Rudy Giuliani: Not sure colluding is a crime

guess now is President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani customer thanks for being tweet about Robert Mueller says this is Robert Mueller president Trump considering the fact that we had a very nasty and contentious business relationship was he referring to she wasn’t shuttle even to this day God bless up to the president and and motor describe is not part of my legal representation and put out the tape with him his lawyer calling put out of shape with him just gave his description of it and went viral New York Times represent give the details getting when you’re getting beaten up by all kinds of anonymous tweets you know what some of the lining Davis and Cohen and the price is actually the first time actually acknowledging that you’re not doing it and you put out something like that okay stand up and be a man wait a minute how can the president make this claim and not support it I can’t tell you I’m not sure I know exactly have a good idea what it would have kept me out of the personal interest personal dispute with the United States before the investigation maybe it explains why he hired 13 Democrats why they hired a guy who donated 36 MOA hasn’t contributed to a republican Obama Republicans yeah but you hired a completely biased if he hired a guy who is probably Most Wanted justice department prosecutor Andrew weissmann is that what you think is up to the president to describe it in further detail if he likes to do so we waved the privilege when the whole thing came out because we’re anxious to have you get the truth so let’s see if mower has that same info mother who possibly hasn’t disclosed to the Why didn’t 10 days over our recommendation of how to do an interview I’m sure they’re in bed face about an interview at this point they have going through your list of the things of your conditions and you’ve done it several times and they were very very forthcoming very well I can talk about it when you get to the point of making a decision they go off and do something Harwich report comes out in plasti origins of Investigation the guy who’s off the wall who ran the original investigation hates Trump who claims he is not biased but he hates them and now we’ve got caught and we got a hundred eighty three hours at 8 you’ve only heard three Oz the one with the president only one of those you’re saying is worth it or I’ll see you at 4 or we’ll have coffee there but eight of those the latest statement by the president and we haven’t heard anything I don’t know why maybe I can write a report without if they do not need president Trump’s they have two aspects this right collusion they have the side of the store Even Stevens Russian meeting I’m happy to tell him he wasn’t there he wasn’t at the meeting when is my challenge we said it was a one-on-one meeting that Donald jr. came in and told him about the meeting was about to take place well there to witness it didn’t happen saying the opposite way to get a cell favor with Mark also been all these months and all these takes is that his head now when he’s going to go to jail and he’s thinking for supper two days before that he claims he has a big meeting with about 5 people he was in that meeting tell me didn’t take place all them I think I’ve been under oath on it and the other to put in pasta reveal it because no one ever asks about it going to sit down with somebody who are you saying that the ocean is not legitimate five very very good lawyers and we don’t have five different opinions we have a split opinion I’m with someone he has criticised well maybe maybe maybe maybe mower has allowed so many improper things to happen he has so many Prejudice people with him that the president may have been changed his mind we haven’t tested feel so strongly why are you so negotiating with it down on some subject being willing to testify and is that over not me you think the president still might have an interest in sitting down with Robert Mueller who he has criticized via Twitter and elsewhere what I think and what I know I think he shouldn’t I know how convinced and I’ve seen other people get into trouble thinking that Republicans and Democrats I think that you respected him or no I mean do you know if you respect this man anymore who has all these credentials that I just read I see a guy who is conducting an investigation that is by now obvious you only can investigator innocent man so long see if we see if it’s the guy that committed bank robbery and you think you did and you keep investigating forever keep coming up with Cohen’s and you know if they are on a prison United States as an article impeachment articles about that it’s scary call metaforce trial starting tomorrow I know that for a fact they can squeeze him Paul manafort does not know anything could it be possible I was there when fullmetalfoes there Paul manafort was a brilliant gatherer of delegates other people were really running then I could be polluting about Russians which I’m not even know if that’s a crime colluding about Russian and as you know it has let up if the president didn’t know beforehand so you’re saying it’s just he said he had nobody can be sure of anything three or four on one that’s or when it was a meeting two days before the meeting took place with Donald jr. Jared two others gauge and one more person subject Jared other people I’m not sure of exact like a witch the president denies and there’s no corroboration of and colon is never said this at anytime up until now before the meeting and I think after president about to place before the meeting with the Russians but the other thing is contradicted is coming also known as that 2 days before he was just been in a meeting with it roughly the same group of people but not the present present in which they were talking about the strategy of the meeting with the Russians the people in that meeting deny it people you able to interview people who have never said that about that meeting larger issue about that you don’t give up it’s a little give up Donald Trump not because you’ll give up some Russian or Ukrainian taking a tasted passed on resurrecting it and try to make it a crime of the century in order to squeezin to testify you know how easy it would be for manafort to get out of it if you was a liar just say I like what you Russian Tennessee operation South Davis said not 2 months ago that Michael Cohen was an honest and honorable man now you’re saying he’s a pathological liar you tell me the lawyers taking his client I got to say sorry I made a mistake the guy is unethical he’s a scumbag he’s a horrible person I’ve never heard of a lawyer taping is fine without the client I never heard of a person like going doing what he did to coming into the office in this building taking out his phone putting it away and saying I’m not recording you and then recording app for 2 hours have an off-the-record conversation so we don’t comment on that and by the way she didn’t put out the first part of that tape I had to go find the first part of that tape he also cut off the last part of the tape was Trump which our expert says is Doctor got a lot of stuff here for you the things that you have said about Michael Cohen who you are now going after in no uncertain terms to let me just get me before before all the people the man is an honest honorable lawyer Michael’s not going to lie you can tell the truth the man is a pathological liar George Washington would have said that about Benedict Arnold at a certain point in time he was he was lying things going to take you to the manipulative or doctor in case I didn’t know any of that when I said that George Washington didn’t know the Benedict Arnold was it with a traitor 183 unique tapes 11 and substance in which I see him fooling lying deceiving everyone to talk to 16 to 1670 report couple of cases there people that are business people but not people to the most report fixer disclose Confidant who you now is a pathological liar and lifelong liar what does that say about the president’s judge friend Pacquiao go betrayed of cello and Brutus put the last knife in the season I think they both trusted it happens in life that you get you get double for iPad might have people that work with under tremendous stress remarkable people who turned out to be terrible disloyal and as you know the southern district of New York is now looking into some of his business dealings it seems like he was sending out some clues or sending up some flares and looking for some reinforcement or reassurance from his longtime boss president Trump and president didn’t do that it seems like what would really help Michael Cohen is a pardon I can’t tell you what they would part of my job basically he shouldn’t pardon anybody during the investigation I can’t take away from the president know what is the discretion to Pardon anyone first of all I’ve said this a couple of times nobody should proceed on the assumption that President Trump’s going to pardon I got a deal with whatever the government is offering them and I don’t remember how honestly just honestly want to be now on the other hand it’s the present situation happened can you say unfriendly the president will never pardon him actually I could take away the president the president you suggested this is really about Michael Cohen being in trouble with taxicab his tactical I don’t know he was he was they list the number of crime in the even in the evening the the warrant so if they list the number of possible crime none of which would have to do with US bank fraud that relate to the taxi cast I don’t know what judging by Cohen’s reaction I assume we believe he’s in trouble he’s not in trouble because of us but they can’t prove any of these things so it has to be we figure this something in there but this is all that is all guesswork you’re talking about the Michael Cohen having taped the president and where they are talking about setting up an LLC to pay hush money to a play boy model who has alleged an affair with President the buy the rights back from am I left or right hush money through a Playboy model allegations of marital Affair setting up an LLC buying the rights from the tablet is all of this Unbecoming for a president of the United I don’t know you don’t have to get a present for Unbecoming conduct integrating hysterical I am not denigrating Michael Combs character I practice life for a long time and you lie to your client about it you have no character u450 to carry before what’s the law on the books that a lawyer can’t record his life you can’t record your car without permission your client out rageous go go find me an Ethics Professor the ones that keep their jobs and I can bring out Parsons at free sample if I didn’t wave it I wouldn’t be able to tell you that he cuts it off abruptly which he does right after the word check it ends I’ve seen here is gone soon versation about payment for quiet this story about the play by model and if they’re so what do you think you think that’s a Smoking Gun we’ve already heard the gentleman that you don’t do that population in something, tonight I have to go in like this and put it off in just the right time unlikely more likely is he came back home he erased the portion that he wanted erased and then he tried to take the conversation appears with Don jr. Not to erase that with a lot of people have a date even a date for that conversation with him the Playboy model number for the Playboy model it may not even conversation on the tape and the conversation with the word check from the president check later you hear him say Don Jr is going to come here doctoring type-c doctor at the word check he cut the cable turned off does does not work and on the word daily said goodbye it did not end on the word check if the subject of an investigation loudly criticizing the investigation were tweeting about it with calling Witnesses names would you think that this subject of that investigation was getting a little bit nervous no I would think it was an innocent man who maybe was tired of the fact it’s been investigated to the tune of about 30 or 40 million dollars had a couple alive ruined it shouldn’t be ruined and it’s innocent has nothing wrong he shouldn’t just reputation United States interfering with the ability to govern it’s a horrible thing that mother is doing you don’t think you know how often I’ve had to interrupt them and I try not to and he’s very good about it but the time we were going through this we’ve been dealing with around North North Korea China trade and wait for Robert Mueller’s investigation to wrap up because everyday something newest tweeted that’s unfair untrue your stop the news on CNN and say call in Hazard a lot of that is because president Trump is tweeting it he’s ordering the new cycle by tweeting a lot of this is driven by President fellow model of these things are in or whatever I look really scared know what’s going to get you how to sit here today mister mayor will the president ever sit down for an interview do you believe the present ever sit down for an interview with Robert Mueller’s investigators because she wants to do it so badly and you know on the on the negotiations about this when they respond they’ve been very reasonable it’s not it’s not but then they don’t respond then they just now it could be the matter for trial coming up they’re busy so when’s the last where we are now is that you last Maiden over Church of them with your conditions can you share with us to you cannot you said what the president would be willing to sit down to figure out the area of Illusion not obstruction and answer questions about collusion not obstruction or vice versa obstruction we haven’t we believe a legal defense to under Article 2 of The Constitution and also under some of the cases to say they have to demonstrate they can’t get the information any of the way and then gotten another way him tweeting him talking layman’s terms so I understand you’re saying that one of your conditions is that he will not answer questions about destruction of justice is not but maybe if they could show with one or two they are we we can see our real concern about that is the President says conversation I can live with that you could say that the present wasn’t obstructing just saying you no good to him go easy on him I had that happen a lot of times the prosecutor it shouldn’t obstruct investigation I didn’t however the president say it perjury then it is to go through that very contorted obstruction so how many days ago was it that you submitted your conditions and you’ve not heard anything back from there at what point will you just make a final decision I do believe with him what he thought September was the date to get there reported it makes sense it’s before 12 before the went out well before but enough before the November election so you can’t say interfere with woman of the year they want to wrap it up by the only one I got it reports going to come out within a silly short. That’s when I was sitting around my nails and a lot of stuff speculation goes on and they have said that at that point they thought the September early September would be a good guideline I may have written to that that that’s also a good time so you don’t get accused of doing to call me and and getting involved in the in the election I mean yeah the people against them get excited about it but it’s one of his biggest rally and Fries no don’t don’t don’t each vote Republican because they don’t teach go off on a ridiculous thing about a patron voting on taxes Russia China and North Korea here today despite all the stuff that the president has said about how he doesn’t think that I can be trusted basically and doesn’t think it’s legitimate you still believe that if today they came back to an original conditions the president would sit down with Robert Mueller yes I do believe that I probably have to go through those conditions one more time to make sure that some of their events for the last week and a half cone event haven’t affected if he was the good news on that score right now with far as I know they’re not taking his offer because you made publicly when they when they was shaking too much because it would Prejudice their investigation they think they have a pretty good case for a report and they include calling it and we can rip Collins credibility if you don’t mind the entire report we’re going to go to a report if you’re going to end up I’ll be here with my version of the report and don’t have their version of the report and the American people and that was since they’re going to decide it will heal if you got to put you think you got a pretty good case don’t want any baggage and then they got to worry about his bag and I think everyone knows it’s other district is it not happy about lots of publicity that’s why I try to be be careful not to put out Dave but just respond to what they say
In an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani said he is not sure colluding about Russians is a crime.

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