Rod Rosenstein’s Robert Mueller Problem Exposed | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Rod Rosenstein’s Robert Mueller Problem Exposed | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Rod Rosenstein’s Robert Mueller Problem Exposed | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Special Report tonight and accounting for the most influential Deputy attorney general in recent history to be sure, if not of all time, Rod Rosenstein – and we couldn’t do this full report until this week, because an earlier counting could have easily been quite incomplete. Considering that Rosen Stein has zigged and zagged in his role overseeing what it’s supposed to be a very special independent Pro special, because he ultimately helped build bar land the plane, as they both use. That phrase and the two were all smiles and something I want to show you right now, this cozy Washington event. It just occurred this week that Mark Rosenstein’s last form J headquarters because of Trump’s attacks on the Mueller probe tested virtually every major official law-enforcement. This Gathering looks like a who who, who who I should take of the rushes investigation from FBI director Chris Wray, after firing James Comey to Jeff sessions, the AG whose campaign ties led the O’Jays ethics office to recommend he recused from the whole probe bargain. Quite the tribute to Rose inside a very public indication that no matter how Rosenstein’s began this process, he ended on team truck, keep in mind. This whole scene is unfolding against quite the backdrop. The public, fax Bar misrepresent Key parts of the Mueller report. Before, after releasing it in contempt, what Congress has its final reaction to Mueller’s report? It still seeking testimony from the up some of the people in the room you’re looking at former White House counsel, Don mcgahn, so with all that going on cuz, you just saw they didn’t just joke around at this thing, be serious and unresolved matters of the Russia Probe a joke itself bar minimizing his own contempt as others treated this whole probe is a punchline Richard. There would be a lot of controversy and during my tenure I have to say our Ron exceeded my expectations. There’S been a debate raging for the last few months and it and and I think we have to get it resolved and decided tonight, and that is which one of us is capable of the most deadpan expression hahaha. But is that funny? It is literally a reference to Rosenstein’s now-famous expression during mr. bars pressure, which was proven to be misleading at best.. Tension was not superficial, it was not about. Rosenstein’S was the very real question about whether that person there once proclaimed the core import of an independent Pro. Really fine with what bar was doing for the country, people searching his face for are you? Okay? With this now goes inside of a long career toj? We should know he worked in the apartments at 1990 at 12 years under two presidents of the USA, and he has handled many important cases ably according to his colleagues, but right now he is best known for his most senior position overseeing this probe and it started. Remarkably, FBI, director, Comey and then Rod Rosenstein ordered an independent probe into that firing and until recently was the size of Ender’s argued well, that sounds weird, but it was because he was a victim and now we have the report and that shows that defense doesn’t hold Water, it shows that Rosenstein knowingly help Trump pull off the misleading firing. Writing a memo that didn’t tell the whole truth about it, and the Rosen Stein was on notice in advance. We know the rose inside allowed himself to be manipulated by Trump, because the report proves Rosenstein knew from the start. Trump wanted to fire Comey because of Russia has been witness, explains in a new piece about the Mueller evidence. Ask him explicitly to include the stuff in his memo about Comey & Rosen Stein push back, but I’d really appreciate it. If you put it in the letter anyway, which means Rosenstein would be terminated when he wrote his letter. Alex is only reason to critique James Comey, where quote not the president’s reasons. That was the reality behind the scenes. As White House officials went out publicly to lie about this, suddenly controversial firing Rosenstein, and they knew some of them that it was Trump who was asking Rosenstein for the whole. Cover story need to go by a vote of 94 to 6 PR, United State Senators, adding character and essentially the gold standard at the Department of Justice gold standard livid watching those folks shred his credibility, blaming him for something that he knew Trump requested. A report noting the Trump even press pros and signed to then hold a press conference to back up the clips. You just saw the back up the lie and Rose inside. That was not a good idea, because if the Press asked him he would tell the truth. The commies firing was not his idea to drink only because of the Russia investigation. He at least knew that was the plan from the start. What are you doing like this is so important as everyone talks about his tenure, he didn’t like getting blamed for it, so it was just eight days later little over a week that Rosenstein appointed Mueller to try to clean this all up and Mueller in the report. What happened? Jeff sessions, sitting with Trump literally trying to interview for a new FBI director in that tense time and Rosenstein calls so session, stepped out of the oval to take. This call from his Deputy, who is of course in charge of the Russia probe and tells him special counsel appointment now, as you know, you don’t just interrupt the meeting with the president unless you have huge news, Rosenstein called sessions because he knew he had to tell Him that immediately, even if he was with the president and he knew dropping them off and now we all know how the present reacted when he got Rosenstein’s news delivered via Jeff sessions. Oh my God, this is the end of my presidency. Fill in the blank response was, this is quot the end of my presidency. I’M asked he said little longer in the moment of him saying this is the end of my presidency that got everyone’s attention. It was in the report, but was so concerned about, among other things, it explained his thinking succinctly in a tweet a month into the pro quote, I’m being investigated for firing the FBI director by the man who told me to fire the FBI director, something there, because He was being investigated, over. show me firing and wall Rosenstein may not have had the whole idea. He was in on the initial cover story, for that strange Dynamic would continue, because on the one hand you have roses on doing with Trump ass and on the other, you have him overseeing, and he said he was going to protect the independence of the probe Trump Hate it when people who have been making threats privately and publicly against me for quite some time, and I think they should understand by now. The Department of Justice is not going to be extorted. Any kind of threats that anybody makes are not going to affect the way we do our job not going to affect the job, but call me about Rosenstein telling a friend quote, so I have concerns in recent months. These concerns have shown exactly what goes inside is made up because right in the middle, something that is not okay, telling Trump, that he was on his team and promising. Subject of this open investigation and he’d be treated fairly in this private huddle and that he was making those promises, while fighting for his own job, then string Donald Trump, I’m the one I can land the plane when was all over in Miller, found at least five Instances of quote substantial evidence that Donald Trump had the intent to commit crimes. Rosenstein basic didn’t deal with it any serious way and then went along with bar and his statement of the public, saying there wasn’t evidence to establish the president committed an obstruction of justice. Offense, of course, standing by bar, not a punchline and watch mr. bar further mischaracterize. What mother found and then said it was bizarre. Anyone would say bar was misleading, Rosenstein had it in his notice, and then he went out of his way to praise Trump. Saying only wasn’t grateful Courtesy, Inn, humor Trump displayed in there, yes, personal conversations and then sang – and this is really more political than doj language quote America. First in this Rosenstein tenure because he had to land the plane. Conversation with Trump call destroy a car. If it didn’t really fully ever reject the idea that you discussed taping, the president Rosen Stein, with a prosecutor for decades, is it least on record as being basically thinking that he needed to treat the present like a criminal suspect at that time, whatever you think of Trump there’s something there that wasn’t signed saw that justified those tactics and yet roseinside was later so concerned about Trump’s conduct that how do you go from that to telling Donald Trump you’re going to land the plane? Is that human nature to care about how everything looks, and you expect that from all sorts of people to want to protect their legacy in real-time, but that’s not what she does generally Whopper prosecutor and Rosenstein. He wanted to look tough in public. He appointed special counsel when he was Under Fire and he publicly said he wasn’t going to be extorted, but the problem as we take it all together tonight, is that in private, when the stakes were the highest, it appears that about under pressure in the question becomes A rose inside his last day here, justice department does Rod Rosenstein England pass the publicly stated Rod, Rosenstein passed and I think they should understand. By now. The Department of Justice is not going to be extorted. Kitchen credibility. Rosenstein’S said I can land the plane any kind of threat to anybody makes thanks President Trump for the presidents and demeanor and attitude and courtesy toward Rosenstein during their quote personal conversations, rosenstock living a life of Integrity, ownership of the consequential decisions, Rod Rosenstein serve for 29 Years at the OJ and worked on many important cases as mentioned, but apply that standard there most consequential decisions at the time when he finally had managerial Authority know he buckled the trump in the initial call me fire and he tried to fix it with an appointment That, while vital increasingly looks more like something he made partly out personal calculus at the time, if it’s any of this, he will have to go beyond the limited interview he did with his own subordinate Bob Miller for the report I’ll have to address the public either Before the Congress, which could happen or in Sumter public substantive interview, because right now, the answers don’t look very good but you’re here with ice, and we appreciate that.
In a special report, MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent, Ari Melber examines outgoing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and his role in overseeing the Mueller probe. Melber breaks down how Rosenstein helped to execute Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey and then ordered an independent probe into that very firing. Melber breaks down how the Mueller report reveals Rosenstein was fine with Trump firing Comey because of the Russia investigation, but didn’t like getting the blame for it, leading to the question: does Rosenstein meet his own publicly stated standard?
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Rod Rosenstein’s Robert Mueller Problem Exposed | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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