Ron Amir: Blurring the lines between art and activism

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Ron Amir: Blurring the lines between art and activism
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Ron Amir: Blurring the lines between art and activism
A new exhibition has been drawing in crowns at paris’s, Modern Art, Museum titled somewhere in the desert in English, is a collection of 30 color photographs and 6 videos made by the Israeli photographer draw anime on the subject of these words. What’S a refugee camp to mainly illegal ever train in Sudanese migrants will run and Noah McDowell creator of the creator of Photography at the Israeli Museum in Jerusalem, joinus hair onset for perspective. I think you very much to both of you for coming in run. I want to start with you and what was the original Spock behind this project? Why did you choose this particular company, Israel to took typical camera most of my project in the last day? Almost 20 years I did different communities in Israel and to watch to learn how those communities react to the different limitations of the of the system of the economical political and social system, hey created by Israel government in the end of 2013 and a few months after I was very curious to see what’s going on there in this very weird and to see how does community say as I as I wanted to see before. I react to this a new story of turn on your situation and, yes, why you started the traveling to hello to every few days and start to get interaction and then and deeper communication reason and yeah and those people and some point started to show me all. The place and environments they built a to pass the day to find a different way say to surviving and yeah and to kill the times. They have a lot of time, and I want to say, also Detention Center East open. Those people are allowed to go from the facility allowed to go out from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and then it’s just a desert around it and nothing around it. It’S very close today Gyptian birthday, and they really try to do different activities and get into pass. The day to I bring an O on calendar killer took free at the Israeli Israel Museum in Jerusalem Post. This exhibition is already being shown that what reaction have you had to these photographs, both in Israel and here in Paris, Eiffel first exhibit at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem in 2017 before we travel to that down with them here in Paris? And it’s interesting to see in both cases what were the reactions by the public? I would say that the Israelis were very taken by this show it revealed. You know the desert of the southern part of Israel as a place that is inhabited by these people are for yes. And they leave certain marks behind them on the surrounding is this is what is interesting about going to show? We don’t see these people in on photographs that we see only what they cry waited on the ground around the facility, and it always a Max of creativity and marks of all sorts of unicorn is instructors they leave behind them, like we can’t in the in the In the wonderful work, light on, and also here in Paris, also very moving responses to to the show, maybe I can give one example: when we put the open the show in Jerusalem Asylum Seekers from Hollow Detention Center that came to the opening, we arrange them for Them to come and they immediately went to the works and stood next to the works and actually grab people from the crowd, explain to the crowd to our visitors what they should see in the world. So, for a moment there it was, you know what changed and kind of the power relations between the museum and these people and who gets the rights to explain reality and to deliver sort of a message on Israeli reality. I was so that was very interesting. How you define yourself, because your work is been seeing to blur the lines between political activism and giving a political message and being an artist? How would you define the work that you do activist activism act, it’s very important for me and I’m I act different ways, but what I say that in this case I came as a artist and I don’t know if I gave do something or change something for Those say people in this very complex under this those complex, a limitations. Thank you very much. Coming till Tuesday, on 528, I should just appointed. The exhibition has been extended until January. 6Th starts at the Museum in Paris. If you at wants to go and how to look at homes, work switch off on the display that you watching france24. These are the latest world headlines for you. At this hour, the US Will Smith deadliest mass shootings in Parkland Florida locals in the community of Thousand Oaks come together to remember. The 12 people shot find a full memory. This at the investigation into what made him pull the trigger, continues. Trump Administration and belted latest matches the Crackdown on immigration and counting the days to enter us so illegally no longer be able to claim Asylum. Civil liberties Union is already up in arms.
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Since mid-September, a new exhibition has been drawing in crowds at Paris’s Modern Art Museum. Titled “Somewhere in the Desert” in English, it’s a collection of 30 colour photographs and six videos made by the Israeli photographer Ron Amir between 2014 and 2016. The subject of these works is Israel’s Holot refugee camp for mainly illegal Eritrean and Sudanese migrants. Ron Amir joins us to tell us more, along with Noam Gal from the Israel museum in Jerusalem.

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