Ronaldo ‘lookalike’ sets up Bristol Roma football team – BBC News

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Ronaldo ‘lookalike’ sets up Bristol Roma football team – BBC News
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Mickey fills his days cleaning and polishing cars, but his mind is elsewhere Vulcan. I need to see something in this seems he has a dream. We want to become four-wheelers what you want to become football team station, kids that commitment levels which is probably filed in. Can you prove them wrong on the big stage for a long time, but yeah? That is the way I like it. Might want to make it to my hair, like his hair in the same screen out like his the side already Winter Park, the kind of struggling and then sometimes I go to do, put them in the right position and make Me become a coach for them when I go here, I feel like I’m really sorry like this evenings. Mickey’S and Roman Road Park in Easton, coaching Romo kids, black facilities in Space Team makes it work open to see kids outside they give crazy cuz. They think they’re going to hear the windows are going to hit their cars. A car can run them over easily. He dreams about having better facilities in most space for them. Mafia show me pick up ass. Tell me make it pop good boy that we guy wasn’t that simple facts. Patrick Williams has been doing what Mickey does professionally for 17 years. He founded the Bristol innocent Futbol Academy, teaching, kids from diverse backgrounds. Some have gone on to play for Premiership teams, but he hasn’t had much success with the Roma. Follow the rainbow kids from City Academy school. Where I work – and I think it’s just – that commitment levels which is probably filed in there – is exactly one or two very time to blame, the kids, it’s whether they have that inner strength Mickey’s at the carwash with his Romo friends. On that own terms, we play football in the park, so they really like to have a team, their selves cuz. Sometimes they play with other people, but is better. When you communicate your own language, we would work very hard. Anything for your help fix all the help. He can get and Patrick Sports some of his top players to see how good they are Mickey’s. It’S for the occasion palmen to learn play night purple. They lose five.. I like the first a few weeks before that proper match, so make he’s going back to school. Coaching school he wants a profit coaching qualification, so he can give up. The carwash getting involved. East Avenue say is, is designing some really good session plans in in games and yeah he’s doing he’s doing really. Well, I hope I’m going to become a professional coach he’s got to meet that challenge laid down by Patrick. It will be his biggest game. Yet it’s at Crystal City has heard about the match and donated that ground for it and they provided kit refereeing. The game is City, Legends, Scott, Marie and, of course, Mickey couldn’t resist the chance of a lifetime. So he’s playing two who is the foul by team Roma, not a great start, a free-kick for Patrick Steam? And it’s a go? Oh not too long great, safe and it’s full time and Mickey have lost 3-1. They were competitive. I would like to thank you for that. They do continue to do something wrong over than the nothing because it’s all that this journey. They been on with the skate twice and offer of help 1015 class signed up for that. What you’ve done that you can then think about the snacks potentially, then you never know you might get you a new football team. I am, I definitely will try it’s only for that makes me happy and makes me forget everything else I feel like this is my home.
Ronaldo ‘lookalike’ Miki wants to set up Bristol’s first-ever Roma football team.

But he and his pals have nowhere to play except the street and park.

During the day he washes cars for a living but wants to “feel like Ronaldo” – like many of the children playing in the park.

He has joined a coaching academy in order to realise his footballing dream.

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