Rudy Giuliani: Donald Trump Didn’t Collude. Also Collusion Is Not A Crime. | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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Rudy Giuliani: Donald Trump Didn’t Collude. Also Collusion Is Not A Crime. | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
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J 557 of the Trump Administration 99 days now until the midterm elections and this might go down as the day we witnessed a change resulting in the new defense strategy on the part of the Trump team about something Rudolph Giuliani has started to say and tonight Mark Mazzetti of the New York Times has put it this way quote in the days after the 2016 presidential election Donald Trump’s advisors had an unequivocal message about contacts between Russians members of The Campaign team there were not in the ensuing months has numerous excommunications will reveal the message chain there was no collusion with Russia Zephyr to disrupt the election on Monday president Trump’s lawyer Rudolph Giuliani consistently a third line of defense even if mr. Trump did collude with the Russians he committed no crime my client didn’t do it and even if he did it it’s not a crime he said on Fox News packing is the crime the president didn’t hack didn’t pay for the hacking he said on CNN the article goes on it’s just a word choice said Julie O’Sullivan a criminal law professor Georgetown I’m sure nobody in the justice department has ever investigated collusion but they’ve certainly invite gaited conspiracy and Rudy she set up mr. Trump’s lawyer a former associate attorney general and US attorney in Manhattan knows better for the record the president has said collusion on Twitter and 94 times July Johnny has been giving interviews throughout the day here is what he actually said I’ve been sitting here looking at it Federal code trying to find collusion as a crime is not a crime start analyzing the crime also weighed in on the Trump Tower June 2016 meeting this gets complicated you may recall our reporting that sources say Michael Cohen is prepared to tell the story to Robert Mueller that Donald Trump knew about the meeting before it happened and he did not display any meeting about the Russians attacking the president he wasn’t there he wasn’t at the meeting with the Russians how can you be sure that the president didn’t know beforehand so you’re saying it’s just that he said he forgot you said this about the possibility of such a meeting occurring without Trump’s knowledge working with Trump and everybody that works for something major something newsworthy something of trustworthy always go before Trump always I think then he would have told Donald about the meeting and then if it didn’t amount to anything it would have been fine he also added to the controversy around Cohen’s allegations alleging the top-level campaign staff met to discuss Russian help before the infamous meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower yet at the same time Giuliani revealed the news of a second meeting he simultaneously denied I took place there wasn’t another meeting that has been leaked Donald jr. was Jared Kushner with Paul manafort we check with their lawyers the ones we could check with that meeting never ever took place lying is part of his Evolution on the presidents former personal attorney just a few months ago Giuliani called Cohen and honest honorable lawyer by last week however he had switched to calling calling a pathological liar man who’s been lying for years finally the president went directly at Robert Mueller over the weekend as you may have seen quote there is no collusion the Robert Mueller rigged witch-hunt is an illegal scam and is Robert Mueller ever going to release his conflict with respect to president Trump including the fact that we had a very nasty and contentious business relationship I turned them down to head the FBI one day before his appointment as special counsel and Comey is his close friend well let’s at this point bringing our leadoff panel for a Monday night shall we Jonathan Lemire White House reporter for the Associated Press Ellie honing is here former assistant us attorney for the southern district of New York and former Assistant Attorney General the great state of New Jersey and Anita Kumar White House correspondent for McClatchy newspapers near are we in fact watching as has been theorized and evolving policy no collusion no collusion oclusion if there was it sure isn’t a crime what did you mean by title is the president’s lawyer but really we shouldn’t be taking him doing this in legal terms he’s all about the public relations battle he is the attack dog that is filling the air waves sometimes confusingly but this does seem like step that we have seen as you just Trace there since 2016 this meeting the clues there was no collusion no collusion a few times reclusion that’s not a problem because anywhere nothing happened it’s not illegal I think that I’ll defer to my legal colleagues Giuliani here is two things that happen today West Wing who wonder what he’s doing there what you trying to get out of the story which is what he said in the interview tonight with the Daily Beast he was trying to the report, he’s trying to get ahead of it but they feel like this is important to me when suddenly he launched into New Revelations about the Stormy Daniels payments that took Handy by surprise and we know he’s somebody talks to president quite frequently and sent the White House into a tailspin trying to figure out what exactly he meant eventually had to walk that back we’re seeing it again here as much as the president likes him out there he likes him mudding the waters it’s his answer to Michael Cohen or not has been effective there but this one around people close the president just wondering what he was doing and it’s raised concerns again with a Giuliani too often out of his skis and it’s causing more trouble than he’s helping former fed here at the table how do the feds view the day that Rudy Giuliani had and all that he said on television from the president when when a defendant and the defense team starts to feel the facts and the evidence closing in on them and they’re feeling like there’s nowhere else to go you see this sort of change in tone that Jonathan reference and what’s been happening over the last two weeks we’re learning more and more everyday about what Michael Cole we heard the tape for Michael Cohen we know that the southern district is now subpoena the longtime accountant weselberg very soon we’re going to start hearing all the witnesses in the manafort case including Rick Gates who apparently was at this meeting so you can see the panda cutting in and there’s a couple of the big tell here is when they lashed out at the Mueller team in this is this is right out of Defense more emotional it’s personal prostitution on Travis had it done to me everyone who’s been the prosecutors had it done to them for sure sign that you’re onto something and it’s a sure sign of the running out of options so when you see the president lash out at Mueller and the team know that that’s coming I believe that’s coming from point of weakness and panic when people panic they start self-defeating and some of the things that Rudy Giuliani sort of unexpectedly said today and then walk back or really problematic for the president let’s go to you because you’re the closest to this the view up here in cuz you’ve heard is that it was a day of confusion at minimum is any one of the view that it’s helpful be out there but you know I what you all said before is exactly right I have people that are close to the White House Republicans who are scratching their head and saying this is not helpful and the White House saying or not really sure what’s going on but remember this is exactly what last time that Jonathan reference the White House said on the stormy damn Daniels issue that Rudy Giuliani had two different versions about that they don’t know what’s going on with that either so if this is a strategy it’s one of the very few people know about they’re not giving a it’s up to anyone but you know remember Rudy Giuliani I just go back to what he first said is out there he’s Brash he’s aggressive he’s doing all these interviews because the president wants him to YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
Trump attorney went on yet another media blitz, seeming to change his defense of whether the president colluded with Russia during the 2016 campaign – something Team Trump still denies. Jonathan Lemire, Elie Honig, and Anita Kumar all join.
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Rudy Giuliani: Donald Trump Didn’t Collude. Also Collusion Is Not A Crime. | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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