Robots staff China’s top hotpot chain – BBC News

Robots staff China’s top hotpot chain – BBC News
You think of a Chinese restaurants. Do you think of robots kitchen? Had rubber bands well pipes that perception is about to change. Industry labor will become more expensive, for machines would keep getting cheaper. It’S really good! I’M a loyal fan of Heidi lau and this place has robots serving you. So I have brought my friends here to see it didn’t. Have this filled, it’s something novel. It’S new robots have my feelings without introducing anything harmful from outside Greece, food safety and productivity.
China’s biggest hotpot restaurant chain by sales, Haidilao, started almost 25 years ago and has already established more than 360 restaurants around the world, including in Japan, the US and Taiwan.

The popular chain has opened Beijing’s first robot-aided hotpot restaurant to much fanfare and is looking to spread the concept across its other outlets if it proves successful.

Reporter: Stephen McDonell; series produced by Pamela Parker.

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