Rom Com Fest, a film festival for lovers of movies that ‘spark joy, celebrate I Nightline

Rom Com Fest, a film festival for lovers of movies that ‘spark joy, celebrate I Nightline
Rom Com Fest, a film festival for lovers of movies that ‘spark joy, celebrate I Nightline
Who can forget the moment Richard Gere snaps, down that jewelry box in Pretty Woman in My Big Fat, Greek Wedding? Aunt me iconic moments from some of Hollywood’s, most beloved films, and lately a movement has been opposed to give them there to take Katz’s Deli in New York City, relive that When Harry Met, Sally thing I’ll have what she’s, having with an all have what she’s. Having contests do you hear on TMZ Ed Sheeran, Los Angeles, welcome to Ron comfest the first ever run, comfest the Gathering to celebrate romantic comedies and all they represent some Rainy Day movie treats the photo app for you and your besties and special screenings of some teenage Classic happy and gentle not just walk in and watch a movie and leave and go back to the harsh reality of the streets of Los Angeles environments. That really spark joy and celebrate love, I think, is so important right now, one of the guests of honour and Creator Rachel, Bloom, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I think that is cool, that the rom-com is getting venerated this way, because for so long you had this term chick like, and what that connotes is any movie. That’S geared towards women as lesser than in the 90s romantic comedies introduced us two beloved on-screen couples like Meg, Ryan and Tom Hanks. We got mail, 12 * were clearly having their Moment by the mid-2000s. It was harder to get these feel good films made on the big screen. A lot of Studios hadn’t figured out how to make a room comedy that they both loved as a film and made sense for them financially bright, Netflix investing in romantic comedies like a wildly popular to all the boys, I’ve Loved Before to all the boys I Loved Before we know, it’s been stained by over a hundred million households, which is just crazy, don’t want to be told, I think now we have specific audiences like in to all the boys I Loved Before. Will you can focus on the korean-american family? Is something truly special that traditional Studios weren’t willing to bet on services like Hulu and Netflix, now easier than ever to watch from the comfort of your own home, who doesn’t want stuff on demand? Theatricals a great experience, but the average you know, twenty-something or teenager doesn’t have financial situation through just be able to go drop 15 to $ 40 on Friday night. What are you doing coming out of the Woodworks to admit that this was a genre that they that they missed and that they loved it? The time and Netflix ended up being, I think the perfect place for it. We are getting creamed by the big dogs out there and need your support, still do Studios and excuse not to Greenlight movies made by and about women, wild, acknowledging the Challenger getting female, storylines Greenland and also filling theater. I think there’s room for both the theater experience and screaming I mean I’m so excited to watch Hulu’s, new, Four Weddings and a funeral, which is amazing, but I also am so excited to go to the theater and see romantic comedies love conquers. All we’re back at rom-com, Fest for fans, say the genre. Never left. You know what like the world is beautiful, hosted a screening of one of her favorite mom come Never Been Kissed before a delighted audience. The creator has said she hopes to expand the event next year. News YouTube channel you like to get more videos, show, highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts. Thanks for watching
Miraya Berke, the founder of the first-ever film festival for romantic comedies, said she wanted to create an environment where fans, actors and filmmakers could celebrate the genre together.

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