Rudy Giuliani: ‘We’ll Go To SCOTUS’ If Mueller Subpoenas President Donald Trump | Hardball | MSNBC

multiple denials he later said he couldn’t go out whether or let’s be might have taken place there’s already going in circles there’s no meeting here it’s highly unlikely I always have to leave the option open as a lawyer in case they come up I feel some of the things that we feel are important just now in the hands of a Troika Sean Hannity Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump they are the people to talk to each other they’re the ones in together in this Kebab to save his but it seems like they are the really the clothes you know that’s that that’s the time that’s the crew what do you think when you cover this they talk Hillary saying they’re the ones that are driving the entire thing that Sean Hannity has a huge hand in his presidency of course you don’t for their harmonizing their words they talking each other every couple of hours it has been the president’s greatest strength in his defense Fox News and who has led that Sean Hannity I mean struck and Paige text messages are a Cornerstone of that show this is the FBI agent who sent these text messages that showed anti-trump biased why are you surprised a Churchill was Roosevelt 1-cent / Harry Hopkins over to Lundy’s and tell me who he speaks to after midnight no Fox News is around during Nixon what would have happened to Nixon where would public opinion have been when he get in court the runs the country right now this distant the denial that collusion is a crime is your lawyer early language because you’re a liar US Federal criminal code they’re 4,000 crimes but you won’t see something called collusion you will see conspiracy and it’s got to be a conspiracy to break a law like computer looking for soliciting illegal campaign contribution for the election so when mother is charged collusion the actual crime is usually a big conspiracy to defraud the United States which Jared Kushner Junior have exposure to if they knowingly accept it material support for the campaign from the Russians meeting good little round about way there was a second meeting at YC play night games you know Michael will the questions came up about the first meeting and what they’re trying to do is there trying to get out in front as much as they can on this question and that’s what they’re doing they think the onliest the president has is public opinion they think that’s a softening of the attack and it when they can get through it they don’t have one interview with The Daily Beast Rudy Giuliani attempted to explain why he brought the alligator to another previously on this phone about Russia 2 or 3 days before the infamous Trump Tower meeting took place he kicked up what inquisitive New York Times Reporter so he suggested compel them to proactively spend a potentially damaging story Joliet tell the daily basis this include the paper star true that Trump reporter Maggie Haberman and it’s statement however we don’t talk about sourcing and wouldn’t now but I have lost the thread of what the former mayor is talking about I think that’s pretty good line for your calling there but why is Rudy spending the story of two meetings II and his was the first and then say I’m not saying there was a second baby but I want to talk about important fact that leave until you was at the meeting I think I think the one of the things he struggles with is the fact that there are so many fronts that the president has to deal with there’s a Cohen questions collusion questioned Thursday obstruction question and if you’re going to be the lead spokesman for all of this you need to be very well-versed in them and be able to fight all of those questions at the same time it looks what’s coming on him he’s under an enormous amount of pressure from the president and president obviously incredibly frustrated with this investigation and Giuliani is frustrated that he thought he could come in and bring an end to this that he could get Muller to you know the courtroom term for a lawyer who confuses the jury I don’t know Rudy Giuliani or TV lawyer but again the jury pool sounds like it’s our criminal matter and we know that Robert Mueller even if he finds evidence of a crime by Trump is not go he’s going to write a report for Congress and then it will be up to politicians and so she is making a political argument in the significance is that Trump’s real lawyer is meeting with Mueller and from the increasing desperate it sounds like pumps real lawyer is hearing from mother that the investigation is now Century on mr. Trump until they got to come out with a criminal defense advocates in Congress what is it called Reasonable Doubt in their gut and just give them something to buy that wants to acquit a guy they sit down older is impeachment impeachment is about a boat in the house and no that was votes for from the people and if you can push public opinion and you can control that vote that is their only aimed at this point testifies become surprise any questions from them we don’t think they have a legitimate investigation you think they will subpoena Divas are going to be unconstitutional fight if I come up a really long time you know one theory about why the president has not been subpoenaed the Department of Justice has a practice that if you were Target of the investigation they don’t subpoena you so president does evolve from a subject which means he’s just being investigated to someone who the investigation is censoring on they wouldn’t Supino figure for us to come in and expect you to talk to you removed from office he could be charged with the political problem if he takes the fifth I’ve lost the threat of the defense I meant all these developments Trump’s allies in the media he has some I’ve been escalating their attacks on the special counsel Mueller let’s go to war against the well I guess the prosecutor send it it was a special counsel is leaking left and right behaving like nothing so much as a as a prosecutor I he is more if you will Jihad of some sort and its an idiot logically inspired the Jihad example of political persecution in US history a conspiracy to democracy but in fact or Russian work with the name Trump officials to try to get Donald Trump elected president so the Russians put their hand in our national political operation doesn’t sound like a witch hunt or politics hotels like National Security thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list as he lots of other great videos
The latest moves by Giuliani are an indication that the President’s evolving strategy may be a deliberate ploy to rationalize any possible actions he took in collaboration with Russia.
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Rudy Giuliani: ‘We’ll Go To SCOTUS’ If Mueller Subpoenas President Donald Trump | Hardball | MSNBC

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