certainly it highlighted the fact that there were these contact and one interesting. Of questioning. Yesterday came during the house intelligence Committee hearing where the terminal funny Adam Schiff, with acting Robert Mueller about the ethics of accepting help from a foreign government, and he got Robert Mueller to say that it is unethical to accept help from a foreign government that it can Leave someone vulnerable – and he said Robert Mueller at said, at Donald Trump’s behavior in this area – encouraging Wikileaks, for example, to post Hillary Clinton’s emails that was stolen by Russian hackers was problematic, so it didn’t go to that level, but there certainly was contact happening in the Background: okay: here’s my favorite question: it comes every Facebook live. This is from oil and gas oo7 on Twitter and you’re asking. Why does this matter to me as Canadian, and you are 104 absolutely right to ask that question, because broadcaster and we’re here to deliver news with a Canadian contact, and this is an unprecedented story about American democracy, and it is important to understand the pressures on this Administration, because of larger implications, it has for all of the many kinds of Partnerships that are country has with this President and with this Administration, this is important context, a boat at a significant neighbor. It also talks about what foreign countries can do in Anniston democracy to get the heart of those systems and what we got from Robert Mueller is Rapport and in his testimony, the parts that he was most animated about was the fact that the the Russian other countries Could do it to took a functioning democracy and true both hacking and social medias really got at with able to attempt to influence we’ve, no proof that it necessarily influence the. But what’s the weather report shows us is as those efforts can he take his folks or reading those Facebook messages and they didn’t know they were talking to Russians and then they won’t out and they started Rally’s and they were communicating with people, and I think if You’Re watching in Canada – and you don’t care about Donald Trump and you don’t care about what the hell is going on at the Vic committees are, or Robert Mueller and you’re sick of the fighting between the parties in this country. Fair enough, look at your Facebook account. It’S a double check to think about this, make sense to me and look at what happened in this election and the ramifications and somehow of How It’s divided people in this country, and let this be a lesson for how we go ahead in terms of understanding our Own electoral process and how we communicate with each other in terms of a democracy and that’s the biggest takeaway for Canadians, use the word sweeping Russian election interference operation. There were several indictments throughout his investigation that went into great detail about what these Russian operative did. In terms of assuming American identities posting on social media that there were examples where these Russian operatives would plan a pro Clinton rally in an auntie Clinton rally in the same place. In the same day, I also stole political Discord in the United States election in Canada. Coming up in a few months and the former American ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman tweeted after the testimony yesterday, essentially saying you know the American story, but it’s one that should concern all Western democracies that could be vulnerable today. Okay, so what is the likelihood that the president will be impeached? I think if, if Democrats were hoping that hearing from Robert Mueller would move the needle on the impeachment question they’re sorely disappointed, there was no shiny, sound bites. That can be repeated on cable news networks to sway Minds that Donald Trump should be in. There is an element of the democratic party there’s a 90 out of the 235 house Democrats support impeachment, but they’re. Obviously the majority of Democrats. Don’T most Americans don’t support impeachment and we’ve heard from hell speaker Nancy Pelosi yesterday after the hearings wrapped and she seemed Just As relaxing as she’s ever been about actually pursuing as a political process of impeachment, so I think it’s highly unlikely. It’S a difficult area for the Democrats, because a more Progressive Wing that does want to see impeachment it’s a bit of an embarrassing that divides them. It makes things difficult. We’Ve seen President Trump sort of capitalize on this thing to buy with Democrats, but I think it’s incredibly unlikely that he will be impeached. I think it comes down to a really shrewd political calculation on on the part of the Democrats. What’S a smart decision ahead of 20/20, what’s going to get you more voters, most Americans don’t want impeachment and so Democrats, even if they feel like there is enough there they’re not going to win like. I think it’s going to help him at The Ballot Box and the political calculation is that Democrats may have the votes to impeach in the house. But the ultimate decision about removal of office is in the Senate and the Republicans have a majority in the Senate, and we have seen repeatedly that nothing that Republican lawmakers have seen in terms of the Mueller report in terms of Donald Trump’s. Other Behavior responsibilities. For an impeachment proceedings it none of those things, have really flipped any of those Republican. So the calculation for Democrats is why I go through this process and Nancy Pelosi has said that it would divide the country and it’s not worth it. If we look at what happened to the Bill Clinton impeachment proceedings, that really is a lesson because he was impeached in the house, but when it got into the Senate he was not voted out of office in that trial and the consequence of that whole proceedings is People watched it unfold with Bill Clinton, popularity increase people were sympathetic, for you know that the president was having to sort of undergo very different substantive issues underlying these different presidents. However, the idea is that what it would look like if we went into impeachment hearing ahead of 20/20 is Democrats were out to get this president that they were trying to overturn a legitimate Victory, which is already been talking point for the president in for his supporters. Send that keeps the focus on that in the election campaign and it’s a takes. The focus away from what Democrats would like to talk about which of the issues that brought up many voters in the 2018 election, which is about the same as that. turn to American. For 1/2, more than the whole Mueller drama, which is you know, Healthcare and Family, Leave and other kinds of policy issues to bring up voters or, if you are in the Democrat Camp. What you saw yesterday is not necessarily going to change your mind one way or the other and people I heard the phrase use as they are calcified in their opinions heading to the send at a year from November. The people that will make a difference. So are the small number of people who could potentially be where they are in terms of the states for the Electoral College? Many of those voters are Suburban women who voted for Trump before but who are considering or would consider moving to Democrat they’re, not necessarily going to move towards the Democrat. That is, as you know, very much Pro impeachment from the more Progressive length in order to keep the house and potentially get. The presidency Democrats need to have a platform that speaks to moderate voters that might be in the middle of it might not vote end or that would potentially still vote for Donald Trump impeachment odds. Calculation then they’d have no hope of getting those moderate voters and that all works well into a question from Megan Greene on YouTube. She is asking how Americans are reacting to this. Are they supporting the president? I think that if they supported the president before yesterday, there as still in that camp and if they didn’t like the president’s what Robert Mueller said yesterday, would not change that. When were the other haven’t seen any sort of quick pools at in terms of where and assistant Donald Trump’s popularity numbers have soreness in steady rise like she is in the low 40s mid to low 40s in terms of his approval rating with a disapproval in in The low 50s – and that has maintained you know that has maintained even through the the tweets, the accusation of racism’s and then send her back and hasn’t really rattled those numbers. So it shows just how entrenched Americans are in their opinions of the president and with respect it was a couple of months ago I wrote an article about you know what we’re his chances for re-election when he was heard of officially relaunched his campaign, and you know The smartest able to talk to in terms of being a toss-up whether or not you’ll, be able to take a power of the incumbency, the strength of the economy, and I really channel that into a victory. That will depend as his last victory. trip to Southern Pennsylvania. A trump country went to the county, fair, asking people. On the day President Trump announced his re-election bid how they were feeling. I was saying, strong stuff Trump supporters remain strong, strong Trump supporters. We were in it a diner in the area and we talked to a lot of Voters who are happy with what he’s doing with the economy. They like his tough on immigration. They like his talks with other partner countries when it comes to trade, so they’re willing to look past the more controversial aspects that movie mentioned because they like what he’s doing otherwise and support is strong, want to talk to us on camera. But they would shout go Trump and I was driving through Maryland. A few days ago I saw a lot of cars with Trump bumper stickers, so I think I wasn’t he was saying you know if you go into any big day like yesterday. Leave that day, with the opinion you came into it with the question hear coming from the low Night on YouTube is what will it take for Republican publicans to stop protecting Trump? And you know we have seen critics Republican party and they leave. The Republican Party know the one critic who was a member of Congress who started wanted to speak to the Tea Party fiscal platform on which he answered capacity as an independence is the critics before the midterms in Jeff Flake Bob Corker and they have retired his did. Republican party is the party of Donald Trump and that his men said a lot. Republicans are sort of reversing the principles by which they got elected in particularly on the whole idea of debt reduction and the physical stuff that we heard from the Tea Party election. And if you look at the guy, like Lindsey, Graham had a complete reversal, you know you see that in those pictures of Ted Cruz Instagram. All of these all of these Republicans, who were so critical of trump in the run-up to the 2016 election being fully on board right now, in a number of reasons for that can be are there is there is a power in the presidency, and if people want To get things done, there are tax cuts, it has been popular, the economy is great, and politicians want to keep their jobs and for those reasons they are lining up behind behind companeras zero indication that that is going to change, send her back chant at the Trump Rally where a President Trump was criticized also criticized for his tweets, saying that for a democratic lawmakers, All American citizens, all women of color, should go back to where they came from all about wasn’t racist left pretty start example of of the turn that we seen for Some Republican Party leaders, Martinez with the feeling to initiate the impeachment process, undermine the concept of the rule of law to see an impeachment proceedings start regardless of where it would go in the Senate. What they say is this undermines the Constitution and that the idea that a president should be impeached or could be vintage for that process was in play to protect the way that this country is governed and run that there was those proceedings were there, so that the Constitution would be upheld and that so that there would not be an Avenue whereby someone who is motivated by greed or corrupt relieving crimes like high crimes and misdemeanors, doesn’t necessarily mean you got to be charged with anything. But it’s just me and an offense that is deemed to be not of the office, and what many Democrats are saying ones would like to see. Impeachment start is I have an obligation to uphold the Constitution regardless of the political calculation with interesting is. Is that the lawmakers were making these decisions are split, although it looks as though less likely than likely, but the Democratic candidate. For president, the defender who are are running want the job they’re saying that they believe that this President should be impeached should be a process started, it’s a bit easier when you’re. That’S the job that you’re that you’re running for you’re, not trying to keep control of of the house, but that’s where we’re hearing some of that sort of more obligation, high-minded understanding, Alice country works, and there is a concern that the things that were seen with this Presidency are throwing Norms, you know away and to an extent that it will be tough to get some of the respect for those processes back in president in Robert Mueller talked about yesterday and his testimony where he was asked by one lawmaker accepting a foreign government election. Could become that it could be flat, and this is Brenda Mitchell on Facebook, she’s asking a felon. What tool does all of the take on Americans belief in the whole Democratic process? This is an interesting one, because I think that Americans are exhausted yeah, it is. It is one thing to sort of take all of this information and and remember you’re, not taking this information and and stressing it really. So much of the information of people are getting is from sources that are one side or the other and so you’re having to, and we can’t even believe, what’s popping up on your Facebook cuz, it could be vis a Russian. So, at the same time, these institutions that are revered Americans in the White House Congress, then divides that accept within families. I think a couple of things have happened. I think this has forced partisan American into their corners, getting look for a fight and really looking at into the next election as either way to keep the course is going if you’re, a republican who supports Donald Trump or to have as we forgive you by and Say before like this is the last chance to try to turn the ship around and Aqua sense of normalcy. But then there are a lot of people who just want to wake up and have it be November and who are not watching with every sort of nuance or every sort of tweet that perhaps they were a year ago, because not only is like its divisions within Families right that a lot of this is heartbreaking, because the the criticisms of the president or the behavior of the president, depending on how you see it, is haha. You grew up understanding what this country was to be, and it’s such a huge part of the identity. For so many people who live in this country is being challenged by the way. All of this is to you know, probably the same evidence. Baccali hearing Play-Doh yesterday buy a few lawmakers yesterday, particularly Republican lawmakers, was treated in a somewhat disrespectful fashion. You no questioning his Integrity. Some of the the reactions and commentary on him afterwards was probably more disrespectful than you would imagine, would have been leveled in the past against someone why we seen as an American hero. That was one of the questions we had was. What did we learn? That was new from the hearing it in terms of the substantive, not a whole heck of a lot in terms of some explanations about about the report. There was some new commentary there, but the one thing that really was new was that line of attack from call Republicans, which was to go after the motivation and the Integrity of the investigator himself. It’S exactly in line with what the president has said on Twitter at attacking Mueller and me to calling the whole thing accusations about the decision sentence that Mel Torme was a new tactic. Assertive undermine The credibility of the the whole reporting really does go to show the divide with witch. The politicians produces certain things as soon as they do not agree on him being a necessarily like that and that Arbiter of truth and the prosecutor, who would really get to the bottom of things. It’S amazing like if you contract when Robert Mueller was appointed, and I remember I – was standing outside cuz it couldn’t get in here that night I was surrounded by people who were calling me. It was screaming at me. That was fake news and I’m having to say all the special counsel has has been appointed, but the report at that time was the universal respect. Both Republicans and Democrats had for this former FBI director that would undertake this investigation. There was this Lindsey, Graham, is he mentioned like correction from the president, according to the report, but that respect has eroded in these in these two years, and we saw that tactic by Republicans to go after some Republicans Integrity in the motivations behind the scenes of the Reports we should also talk about attitude and Zi. Republicans attacks were familiar and too many of the things that we have heard about, Republicans it or about the report, including accusations tend of of bias, and there is another layer of Investigation happening there with the Department of Justice in terms of the origins of this report And they fight the war, but we’re shooting for Carter page and the Steele dossier, and in all of that, will be investigated in another forum and not surprisingly, those questions about the origins of the investigation were put to Robert Mueller yesterday and he largely didn’t didn’t. Go anywhere near that offend his lawyer, why did Leicester a little bit unanimated performance from Robert Mueller, but he did. He did come to life when it came to questioning the Integrity of his people that he hired and just go back to briefly Americans belief in the Democratic. The part of the reason to why people like Nancy Pelosi are reluctant to pursue impeachment another layer. Another process that won’t result in anything tangible, I think they recognized the exhaustion. I need Donald Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and they know that they’re going to come down to the answer to 200 + 5. Why didn’t you pursue criminal actions against the perpetrator of this deal. C. CA and on why he wouldn’t answer the 200-plus questions all fell into the category of things that we knew ahead of time that Robert Mueller would not speak about. He was going to speak to what was in the report. If we look back to May when Robert Mueller held that press conference saying that the council, the report is my testimony self and on that there was a letter from the Department of Justice and motor stop guidance on that. In terms of those you know, what could he answer and he was going to stick to the four corners of the world. The places where he didn’t deviate were to defend his lawyer saying that he did not ask for people’s political affiliation, but just not the way that the the Department of Justice were to end. The more heated and quick comments about the volume one of the Mueller report. Witches and the efforts by the Russians to interfere in the election and also his classification of dealing with Wikileaks as being patriotic problematic. I really didn’t take a step further and sort of qualify, the behavior of the Donald Trump’s, through questioning and and the relationship with that in formation, Without Really commenting on any of the criminal possibility. And there were a lot of questions on the Steele dossier, because that forms a lot of the basis of the president’s argument that the origin of the probe was biased and verified and unverified allegations. The dossier was initially funded by an opponent in the primary then connected to a the Democratic campaign, so that one of the issues for Republicans has been the funding of that information and how much the judges who were issuing these warrants to initiate new about it means Alot of those claims have been refuted, the Warrens had to be re-upped it several times, but those concerns remain and they continue to be pursued by the department. Overlook in a way it what’s more likely the origin of the investigation, which is when a trump canceling, a George Papadopoulos was drinking at a bar in London speaking to an Australian Diplomat and saying that he knew the Russians had dirt on then flagged by the Australian stuff to the FBI are as much as impeachment isn’t likely to happen. Yet it is going to continue and it’s going to continue to be perhaps more difficult for the Democrats keeping themselves together. Then it will be for President Trump, but he’s going to use that, obviously in his own campaigning out of 20 20, and you really want to know what Robert Mueller said and how is being interpreted pick up the report. I was just in an Air Force in Saskatoon and there it was on the on the bestseller list. You know we’re here to help acrimony, but if you want it, that’s that’s the horse, that’s the most. It is it’s. It is fascinating to look at the extent of the efforts that were made. The legal arguments agree with them or not, and especially that first volume in terms of then the efforts that were undertaken to undermine the 2016 election. You know he’s almost traveling here they were talking to people and politics. They were trying to really sow Discord. Initially they just wanted so just gorgeous. Then they realize that Trump with their guy and as if this whole thing until tells us anything. It’S just to be careful, Jackie Harris,
Former U.S. special counsel Robert Mueller testified before Congress for more than six hours on Wednesday. What were the key takeaways and what’s been the fallout? Ask CBC’s Washington correspondents Lyndsay Duncombe and Ellen Mauro your questions in the chat.

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