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and will get to our top story which is that President Trump’s lawyer who did Giuliani is not ruling out the possibility of a second meeting in 2016 about Russians pedaling dirt to the Grandpa from the train alright eat leaves to go home save Rudy somebody close to Rudy needs to just take him home you really need to be embarrassed if you don’t have a follow-up that makes sense I’ve watched a couple of interviews and it’s been painful I’m sorry it’s pathetic need to get yourself really let him get away with it because it’s so obviously paid in full he was heading off a story from the New York Times quoting from the report Giuliani said that journalists included Maggie Haberman who would reached out to the alleged pre-meeting meeting Giuliani said he and Trump attorney Jay Sekulow spent a great deal of time on Sunday trying to run the story down doing and he said that he believes they manage to quote shut it down and help kill the story yet speculated the journalist that also found other reasons not to run the item for her apart Maggie Haberman toll Daily Beast we don’t talk about sourcing and wouldn’t now but I have lost the thread of what the former mayor was talking about yet in his third and final Fox news interview yesterday much follow up at all just wow and he backed off his flat-out denials that senior Trump aide said discuss the Russians offer in an earlier meeting but hasn’t been published yet with Paul manafort with dates possibly two others in which they discuss the meeting with the Russian before the sex that meeting never ever took place there’s no meeting here it’s highly unlikely I always have to leave the option open as a lawyer in case they come across with I really started this I feel some of the things that we feel are important what what’s he saying I always have to leave the option open as a lawyer in case I come across with something really starting to feel some of the things that we feel are important another round Rudy giuliani’s debating himself that we haven’t seen and Maggie Haberman says I don’t know what he’s talking about then 12 hours later at night on Fox News he’s shooting down the idea that he raised for earlier that morning on CNN it’s a debate all in his own single-handedly brought the light just like Donald Trump lying about adoption getting everybody together on Air Force One that to cover up the real meaning of the Don Jr meeting which Don Jr said his father didn’t know about your little perjury issue there if in fact we find out that Donald Trump it’s no big deal if Donald Trump knew about the meeting it’s a big deal for Don Jr cuz he committed perjury if if that’s the case means that something went on in that meeting that they wanted to hide and now you got Rudy saying well but you know we’re not going to say it didn’t happen because you know whether it happens or not this is both incredibly taxing and Incredibly tedious to have this put upon us this early in the day I mean he begins one of those segments by talking about a meeting that took place in the very same segment in the very same 30 second clip we play he goes from there was a meeting there was a meeting that occurred that we wanted to get out to get ahead of the news on end in 10 seconds later he’s calling it an alleged meeting as if I mean you for that that’s my question World Series rings but none of us were talking about but he actually flushed out some of the details in those meetings which was that apparently Michael Cohen may have been in Donald Trump’s office when Don Jr came and said hey we’re about to meet with the Russians so he seemed to corroborate that and he also put dates potentially in the pre-planning meeting which would be huge if true since as we all know gates gates who is Paul Force business partner has been cooperating with a special counsel for several months which means that we don’t have to rely just on Michael Cohen for this information that Rick Gates may have confirmed it and Moller may have known about it for a long time but the bottom line is what we’re seeing here is that the number of conspiratorial meetings around the Russians is increasing and so is the circle of trump officials Trump campaign officials who participated in these conspiratorial me well at least he has Paul manafort’s Innocents kicks off today with jury selection for Paul manafort’s the president’s former campaign chair is accused of hiding at least 30 million that he made before his days with Trump as an unregistered foreign lobbyist for Ukraine and its former pro Russian president we’re told the prosecution plans to call 35 Witnesses including Agents from the FBI Treasury Department and IRS to show how manifold allegedly stashed his wealth in overseas Banks to avoid paying us taxes last week a member of Robert Mueller’s team said he does not anticipate a government with it witness will quote gutter Russia during the trial but if manifold is convicted the special counsel could use it as leverage for him to talk about anything he knows pertaining to the Trump campaign and Russia the trial is expected to last about 3 weeks man afford also is a separate trial on similar charges in Washington in September defense they’ve got him dead to Center and after he goes through this in Virginia then the 3rd and DJ short answers I’ve no idea but there’s so much apparent evidence either he’s going to spend the rest of his life in prison or he’s going to have to do some sort of a deal and they cannot unload unlike you I am not a lawyer but the sequence has to be here got alot on Mister metaphor how much for watching
On Monday, President Trump’s lawyer, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, appeared on cable news programs discussing Michael Cohen and the Mueller investigation. Giuliani was trying to kill an NYT story that may or may not exist, according to Daily Beast reporting.
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Rudy Giuliani Debates Himself In Second Meeting Talk | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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