Ron Charles is badass and so are you

Ron Charles is badass and so are you
Hello, I’m Ron Charles., You may know me from your own vision board. The universe is totally freaking out about how off Siam money flows to me easily and freely. The universe is giving me a big gorilla hug of adoration. To be honest, I didn’t always live this far down unicorn Lane. For a long time, I was like you a loser, just a giant sucking thing trapped in the big snooze and I realized wait a minute. I’M a father Ben Franklin, who laid out a 13 step plan for attaining friction complete with worksheet over the centuries that Masterwork of self-invention has devolved into a whole publishing industry, based on the profound idea that you can be whatever you want. If you buy my book, there are three rules to write a self-help Fest. The advice must be shockingly tried, but delivered as though it’s incredibly profound to no matter how repetitive the advice must be broken into bullet points and three, the advice must be broken into bullet points, which brings us to Jensen Sheriff who just motivational cattle prods Jen sincero. You are a badass how to stop doubting your greatness and start living. Do people in broke. People is their mindset and the fact that they have more money and now comes a new book called you are a badass everyday, which offers special advice on how to keep buying books by Jen sincero. You can also get this tiny booklet called V nuggets, face, inspiration and a badass button. It’S about inspiring messages in Jensen, Chiaro’s on voice lose it now. I know what you’re thinking Ron, I’m too embarrassed to use a made-up word like Kick-Ass. Sorry. Will you just need to feed fear a sucket sandwich? This is giving me dreams. Even I can’t interpret you, don’t have to settle for being a badass. You can be the worst ass for the totally Badass video book review. I’M wrong Charles, reminding you that you are surrounded by mirror
Jen Sincero, one of the best-selling authors of 2018, is back with a new book: “You Are a Badass Every Day.” Ron Charles is about to discover his inner badass. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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