Rod Rosenstein to quit or be fired: reports

we breaking news out of Washington as well we’re hearing reports us Deputy attorney-general Rod Rosenstein is heading to the White House to meet with Chief of Staff John Kelly well everyone’s wondering why earlier there were multiple conflicting reports he had submitted resignation CDC can not confirm this let’s go see this is Lindsey Dunn come live in Washington what do you know Lindsey General and that he may be on his way to the White House to have a conversation about that will he be resigned will he be fired or will he resign and that is a big question that will change the implications of all that’s because if Rosenstein refuses to resign and instead is fired then there’s some belief that could go into the larger pattern of behavior from this white house that might potentially be looked at in efforts of obstruction of justice as it comes to the Russia investigation because Rod Rosenstein is the person who is in charge of Robert Mueller’s investigation which is looking into Russian involvement of the 2016 and specifically what the Trump campaign may have has it to do with that why is this happening now wish me well it wasn’t likely stirred by report late last week in the New York Times the New York Times reported that Rosenstein had suggested in the early days of his job back in September of last year but maybe he should wear a wire when he was talking to the president and it also included patient that Rosenstein had suggested that it might be time to invoke the 25th Amendment which is a process whereby members of Congress can go to move someone a president from office if he is deemed to be unfit when the explosive allegations were first published on Friday Rosenstein’s denied it out right not once but twice and there was all kinds of speculation that was going to fire him and then strangely Fox News Sean Hannity went on TV and said to the president don’t fire anyone today so there is a lot of confusing elements about how that story as playing into the decision at the White House and certainly adding to the drama as we wait at the official news of what exactly has to happen to the deputy attorney general here in DC and then what it could mean because the reason why is in charge of the Russia investigation is because the Attorney General Jeff sessions had to recuse himself because it was dealing with the campaign he was active in the campaign so say he’s gone and it looks as though a rose inside is on his way out whether he’s fired or signs of by all of these reports what happens then is it goes down to the solicitor-general Man by the name of no French at San Francisco who would be responsible for the Russian choir doesn’t mean that his First Act is going to be shut it down it does me the scope of that investigation do you subpoena the president how far you want to go on an interview with Donald Trump where do you let the investigation go in terms of Donald Trump’s businesses in the into Jared kushner’s businesses those are all decisions that the person who is overseeing the investigation which is currently and one of the concerns is that if a new person comes in whether it no Francisco or somebody else they may Under Pressure potentially from the White House limit that scope of what mother is able to do so that is why a lot of people are watching this Lindsey done come live in Washington thank you Lindsay let’s turn to Aaron Blake for more on this and what it means for the Mueller probe lake is a senior political reporter with the Washington Post and he joins us now live from their Studio apparently on his way to the white house right now what are you know on what might be unfolding well there are a lot of questions about exactly what the nature of the departure is going to be of course the early reports were that he had find other reports indicate that he is going to force the president to fire him and actually that is a key distinction when it comes to where this goes from here politically speaking the White House would love for this to be a resignation they would not have to deal with the purse let the president fired Rod Rosenstein that he is the next James Comey in this whole thing that he’s removing somebody who he views as an antagonistic overseer of the Russia investigation but also procedurally it matters because the federal vacancies form act which is which oversees how the the process will take place for replacing Rod Rosenstein in cases where somebody is fired it is less clear that the president can appoint somebody get an acting capacity without Senate confirmation so we’ve seen this before when the Veterans Affairs secretary was removed from his post the White House said it was a resignation this man said he was fired and it looks like we could be headed towards us more scenario right now and there were conflicting reports that mean he had already resigned a verbally other reports that he’s refusing to resign what would a resignation from Rod Rosenstein I mean for the president well it would be I think a signal that he has been able to get rid of somebody who he’s really wanted to get rid of for a very long time the president of course is no stranger to Dryden people abuses unfair to him or insufficiently loyal he is done that with attorney general Jeff sessions he’s done that with special counsel Robert Mueller with Rod Rosenstein he weather this leads to somebody being put in physician who is going to be more favorable to Trump or not it does send a signal that people who do things that the president does not like who don’t make decisions about things like the rush investigation that the president doesn’t like find themselves being put pressure and a lot of times they find themselves either resigning or being fired and so I think if nothing else it could provide something of a chilling effect for other people who might be in the position that Rod Rosenstein has been in for the last several months here reaching the brink of Rod Rosenstein being out either way being fired or resigning so could this or what role did that New York Times article on Friday have in this what we’re looking out on Monday sorry was a big one this was the deputy attorney general in man who oversees the investigation that involves the president campaign talking about removing the president from office talking about wearing a wire to try and get the president to say something on tape America actually not the first example of Rod Rosenstein doing things related to the Russia investigation that made his role somewhat problematic you might recall that when James Comey was fired the FBI director last year a very Central event in this hole situation Rod Rosenstein was the one who wrote the memo that was originally offered to substantiate the firing so Rod Rosenstein has been wrapped up in this before in a couple different ways and I think adding this story from Friday from New York time really just made his situation more untenable made it more likely that he was going to be fired but also made it more likely that there would be calls for him to eventually recuse himself in the investigation anyways well the big question now is what the justice department does and what the president does is the president going to try and get an acting Deputy attorney-general in there somebody who’s more friendly will the Senate approve that person a lot of republic have expressed concerns about the president talk about Rosenstein and about Mueller and they don’t want this to be a situation in which a loyalist is installed and basically does the president bidding the justice department also have to figure out who’s going to take this over is it going to no Francisco is it going to be somebody else there are going to be recusal questions for anybody who is going to take this over they need to figure out if they can oversee it in a neutral way so this is really scattered the game the game board here and see how it all shakes out but this is been coming for a little while now thank you
U.S. deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein is reportedly on his way out after critical remarks he made about Donald Trump. Here’s what that means for Robert Mueller and the Russia investigation.

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