Roger Stone has a rule: ‘Deny everything.’ And he does.

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Roger Stone has a rule: ‘Deny everything.’ And he does.
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Roger Stone has a rule: ‘Deny everything.’ And he does.
Cody and I’m allowed in the military to the Border Rodger Stone joins me now, Rodger in your Decades of politics, have you ever seen anything like this country to seems to me to be playing into the hands of the Republican, the only thing worse than being wrong, As being boring, and the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about at the center of the latest in is President Trump’s Associated friend of over three decades Rogerstone four months, a spotlight has intensified on Rodger Stone the investigation into Russia’s interference in The 2016 election is focusing on whether Wikileaks coordinated with stone and the Trump campaign. You know there was an old woman who was involved in the Social Media stuff play explosive Wikileaks documents allegedly hacked by Russian operatives. We released just weeks before the election, Washington, Post reporter Manuel roig-franzia visited Stone, just as Mueller’s investigation appeared to zero in on him investigating you that’s more than an assumption. People gone into the grand jury and come outside they’re asking about you there, but the organization’s before they print your name. Give you an opportunity to respond accountable as part of a plea deal in which he admitted to two counts of conspiracy and obstruction. Stone remain steadfast in his denials. Are you going to get indicted Rodger this? I can tell you. I don’t believe that I will be charged in any crime that relates to Russian inclusion or Wikileaks collaboration or John podesta’s fakakta emails, which I have no advance notice or notice, or knowledge of I’m certainly guilty of bluffing and posturing and punking the Democrats unless they passed. Some law against Bulls – and I missed it – I’m engaging in tradecraft, it’s politics, I’m sure it’s driving the Democrats crazy, but there’s nothing illegal about it summer of 2016. You say that there’s stuff coming, and you also say that you’ve had communication with Julian Assange, actually have communicated with the Sean. I believe the next tranche of documents pertaining to the Clinton. Do you regret making that statement an overstatement? I also clarify it in a hundred interviews, including several with you. I make it clear that my communication is not direct, but it’s through a third-party who simply shows me that what I signed said on CNN in June is accurate, that there is a treasure Trove of documents or information on Hillary and it will be published, and I’m Told it will be published in October and there is and it is and it does change the campaign – tell us what you were relying on to make those statements in August of 2016 and then the statements that you made later that summer and fall. As I have said, Randy credico, who is a colleague of mine, he sure, is me through his own sources that assigns really has devastating information on Hillary and he’s really going to publish it. What other sources of information did you have? I had a secondary source by the name of Charles ortel, had forwarded me, an email and which James Rosen tells Judge Andrew Napolitano, that there are Wikileaks disclosures coming and they regard the Clinton Foundation. That turned out to be inaccurate. But that’s the source of my claim in front of the Broward Republican organization, but let’s come back to a more seminal question. If someone received information or if someone communicated with a saw, why would that be a legal? If your answer is more times is a Russian asset, I would argue that that’s unproven, no court in the United States has found that to be true, it’s a talking point for the Intelligencer manafort has pleaded guilty. Guess they’ve been a lot of reports that he’s meeting with the special counsel’s office and there’s been a lot of speculation that he’s talking about you to them. I need a drink this before I Crush manual because I haven’t done anything wrong. I do know that the financial toll on me and my family has been extraordinary. I’Ve written five books. They have, thank goodness, been successful, Facebook’s doing their best to make sure still. Drools is not as successful as the previous things I’ve written, but I ordered you to get a copy for any political contest and another is deny everything and I do how you doing that. Right now, and I’m also telling the truth in order to discredit evidence and proof, that’s credible exists. Hearing go up up. Aaliyah. Are you worried? Are you worried that you’re going to be in prison a year from now that I’ll be interviewing you in prison a year from now? No, because if I’m falsely charged, I will fight those charges and I will win their it. I haven’t broken any laws. I do nausea political Vendetta when I see one, but I think the American people do as well. If charges are brought against me, they will have to be fabricated because I haven’t done the things that MSNBC and others allege that I okay thank. We beat this to death, I think we did
Several of Roger Stone’s longtime associates have been interviewed by the special counsel. The Post visited Stone on Oct. 19, just as Mueller’s probe zeroes in on him. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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