Royal Baby Q&A | What do you want to know?

Royal Baby Q&A | What do you want to know?
Royal Baby Q&A | What do you want to know?
A glowing new father announces the birth of his son into the world Prince Harry and Meghan the world in a couple of days, we’re going to bring in two people that have been part of our coverage today in Windsor England conversation as well. So if you have any questions for Dominic or Katie, you can submit them through CBC News, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels. In the meantime, let’s start with you Dominic today, so I just how quickly events unfold Asian labor in the early hours of this morning, but were told it to Prince Harry, was by her side throughout and then local time at she gave birth to a baby boy. That first child together, obviously weighing 7 lb and 3 oz statement, saying just how did like the couple at the news on the health field day off pension, because there was a little bit of a few hours, at least the press release thanks for his labor. Actually, that was a baby., So yeah we’re scratching. Our heads is to exactly how this is how we do, by which point, of course, the couple have had the best positive 9 hours to celebrate the arrival of that baby boy Time by themselves. With the new arrival, the full making the announcement saying they wanted time alone as a family together before making the announcement public call the planets. I hate it when I was in the hospital that might have seen them and indeed, if it did happen in that they could keep it a secret for as long as I wanted baby, and that is certainly one of the key questions on people’s minds now we Don’T know the name yet, but there’s lots of speculation going on right what’s up with with baby names, Philadelphia’s another James and Charles, as well as he’s a traditionalist family names, and they are pretty strong Celtic names. I’M sure I can pay tribute to some traditional family names. I mean, I think we could couple Never Say Never. I mean look how differently they’ve done things today, so it wouldn’t surprise me to, but I would go the people in Harry’s, wife and his family. He loves a traditional family Elizabeth’s in the Diana’s. Today’S will be on on Wednesday that we see Mom, Dad and baby all together right. He saying them as a family on Wednesday night was part of the plan.. The man is worried about the times when we do tonight in Westland turn off their bath, and you know that you have to respect her decision to do that. She is a opinions and bicycle what a beautiful picture in a couple of days time, but sometimes the only Defence about hospital with a newborn fact. The queen of this is a question from Thomas Jones on Facebook, who says: I’m sure the queen is super excited. Has she commented yet know yet from from the that I know of Who’s? Chief later this week, 31st fights we didn’t hear from her majesty great-grandchild and from the calculated, as I’m sure she will be Bernadette Lee asks on Facebook. What will the new baby titles be? But will the new babies titles be prince and princess are reserved purely for Prince William’s children, his children on automatically princess or princess’s or hrh’s thought it’s the clean Cheese’s to intervene, and is she something cool to Nexus Payson Boston and I think I’m correct in saying That he will inherit fidget them Mark the occasion social media site traditional. So I have a question for you and that’s based on what has been sad as some speculation that they may spend some time abroad, this new family of three crops in a common law country. Maybe Canada for a. Of time or what’s your, what are your thoughts on that occasion? Take that, but I think it’s it’s a new addition to the family, so that is obviously at to be at welcome this as well, but I think as well isn’t it I mean he’s always always always wanted to have on the long walk and greatness will towards Them but anything is special, but a royal baby is very special and Vanity. Fair Katie, Nicholl from Windsor England and remember, Dominic and Katie, will continue their chat about the royal baby. Twitter account your own questions under threat. I believe we are now streaming live on. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter does before have any questions. Please do send them this way and we will try our very best, it too uncomfortable to come through already going to be a popular story for some reason it anyway on Facebook. How much did the new arrival the new royal baby way? I can answer that for you at Robert, I put the figurehead the weight. What’S 7 lb and 3 oz Haven, Mexico think he’s issued a statement saying he is through with a couple, but of course, if it Either that it will, he get to me very difficult relationship and even think that play Angel ballerina on YouTube. When will the queen visit the baby? You should be one of the first if it’s around the ground Connecticut to family members to visit. So I’m and I’m sorry, I’m not sure if he will be considered straight to the point on to that. For you, a Leo of Dunbarton could have been a lady.. Her name is, or suffix tracking, very complicated history on Facebook, the nearby hospitals 20 miles away from his Saloon in punctual. I’M going to take these of the detail that will help to come out of the next 48 hours, but I think we’ll have a lot of speculation as well. Until we get some confirmed reports, people in the UK placing betsill names, which is the most popular choice at the moment, author and Phillips, this one word a Run: Somerville awesome. Facebook will. The bait is a question, for you definitely will Payson song pause equestrian. She gets to live a relatively with my life. She bring up her children in a very ordinary way, and I think that resonates with really quite like that for his own child, which comes from Carrollwood the moment passed, the two was that they were YouTube Honest If Prince Charles became king of England will Prince Harry And Meghan’s child children become – and yes, I think the question is this fictional Kennedy’s a lot of speculation that when it comes to this about where they might live? So we know they have recently refurbished. They decided to leave London and Kensington Palace and set up home. He has so this is we can, if they’re going to have a bolt hole or second home in an LA Megan, is American Mother’s Day States as well as come through, and the royal baby differently that pretty much just by the way they requested privacy around the Bush Mary’s Herrin twins at that wedding felt so different than anything else. We’Ve seen and clearly they all doing things differently, empty things, 7-way anything that fall down the volume experiences he did say the if he was lucky enough to have killed and he wanted to raise his own children so that they can have an ordinary childhood. I wouldn’t have had living in the center of London quality, stylish, small Bunch, friends on Facebook, mom and baby. Doing Workhorse Is Well about the news V offended child in May Facebook and YouTube as well. If you do have any questions to myself will try. My best to answer then puts on until I get to say that Junius is that Katie nickel roll call Royal correspondent to Vanity Fair and also Sandy Pond from YouTube house if baby Sussex takes over his baby. So thick steaks on you US citizenship, Sony’s that Meghan Markle is currently applying to British fracking has it’ll take a couple of years by this. Child is American Chopper penalty, if that, if any channel does nitsches the only immediate family member, that is not correct, his name yeah. I think that is correct. Yes, we don’t understand that he’s had any contact with his two sets of quite some time. So I think that the baby will be that’s pretty cool. She questions thanks very much for joining us on this CBC special Q & A on the birth of the new royal baby. We’Re going to wrap up now, it’s more in the cold after more coverage on News Network that was okay. If you Place Another Life agent,
Prince Harry and Meghan’s first child has been born. Royal commentator Katie Nicholl helps answer all your questions about the Sussex baby boy and all things royal. Leave your questions in the chat. To read more:

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