Rosie O’Donnell leads charge against Trump ahead of midterms

I heard she was taking our talking to the media and the microphone to resist Donald Trump he is election day we’re going to stand up at the poles and let him know that’s right is down in Washington protesting so is this how the lessons that they will win in November is RNC spokesperson of Fox News the peaceful protest of the Broadway singers we saw what happened to Candice and Charlie when they were just having breakfast in Philadelphia and see some people and then they walk outside and they’re totally harassed what is it that why can’t people have differences why is there so much hatred why is that happening people absolutely can have differences and as you pointed out there the protest the Rosie O’Donnell was partaking and they call it the Kremlin and acts which is been going on for weeks now organized by the head of Hillary Clinton start organization project has been completely completely peaceful about the communication of ideas in about showing president Trump but there are a number of Americans out there who are not a fan of him or his policies and will be showing up on the poles in November and also today if you’re in Ohio and that special election vote for Daniel Connor and then again in 2020 to make sure that there is a Democrat back in the White House what happened to Candice Owens and Charlie Kirk is terrible and Tifa is a fringe movement that has nothing to do with the Democratic party whatsoever and I’m sorry that that happened to them but what’s going on at the White House as you said it seems like a Good Time Charlie a lot of people are asking why why why are people so angry and so mad just cuz people support president Trump Rush Limbaugh said it has nothing to do with policy the Blue Wave has nothing to do with policy instead hatred what are your thoughts Chicago and that had to be shut down because of violence said that stop that from happening and we seen it go forward to today with Maxine Waters calling for violent protests against Republicans and Trump allies and Sarah Sanders not being able to eat at a restaurant and Charlie Kirk and examples are innumerable and what this comes down to Ainsley’s here when we lost it as Republicans in 2008 we organized we came up with a coherent argument the Tea Party Rose to power and very peacefully put their ideas for words when Democrat there were calls to violence their calls to delegitimize the president instead of accepting the election results are they say unhinge things like what what Rosie O’Donnell at said I’d let you know it’s not going to win not going to November Jessica Rosie O’Donnell said that the mainstream media Trump the presidency because they were too slow and coming around to call him a liar and she said the media treated Hillary Clinton and president Trump equally when they were running against each other 21 states are there are a lot of people Beyond Rosie O’Donnell they do feel like they played a significant role in the election outcome that’s not just some Fringe attitude there what you saying about the media treatment of trump and Hillary being equal there a lot of people who make a live the media harped on and on and on about Hillary Clinton’s emails and let a lot of what was going on with President Trump is worth seeing coming out now in the Mueller probe for instance we never saw his tax returns that that was lost over as we sat there with a camera play awaiting him to take the stage hours and hours and hours of media coverage just waiting for him to come out and talk to people Hillary Clinton certainly did not get that kind of treatment I believe it he is a legitimate president I also believe that if you look at his favorite ratings right now new Gallup poll 58% approval with white people without a college degree but only 29% approval with the rest of America and that’s what Rosie O’Donnell is talking about this is not a president I was going to shop at the poles and take it back and she tell you about voting that’s a get-out-the-vote message alright well I know you you said that Rosie is not spokesperson for your party but there a lot of people that are already elected official is it Cortez of Elizabeth Warren’s they’re saying a lot of the same things Freedom President Obama said not a single vote was changed president Trump want to know Nann electoral Landslide but the Democrats although they’re not screaming in front of the White House some of them are not at least they’re making this cold currents argument if it was Adam Schiff we see it with the DNC lawsuit against Russia that was dismissed by a DC Court they’re making unhinged arguments maybe not in the same way as Rosie but nevertheless saying the same thing Maxine Waters never called for violence Thailand
Is this a winning strategy for Democrats in November? Kayleigh McEnany and Jessica Tarlov debate.

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